Ashot Yesayan

Professor docent

Professor docent/Chair of sociology and social work 

Second Class Counsellor of Justice/History and Law faculty


1980-1982 Post-Graduate Student at the All-Union Law Institute in Moscow, Russia

1969-1974 Yerevan State University, Department of Law. Diploma of Higher education in Law and Jurisprudence.

Professional experience

2016 up to date` Senior Assistant of General Prosecutor of the Republic of Armenia- Editor-in-chief “Orinakanytun” (Legality) Journal of General Posecutor’s office of the Republic of Armenia

2007-2013 Head of Staff, The Prosecutor of the Republic of Armenia,

2006-2009 Yerevan State University, Professor of sociology, teaching “Social doctrine of the RA”, “The legislative foundations of social work”, “Present social legislation”.

2008 up to date` Armenian State Pedagogical University History and Law faculty - Professor docent

1. UNFP, Yerevan, Armenia ofiss, Carried out the Demographic concept of RA,
2. UNICEF Yerevan, Armenia ofiss, Acting as a national expert on child labor in Armenia
3. UNFP Yerevan, Armenia ofiss national expert,
4. UNDP, Yerevan, Armenia ofiss national expert,

2007-2008- SECO, Regional office in Armenia Embassy of Switzerland, Draft the legislation on housing program for refugees

2005 -from November December - Yerevan, Armenia ofiss, UNDP National expert of social doctrine

2005-2006 - UNDP Yerevan, Armenia ofiss, Acting as a team leader on issues of gender law

2000-2005 - First Deputy Minister Ministry of Labor and Social Issues of the Republic of Armenia
2001-2002- Lead the team that worked out the TOR and PRSP (Poverty reduction Strategy Paper)
TOR elaboration RA
2002-2005- PRSP working group deputy coordinator, Coordinated the monitoring and analyses of
2000-2005- a/ Member of the Local Self-Government member commission at the President’s RA
2000-2003- b/ Member of the Human Rights Commission at the President’s RA

2000-2004- c/ Member of the Humanitarian Programm’s Committee Government RA
1998- UNDP, Yerevan, Armenia ofiss Poverty research in RA National expert
1998-2000- Senior Assistant of General Prosecutor of the Republic of Armenia, Head of the Secretary Office: General Prosecutor Office of the Republic of RA

1995-1997- Deputy Minister Ministry of Social Security of the Republic of Armenia

1990-1995- Minister, Ministry of Labour and Social Security of the Republic of Armenia

1987-1990- Senior referent, then Senior Inspector Department pardoning, Legal Department the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Armenia

1974-1987- Inspecor, Senior inspector, general inspector Ministry of Social Security of the Republic Armenia

Reading articles items

1. Social Security Law
2. “Educational Right”
3. Сhildren's rights and protection of children's rights institutions

1. Сontemporary issues of labor law,
2. “Educational Right”
3. Social Security Law

Frame scientific interest
1. social polisi, social prodaction,
2. human rights, including children's rights, rights of the disabled, the elderly rights,
3. labore rights,
4. social work,
5. the right to education and educational law,
6. gender equality,
7. the problem of povertyProblems,
8. demographic challenges

2013 Prosecutor’s School – Certificate for courses
2011 Prosecutor’s School – Certificate for courses
2008 Prosecutor’s School ,, Certificate for courses
2003 “Labor Issues in US”, International Visitor Program of the USDS, Washington, USA.- Certificate
2001 “Poverty Reduction Programs and Evaluation of Their Impact” Course, organized within Poverty Reduction Strategy Capacity Building Program, WBI, Moscow. Certificate

1999 “Figth against the organized crime and corruption” Course, organized by USAID in Budapesht. Certificate

1994 “Population and Development” International Conference in Cairo, Egypt. Certificate of Appreciation
1982 Courses of qualification rising for the managerial staff of the ministries of social affairs, Moscow, Russia. Certificate of competency

Scientific work and research

1. “ Main Direction of social policy for 1992-1995 of RA” – The Republican consultation materials,1992, Yerevan, pp. 101-11;1
2. “Social Work” Co-author, Yerevan State University,1995:
3. “Human Development Report of Armenia for 1999”, “Five years of Human Development in Armenia, Discription of Poverty and Needs” headings 2.3-2.4, 1999, Yerevan;
4. RA Government’s “Poverty reduction strategic plan for 2002-2005”, Deputy Head of the working group 2001;
5. Glossary of Social Terms- Book, Yerevan, 2006 343 pages, 2005;
6. “Convention on the Rights of the Child and Legislation of the RA” pamphlet, Head of the working group p. 274
7. “ Analysis of a social situation in Kanaker-Zeytun administrative district of Yerevan and concept of the Social Policy Strategy and Medium-term expenditure plans, Yerevan, 2006, p. 184;
8. “Deprivation of Care of Children as a Social Problem” Edotorial Team Leader , 130 pages, 2006;
9. “Convention on the Rights of Children and regulation of child labor by the RA Legislation” A. Yesayan, 2006;
10. "Child's Rights Convention and Legislation of RA." Brochure, Yerevan 2006;
11. “ Social State” Concepts and the armenian realities and perspectives, Materials for interantional conference “ Armenia as a Social State, social doctrine” 2007, Yerevan, pp. 33-41;
12. The role of Non-governmental organizations in Public Policy development” Compendium of materials for the International Conmference« «’’Social Partnership as the main direction for the allignment of interests of involved parties, their coordination and ensurance of social Policy’’, 2007, A. Yesayan, pp. 24-25, 194-196 and 290-294 ;
13. “Demographic dictionary for the main concepts” Co-aurthor and editor, A. Yesayan, 2008Ã. Yerevan, 389 pages;
14. ,,Social doctrin, social work,, corses for students 2009, Yerevan, 619 pages;
15. Employment of Minors in the RA ¦ legal research consultant, 2008,
16. “Divorced Families” “Lawyer” journal, 2008, August, pp. 14-17, N8
17. “RA Legislation expertise from gender perspective” Leader of research group A. Yesayan and others, 2009 pp. 19-67 /UNFPA/;
18. “Educational Right” Manual for students approved by the Minister of Education and Science, 724 pages, 2011;
19. “Gender Policy from the view[point of Criminal Legislation of the RA” published in Legitimity magazine, , N 66, 2012;.



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