Dean of faculty of History and Law, PHD, associate professor

hovhannisyanedgar16@aspu.am, hovhannisyanedgar@yahoo.com

Dean of  faculty of History and Social Sciences, PHD, associate professor

• 2004-2007, Yerevan, Armenia:Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan, Faculty of History and Geography, Dept. of History.
• 2004-2007, Yerevan, Armenia: Post Graduate Studies at the Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan. Deeply research the subject of the History of Armenia. Preparation research for PhD thesis.

• December 2011: Scientific Degree of Assistant of Professor in Historic Sciences.
• June 2007: Scientific PhD (Degree of Candidate) of Historical Sciences.

• January 2015-up to now, Dean of the Faculty of History and Social Sciences of the Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan.
• September, 2013-up to now: Yerevan State University, The Lecturer of the Chair of Diaspora.
• October 2009- January 2015: National Archives of Armenia, Deputy of Director.
• December 2008-October 2009: Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of the Armenia, Head of Department of Repatriation
• October 2008-up to 2009: Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan, The assistant of President.
• September 2007 – up to now: The Lecturer of the Chair of History of Armenia of the Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan,Yerevan, Armenia.

History of Armenian Diaspora, Armenian Spiritual-religious organizations,
Armenia-Diaspora contemporary relationship.

History of Armenia, History of Armenian Diaspora, Diaspora Study, History of the Armenian Church, Armenia-Diaspora relationships, History of Ideologies.

• 4-14 November 2012: Washington, USA, International Visitor Leadership Program
• 1-15 August, 2012 6-13 January, 2013: Moldova, Chisinau, Regional seminar for excellence in teaching, Higher education support program
• 06-16 June, 17-23 July 2011: Moscow, Russia, Moscow School of Political Studies
• 8-17 October 2006: Prague, Czech Republic, Study Tour for Political parties on Election Campaign

• Member of Scientific Council of the Iinstitute of History, National Academy of Sciences, from 2018 till present
• Member of Scientific Council of Armenian State University, from 2015 till present
• Board member, “The Historians association of Armenia”, 2016 till present

• The foundation of Sunday schools of the Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia and their role in preservation of the Armenian identity, History and Culture, Journal of Armenian Studies, № 1, 2020, pp. 216-225.
• Soviet Armenia in the context of Etchmiadzin-Antelias relationships in 1920-1940s, Soviet Armenia in the 1920s and1930s, Collection of presentations of the Scientific Conference, Yerevan, 2020, pp. 74-98.
• The memories of priest Hakob Sarikyan about participation of the Armenians in the Firsտ World War, Armenian Armed Forces in the First World War, Yerevan, 2019, pp. 27-45.
• Armenian massacres during the reign of Abdul Hamid. The first phase of the genocide against Armenians of the Ottoman Empire, The Tragedy of the Armenians in the World War I, Budapest, 2018, pp. 45-49.
• Priest Hakob Sarikyan’s memories on the polish people and Poland in his diary of “Eight months in the western fronts of the great war”, The Polish-Armenian yearbook: History, law, political science, Warszawa 2018, pp. 25-33.
• History of Yerevan, Yerevan, 2018, (co-auteur), pp. 157-200.
• Charity and the activity of charity organizations in Yerevan in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Yerevan 5, Collection of scientific articles, Yerevan, 2018, pp. 162-179.
• Yerevan in the years of the First World War, Collection of Articles of The Third International Conference “Nation, State, Motherland, Ideology of State”, Yerevan, 2018, pages 67-87.
• Pastor Hakob Sarikyan, "Eights months in the Western fronts of the Great War" (Memories), Holy Etchmiadzin, 2018, editor of the book.
• Grigor Govrikyan's contribution to the study of the history of Armenians of Transilvania, “The islet that gave us the Sun” the Jubilee Conference materials dedicated to the 300-years anniversary of the foundation of the Armenian, Mkhitaryan Congregation, Yerevan, 2017, pp. 12-25, (co-auteur).
• Armenia-Diaspora relationships since 1918 till nowadays, Yerevan, 2017, (co-auteur).
• The reflection of the relationships of Armenia-Diaspora in the main state-legal documents of the Republic of Armenia, History and Social sciences yearbook (collection of scientific articles), N 3, Yerevan, 2017, pages 24-38.
• The Relations between Etchmiadzin and Antelias in 1988-1990, bulletin “Armenological Issues”, Yerevan, 2016, N 3 (9), pp. 73-96:
• The development of relations between Armenia and Armenian diaspora in 2008-2016, 21st CENTURY Information and analytical journal, Yerevan, 2016, N 6(70), pp. 25-42.
• American Testimony on the Genocide Actions Carried out by Turks in Eastern Armenia in 1920, History and Social sciences
yearbook (collection of scientific articles), N 1, Yerevan, 2015, pages 112-121.
• Memories 1878-1924, Hakob Sarikyan, Yerevan, 2015, Co-editor of the book.
• The visit of a group intellectuals to Nagorno-Karabakh in 1988, Bulletin of Archives of Armenia, number 122, Yerevan, 2014, pages 358-373.
• The activity of the Union of Militant Atheists in Soviet Armenia in 1920-1930s. Review "Etchmiadzin", Etchmiadzin, January, 2014, pages 100-107.
• Two documents about the history of beginning of political relationships of Armenia-Diaspora. Yearbook of Diasporalogy, Yerevan, 2013, pp. 76-97.
• Position of the foreign medias and Armenian Diaspora communities towards Karabakh movement (1988), (Collection of Documents): Bulletin of Archives of Armenia, number 1 (121), Yerevan, 2013, pages 126-152.

ORCID ID  https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2190-1011

• 2019: Medal of “Vazgen Sargsyan” by Ministry of Defense of Armenia
• 27 January 2008: Medal of «Garegin Njdegh» of Ministary of Defence of Armenia.
• 2007: Gold medal of Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan.
• 22 October 2005: Gratitude of Prime Minister of Armenia.

Language Skills:
Armenian: Native
Russian: Excellent
English: Excellent


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