Zaruhi Melkikyan


Chair of Russian language/ Lecturer 

1989-1994 Yerevan State University: Faculty of Russian language and literature.

Work experience

2011-2016 Russian-Armenian Slavonic University. Senior lecturer in Chair of Russian language and professional communications.
2006-2011 Russian-Armenian Slavonic University. Lecturer in a Chair of Russian language and professional communication.
1998-2001 School after St. Shaumian # 1. Teacher in Russian language and literature.

Lecture courses
Bachelor degree courses:
- Russian language and culture of speech
- Actual problems of orthography and punctuation
Scientific interests: - Methodology of teaching Russian language
- Comparative typology

Trainings and Qualifications

1. Refresher course passed from 12.10.10 to 23.10.10 in the center of advanced training for teachers of Russian language and literature at the Russian-Armenian University. ''Actual problems of modern Russian philology'' (32 hours). Republic of Armenia.
2. Participation in the methodical seminar and master classes for teachers of Russian language and literature for ''Actual problems of teaching Russian language and literature in a bilingual environment'' (32 hours). 15-21 October 2012. Republic of Armenia.
3. Refresher course in framework of the program of congress events, aimed towards the promotion of Russian book culture, Russian language and realization of Moscow publishing programs. 25-27 September, 2013. (22hours).
Educational-publishing center ''Zlatoust''.
4. Refresher courses on ''Modern aspects of teaching Russian as a non-native language, Russian literature and culture'' (36 hours). Certificate 1600/1163. Russian University of Peoples' Friendship. Moscow, Russia 2015.
5. Astrakhan State University on the program ''Linguistic and philological knowledge in the international space fundraising'' in the volume of 60 hours. 9-19 October, 2013
6. For active participation in the work of the Youth Forum on the theme ''The role of the Russian language in the human integration of the countries of CIS. 24-29 April, 2016. Dushanbe, Tajikistan.
7. Participation in the activities of the project '' Russian humanitarian expedition'' in the countries of CIS, conducted by the Moscow pedagogical State University. October 2016.

Membership member MAPRYALA

1. The main difficulties encountered in listening and comprehension of texts in Russian in the national (Armenian) audience.
Russian language and literature in the scientific paradigm of the 21st century. Yerevan 2011, 401p. 357-361.
2. Methods of nomination of socially significant processes.
5 Days of Russian speech in Armenia. Moscow, 2012, 192pg. 64-68
3. Growth of agglutinative features in the process of formation of words in the Russian language.
The sixth annual conference of RAU, 2012.
4. Active processes in the modern Russian word -formulation in the terms of methodology of profession-oriented Russian language learning.
The seventh annual conference of RAU, 2012, 420 pg. 184-190
5. The comparative aspects of the study of the Russian language in the Armenian audience.
6. The principles of construction of the dictionaries of native (foreign) languages.
Society at the turn of the eras: a look at the present through the prism of social science and humanities. Perm 2014, pg. 84-88
7. The principles of selection of sources for filing an explanatory dictionary. Russian language in Armenia #5- Yerevan, 2014. 11-17
8. Methodical recommendations for preparing training dictionaries.
International scientific-practical conference ''Modern problems of philology and methods of teaching foreign languages'' Publishing house ''Astrakhan University'' 2015
9. A Russian language manual for the students specialty: ''Medical Biochemistry. Pharmacy. Bioengineering''. Yerevan 2014. Pg. 110.
10. Russian language at the crossroads of epochs: tradition and innovation in rusistics second international scientific conference. 22-25 of September, 2015. Collection of Scientific Articles.
Yerevan 2016, pg. 262

Language skills
Armenian, Russian, English


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