Alina Tigran Manukyan

Lecturer of Chair of Special Pedagogy and Psychology

2011-2016–Yerevan State University PhD associate
2017 PhD, "Overcoming fears in preschool age in health and in pathology", "Medical psychology" "028 Therapy" Scientific Council

Work, experience

From 2014 to the present, Lecturer of the Chair of Special Pedagogy and Psychology at the Faculty of Special and Inclusive Education at ASPU
from 2015 to the present World Vision Armenia, regional projects Tavush, Syunik, Aragatsotn coach of child protection programs. Expert trainer
2017 to date psychologist- consultant of the Kindergarten Murzilka
2015 Training on positive discipline(Tavush ADP)

2015 “Supporting Inclusive Education” (Erevan ADP)
Psychologist expert
2013-2015 “Psychological Training for Teachers of Primary Schools of Inclusive Education” (NGO Step by Step)

2013-2014 -“All Equal, All Different” (Cild Development Foundation, Beeline) Trainer, Psychologist Consultant
2014 “Detection of Forced Labour and Human Trafficking” (OSCE) Psychologist Consultant
2014-present -“Early Detection and Intervention for Children with Development Issues in Tavoush Marz” (UNO/ArBeS Foundation) Trainer, Psychologist

2010- present – educational web site Psychologist Consultant
2009 – present Cild Development Foundation

Psychologist ,Trainer / program expert
2002-2004 “Center for Development of Leaders” Yerevan ,Facilitator
2000 – 2012 “MELTEKS A1+” Yerevan Lecturer of Advanced Courses for TV men
1999 – 2006 Teachers' Training College of “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” educational centre Yerevan, Lecturer of Psychology

Bachelor's degree course
Inclusive Education, Psychology of the children with locomotor system disorders, psychological assistance in special psychology, Psychology of the children with behavioral disorders

Master's degree course
Inclusive Education

Scope of Academic Interests
The methods for overcoming fears of Preschool Children, psychological problems of children with special educational needs and their families

2018 "How to become a book lover: the promotion of literacy and language skills through books." Yerevan, UNICEF, Armenia, Arev Children's Development Fund
2018 "Speech disorders: theory and practice." Yerevan, UNICEF Armenia, Arev Children's Development Fund
2018 "Development Disruption, Potential and Opportunities." Yerevan, UNICEF Armenia, Arev Development Fund
2017"Features of TAT use in childhood", Yerevan, RIKAVRI Psychological Center
2017 "Post Traumatic Effect", Yerevan, ANIMA Psychological Center
2016 "The main directions of child psychotherapy", Yerevan, ANIMA Psychological Center
2015 Child protection, psychosocial support, Israel, Haifa, MASHAV
2015 Challenges of Inclusive Education. International Conference, Erevan
2015 “Modern Theoretical and Applied Psychology” at the 5th International Conference YSU , Yerevan
2015 The Media and Mental Health. Conference, Erevan
2015 Dignity and Mental Health "conference, Armenian Psychiatric Association, Yerevan
2014 The use of the International Classification of functions Arbes Health Care Center
2014 Disability Awareness reforms MLSA Unicef Armenia, Yerevan
2014 Challenges of Modernity: Philosophical and Psychological Issues Yerevan State University
2014 The problems of school psychological service Armenian State university after Khachatur Abovyan
2014 New opportunity.Modern methods of helping addicts and co-addicts
Child Development Foundation
2013 Implementation of International Conventions for the Protection of Children's Rights, Lessons from the experience of the South Caucasus and Moldova International Conference, Georgia, Tbilisi
2013 The archetype, theory and practice. YSU , Yerevan
2012 Medical and psychological aspects of sexual health. International Conference, Yerevan
2012 Development pediatric today and tomorrow International Conference, ARBes Health Center, Yerevan
2011 At the Crossroads of Law and Psychology. International Conference, Yerevan
2011 WPA Regional Conference, Yerevan
2011 Armenian Association for Transactional Analysis
Affiliated to the European Association for Transactional Analysis
Official TA 102 Course
2010«Child developement assets» World Vision Armenia
2008 Training course conducted for Psychologists of the Child Protection Programs
World Vision Armenia
2008“Traumatisms, Memory and Culture”
First International Conference of Psychoanalysis in Armenia
French-Armenian Association for Development of Psychoanalysis in Armenia
2007 Affiliated to the European Association for Transactional Analysis
Official TA 101 Course Armenian Association for Transactional Analysis
2004 – 2005 Training courses for teaching staffs in Armenia IREX Armenia
2004“Teaching in early age proportional classes ” course organized for specialists of early age education in higher educational institutions “Step by Step” Public Organization
2003 The computer's technology in the educational process “Step by Step” Public Organization, Armenia
2002 Neuro linguistic programming, Erevan, individual course
2001Somatoterapy Erevan, individual course

Manukyan A.T. Analysis of the level of awareness of specialists and parents about the problem of fear and disorder in pathology. Special problems of pedagogy 3, Yerevan 2017, pp. 72-77
Manukyan A.T. The phenomenon of fear as a subject of psychological research. Mkhitar Gosh Collection of scientific and educational articles. Yearbook 2018, - Sim publishing pp. 364-369.
Manukyan A.T. Fear and anxiety-psychological approach: Mkhitar Gosh A collection of scientific and educational articles of the Yearbook 2018, - Sim Publishing House, p. 369-374.
Manukyan A. T.Mental health oriented classes in secondary school "Mkhitar Gosh" methodical journal,"Sim" PRINTING, 2013,p 56-58
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Manukyan A. T.The fears of the Preschool Children with autism Mankavarjakan mitq Journal: Yerevan, ZANGAK ed., p. 246-251
Manukyan A. T The role of game-dramas in overcoming fears at preschool and junior school age. Collection of materials of the international conference dedicated to the 50th anniversary and the 95th anniversary of YSU Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology. Yerevan State University Press, 2014, p. 352-354
Manukyan А.Т. The study of the effectiveness of the program "Overcoming fears at preschool age" in working with children with autism, Materials of the XVI International scientific-practical conference of students, graduate students and young scientists. Perm, 2013 p.558-561
Manukyan A.T., Svajyan A.H., Sahakyan A.S. Professional work with child victims of violence, Guide for trainers, Yerevan, 2013, 80p.
Manukyan A.T., Svajyan A.H., Sahakyan A.S. Formation skills for develop children's developement assets, Guide for trainers, Yerevan, 2013, 128 p.
Manukyan A.T., The psychological problems in Inclusive schools. Materials of the International conference, Yerevan, 2015, p. 37-42


Armenian, Russian, English


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