Director of the Museum ASPU, Ph.D., Docent

Director of the Museum ASPU, Ph.D., Docent/ Chair of Museology, Library Studies and Bibliographies

1975-1980 - State Pedagogical Institute of Russian and Foreign Languages after

Work Experience
19 November 2008 to present - Director of the Museum of the State Pedagogical
University of Armenia

1 October 2004 to present - Lecturer of Museology State Pedagogical University of
1 September 1984 - 28 September 2004 - Head of Scientific Department, Guide Armenian State Ethnographical Museum
1 September 2003- 1 September 2004 - Christian Education Department Armenian Missionary Association of America
1 September 1980 - 1 September 1984 - Teacher of Russian and English Languages Technological College, Hoktemberyan

Bachelor's degree course - museum pedagogy, Cultural and educational work of the museum
Master's degree course - Research methodology of museum pedagogy

Scope of Academic Interests
Museology, museum pedagogy, educational programs

1985 - Advanced Courses for Museum Specialists, Leningrad (St. Petersburg),
1987 - Advanced Courses for cultural workers, Moscow, Russia
2002 - Training of «Heritage» NGO – “ ICOM code of ethics for museums” Yerevan, Armenia
2007 - Training within the Community Connections program “ Museum management” Boston,
2009 - Training of trainers, Bonn, Germany
2010 - Training on Hands-on Educational Programs For Educators of Armenian Museums, ICOM-CECA, Sept.- October. Yerevan, Armenia
2016, September 12-13, master class organized by the European Organization for Museums / Nemo / and the Museum Education Center of Armenia.
2016, September 24-25, 9th International Conference. " Historic cultural heritage of Shirak. 2016, October 5-6, Conference dedicated to the 125th anniversary of R.Drambyan
2016, October 11-13, Training "Museum management in the post-Soviet countries", organized by the Armenian Association of Museums workers and friends, ICOM National Committee, ICOM's International Committee for staff training, the supported by the Ministry of Culture of RA.
2016, October 26-28, "Museums, Education and Engagement", a three-day international training of experience exchange.

2004 - to present, Association of Museum Workers and Friends museums of Armenia, member of the Board
2008 - to present, ICOM (International Council of Museums) - Armenia, member of the Board
2014 - to present, Center for Museum Education, member of the Advisory Committee
1. 1990 - Work with the visitors at the Armenian State Museum of Ethnography.
Conference on the Ethnographical Museums Problems. St. Petersburg, Russia
2. 2005 - Informational and Communicational Role of the Museums, Conference. Yerevan, Armenia
3. 2007 - H. Pikichian, M. Haroyan, A. Grigoryan “ Museum Mamagement and
Marketing”, Educational manual, Yerevan, Armenia
4. 2007 - H. Pikichian, M. Haroyan, A. Grigoryan, Museum Mamagement and Marketing, Program of course , Yerevan, Armenia
5. 2008 - Russian-Armenian Relations and Development of Museum traditions in
Armenia. Materials of the International Conference, Dialogue of cultures, Gyumri,
6. 2009 - Museums as Educational Environments. Museum. Research - Methodical
Journal. # 1, 2009. Yerevan, Armenia
7. 2009 - Role of the Museum and School Interaction in Formation of the Historical
Sense of Schoolchildren, Materials of the Conference, dedicated to Kh. Abovyan’s
200-th anniversiary. Yerevan, Armenia
8. 2010 - Role of the Book in the Modern Education and Upbringing, Materials of the
International Conference “Book in the system of Historical-cultural and Information
Communication”. Yerevan, Armenia
9. 2011 - International Training as an Effective Means of the Museum Workers
preparing”. Materials of the International Conference “Dialogue of cultures”.
May 6-8, Gyumri, Armenia.
10. 2012 - Museum Excursion. Museum. Research-Methodical Journal. # 3, Yerevan, Armenia
11. 2012 - History of the Educational Work in the Armenian Museums”. ICOM-
CECA International Annual Conference. Yerevan, Armenia
12. 2013 - Museum as an Additional Educational Space. Materials of the
International Conference “Dialogue of cultures” . May15-17, Gyumri, Armenia.
13. Basics of Excursion.Manual. Authors: L. Gevorgyan, A. Grigoryan, Yerevan, 2016, 147 p.
14. Education in Museums. Methodological Handbook. Authors: A. Grigoryan, A. Marabyan, Yerevan, 2016, 84 p.

Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Culture "For significant contribution in the field of national culture", Order 85-A, 2015.,
Diploma of the Committee of the World War Veterans for contribution in the field of military-patriotic education of youth, and the promotion of the Committee activities, 2016.

Armenian, Russian, English



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