Anahit Jijyan

Associate Professor, Ph. D/

Associate Professor, Ph. D/Chair of sociology and social work 

1989 – 1992 Yerevan State University, Department of Philosophy, Sociology section, Post – graduate stady
1984 – 1989 Yerevan State University, Department of Philosophy Academic Credentials

June 1994 Yerevan State University, Department of Philosophy, Sociology section, Ph.D. degree,
Dissertation entitled:
“The general theory of the social conflict regulation in the
History of American social – philosophical thought”

Work Experience

2010 since now ASPU after Kh. Abovyan, Chair of sociology and social work, assistant, Ph. D
2005.09 – 2011.07 Mission Armenia NGO, social worker
2001.03 – 2005.02 Tufenkian Charitable Fund’s “Our Duty to Live” program, social worker
2001.09 – 2005.09 University after Gladzor, Chair of Philosophy, Confliktology Lecture
1994. 04 – 1997.09 TEVEC – Information Center, Executive Director
1993. 09 – 1996.09 Armenian Research Center in Humanities, researcher
1992 – 1993 National Service of Seismic Protection, sociologist


Bachelor's degree course
Social work with оffenders
Social work with vulnerable groups
Social rehabilitation
Social ecology
Tecnologies in social work
Master's degree course
Computer tecnology's in the sciences.
Social work in developed countries
Clinical methods in social work
Social Gerontology

Scope of Academic Interests
history, theory and methodology of sociology, conflict sociology, “understanding sociology”, and sociology of identity. theory and practice of social work, modelsof social work practice.

Armenian Sosiological Assosiation from 2013

• Social work, Charity and “Enrooting of Christian Life-mode” - Yerevan. 2009. armenian
• Social conflict and the general theory of its regulation - Yerevan. 2009. russian

articals in armenian
1. The specificity of Christian social work with needy families in RA in Armenian studies and challenges of modern times, Yer., 2014, p.535-538.
2. Features of relationships beetwen healthy and children with disabilities in family - Conference materials dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the International Day of Disabled Persons', Yerevan, 2013, pp. 68-73
3. The specificity of the participational presence of youth in transformational society- Materials of scientific conference dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the ASPU, Y., pp. 3-7.
4. Social work from empirical models to the theory, -"Wisdom", Y., 2013, N 1, pp. 105- 112
5. Social work in transforming society - Issues of pedagogy and psychology, N 2, ASPU Press, Yerevan, 2014, pp. 42-53,
6. The social: a spiritual minimal generality or all embracity, Challenges of modernity, Philosophical and Psychological issues, Y., 2014, pp. 84-87
7. Social work as science: some features of definition- PROCEEDINGS OF THE CONFERENCE HELD ON THE OCCASION OF THE UNESCO'S WORLD PHILOSOPY DAY, YEREVAN, 2013, pp.198-205.

Languages: Armenian , Russian, English



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