Anna Razmik Charchyan


Lecturer at Armenian State Pedagogical University of the chair of Speech Therapy and Rehabilitation therapy


2015 aprobation of dissertation topic about "The means and methods of correcting of dysgraphia and dyslexia with children with intellectual disabilities at special (auxiliary) schools
2011-2012 scholarships’ student of a name Lane Kirkland at the Medical University in Poznan of a name K. Marcinkowski, Poland
2003-2008 applicant in ASPU faculty of Preschool, Elementary and Special Education, chair of Armenian language and technique of teaching of initial classes of a name A. Ter- Grigoryan.
2002- 2003 alumnus, Special Education, of ASPU of a name Kh.Abovyan.

Academic Credential
2015 reseacher in the centr of Chess Educational Research Center at Armenian State Pedagogical University of a name Kh.Abovyan
2013 responsible for the quality of education in the chair of Speech Therapy and rehabilitation therapy

Work Experience
2006 Lecturer at the Armenian State Pedagogical University of a name Kh.Abovyan, science 2006

2004-2005 speech therapist and a teacher of school № 10 special (auxiliary) name of P. Duryan in Yerevan
2003-2004 teacher of № 5 special (auxiliary) in Yerevan


2016 bachelor, "Fundamentals of speech therapy," and practical course - speech therapy, psycholinguistics, Methodist of practice

Scope of Academic Interests psychology, psycholinguistics, art therapy


2015 "Applied Psychology" practical training, certificate, AYG Center for Psychological Services, Yerevan

2012 ”The integration of facial reflexes” by the method of prof. S. Masgutova, Poznan, Poland
training in psychological-pedagogical assessment committee, certificate, Poznan, Poland

2012 training course and volunteering at special school №103 name of M. Grzegorzevskaya for children with severe mental disorders , certificate, Poznan, Poland

2012 training and practical work in the rehabilitation center «Bartek", Poznan, Poland

Participation in seminars
2015 teaching children with special educational needs, certificate from the British Council, Yerevan
2012 "Simultan-sequential learning of reading", certificate, Bydgoszcz, Poland
2012 "Reading simultan and consecutive training", certificate, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Participation in conferences
2015 V International Conference program Freedom Foundation, of Lane Kirkland, Poland, Warsaw
2015 International Science-Research Conference “40th Anniversary of the Faculty of Health Sciences 2nd International Day of Physiotherapy”, Poznan, Poland
2012 International Conference conference “Man in the elderly in modern society”. Resources, capabilities and needs of older people and their carrers, Poznan, Poland
2012 IV Conference Europian day of speech therapists. “Children with hearing problems with speech and communication disorders”, Bydgoshch, Poland
2012 “Alternative communication and support (AAC) in working with patients with different degrees of disability”, Poznan, Poland
2011 International Scientific Conference "Women's Health. Men's Health. Cultural contexts, social and medical "Congress and Educational Centre of the Medical University, Poznań, Poland
2011 Innovations in psychology and pedagogy. New methods of diagnosis and therapy for children with dyslexia and ADHD, Poznan, Poland

2010 VJF office, traning about formal and non-formal education, Berlin, Germany
2009 EVS in office "One World", SCI of Poznan, traning about formal and non-formal education, project inter-religious dialogue, Poznan, Poland,
2009 IBG office, lections of speech therapy, traning about formal and non-formal education, Stuttgart, Germany
2008 YAP office, visit library a name of Maria Montesorry and attend conference about exceptional children, Roma, Italy

2014 Mutizm as a Means of Preventing the Process of Conversation. Pedagogical thought. "Tatev Scientific Educational Complex" 1-2, Yerevan, "Zangak-97" 2014, pp. 234-239.
2013 Dyslexia and motor visual function of eyes. - Pedagogy Scientific Journal, 8, Yerevan, 2013, pages 27-37.
2011 Peculiarities of program requirements to the special education. Vanadzors' State Pedagogical Institute name of HOVH. Tumanian. Republican Conference II (social materials), Vanadzor, 2011, page 314-329.
2011 The analysis of problems of the formation of reading and writing among students in special (auxiliary) school. - Corrective pedagogy, Pedagogical mind. " Scientific-Educational Complex Tatev " 3-4, Yerevan, "Zangak-97" 2011, pp. 235-240.
2011 The general description of teaching with games to pupils studying in special /auxiliary/ schools having disorders of written expression. -" Scientific Educational Complex Tatev " 1-2, Yerevan, "Zangak-97" 2011, pp. 247-254.
2009 Several reasons generating writing and reading disorders. - Professor A. Ter-Grigoryan, conference materials dedicated to the 80th anniversary, Yerevan, 2009, pp. 108-116.
2009 On my visit to Germany. - Special Pedagogy and Psychology. Methodical collection of articles, Yerevan, 2009, pp. 74-78
2009 Formalization of reading skills. - Special Education. Methodological directory, Yerevan, 2009, pp. 39-54.
2008 The role of the environment of voice and analyzers in the development of speech. - Articles compilation Republican Scientific Session Review, Issue 1, “Dpir”, Gyumri, 2009, pp. 42-44.
2007 Work in classes in special schools with pupils who has a speech.-Special Pedagogy and Psychology. Methodical collection of articles, Yerevan, 2007, pp. 81-87.
2005 To a problem of correction of infringement of speech at pupils special /auxiliary/ schools.-Special Pedagogy and Psychology. Methodical collection of articles, Yerevan, 2005, pp. 60-64.

Languages: Russian, Polish, English



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