Armen Albert Khachatryan


Assistant/ Chair of Camerawork, Artistic Photography, Socio-cultural Activities

1985-1989 after KhachaturAbovyan Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of Culture, film and photography section,Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Journalism after KhachaturAbovyan Pedagogical Institute.
Academic Credentials
KhachaturAbovyan Armenian State Pedagogical University, filming, photography and social activity artistic culture department assistant.

Work Experience
1983- 1984 Electrical Factory
1984- 1985 TV film studio <<Yerevan >>
1990- 1991 The documentary film studio <<Hayk>>
1990-1992 << Complex>> LLC, designer-photographer
1994- 2002 after KhachaturAbovyan Pedagogical Institute, photographer-designer
1997 – 2003 << Logos Research Center >> , research and culture
2002 to date Kh.Abovyani of Psychology, Faculty of Culture artistic photography assistant
2016 Helios Medical Center of photography used in teaching special medicine
2017 year. Helios pathology specific photography classes for medical staff. Developed a method for filming symptoms.
2016-2017 years. The Yerevan State Puppet Theater has organized video-cameras with students.

Scope of Academic Interests
Film and Television

Armenian Development Agency, business training
2003-2007, photography and film preparation, for the site of the Armenian Development Agency

Ruben Mirzakhanyan, HravardHakobyan, socialist realism in Soviet art, E., 2014
"Azg" daily, "Pedagogical University" newspaper editions in different years
Publications, organized by Tekeyan Cultural Union
"Voice of Armenia" newspaper, 2009, 7 February
"The European Times" magazine in 2010.
"Forum summer" magazine, 2007.
"Enjoy Armenia" magazine, 2007, July-August
"Sail" magazine, 2007-2008, in December-January (Albert Yavuryan portrait)
45-year anniversary edition of the Kanaker-Zeytun Medical Center

Diplomas and certificates
2003 Rector of the KhachaturAbovyan Armenian State Pedagogical University, for his contribution to the pedagogical staff training
2009 Appreciation, Moscow House, student photo exhibition, dedicated to Tatyana's Day
2009 Gratitude for the support of "Yeraguynne My Eyes" contest-exhibition
2010 present gratitude, "Traditions and followers" photo contest open for organization and support
2012 present gratitude "Stop moment you are beautiful" to support the exhibition entitled
Participation in photographic exhibitions
A photographic exhibition dedicated to the memory of Albert Yavuryan, Tekeyan center
The University of Culture is organizing the exhibition "Autumn Melody" Faculty
Jury member, VahanTekeyan awards photography contest, organized by Tekeyan Cultural Union
In 2016 year received a letter of gratitude from ASPU Student Council. To organize work with students.
2017 year participated in courses organized by the UN Children's Fund and received a certificate.
2017 year received a thank-you letter from the Faculty of Art Education.
In 2018 year organized the Shakespeare International Film Festival with students.

2018 year received thanks to the Faculty of History and Law for the formation of Mekhak Mekhakyan's audience.
2018 year received a grant to organize student photo exhibition at HayArt cultural center. The exhibition was first presented at ASPU's Google Site.
In the months of June-September 2013, a movie was shot in order H.U.J.
filming of the documentary organized by Tekeyan Cultural Union
2010-2011 for the movie Alexander Tamanyan Museum-Institute of the Ministry of Urban Development, GevorgTumanyan

Armenian (native)
English (intermediate)
Russian (fluent)


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