Armen Bejanyan

PhD in Psychology, associate Professor

PhD in Psychology,Associate Professor/Chair of Psychology

1991-1992։ Center of Training Practical Psychologists, Yerevan State University.
1991-1992։ Center of Training Practical Psychologists, Lomonosov Moscow State University
1979-1985։ Faculty of Pediatrics, Yerevan State Medical University.

Academic Degree:
PhD in Psychology, “The Specifics of the Origin and Resolution of Conflicts in the Business Environment”, specialization-Organizational Engineering Psychology ժթ.00.02

Work Experience:

2016: Lecturer in Chair of Psychology, ASPU.

2013-2016: Lecturer in Chair of Theory and History of Psychology, ASPU.
2006-2013: Chairman of NGO "Armenian Center of Health and Education". Head of "Apaga" psychological center.
2009-Present: Lecturer at “Urartu” University
2006-Present։ Head of the “Project Harmony”of implementation psychosocial activities with asocial teenagers
2005-2007: Head of the project “Raising of the awareness about children rights’ protection and community services aimed to Alaverdi children”
2004-2007։ Leader of the group for creation of child development standards and tools of the mental development under the project “Mission East”
2004-2006: Advisor –Psychologist at UNICEF
2000-2002: Educational reform center “Life skills advisor”
2000։ The Responsible of the internal evolution of the project and “Lori” region monitoring under the project “Zang”
1999-2006: Director at the center of psychological services of Lori and director of “Aralez” center of psychological services
1999-2003: Psychologist for human rights projects at NRC
1992-2006: Director at the Center of Psychological Services of Lori
1988-1990: Head of the Pediatric department at hospital of Stepanavan.
1985-1988: Head of the department of infectious diseases at hospital of Stepanavan.

Academic Courses
Bachelors: "General Psychology", "Family Psychology", "Military Psychology"
Masters: "Theoretical and practical basis of the individuals" “Psychology of Problematic Families", "Psychology of Family Crises," "Prenatal Psychology"

Scope of Academic Interests
"Personality Psychology", " Individual and Group Psychotherapy”," The Psychology Of Conflict”

2016: Depression in our society. The ways of Overcoming
2016: Socio-psychological work with risk groups/ University of Stockholm/
2015: Human rights and methods of interactive teaching/ UNHCR and the Norwegian Refugee Council/
2015: The development of critical thinking through reading and writing /Step by Step Benevolent Foundation/
2014:“Life skills”, Toronto University Global Education International institute.
2014: Social work /Sweden social work university /
2014: "The integration and socialization of people with special needs" / Maria Lopez. Ltd. Bridge of Hope /
2013 Support to children in stressed situations”/ Nila, Kapor, UNICEF/
2013 “Conflictology”, Moscow
2012: “Kinesthetic Orientation Based on Baskov Methodology /Moscow /
2011: "Developing Leadership Skills» World Bank
2010: "Psychosocial support in criminal-executive institutions (CEI) /Ministry of Justice/
2009: “Interactive Education” /Ministry of Education/
2008-2009: “Constructive Learning”, training conducted for teachers and professors, National Institute of Education of Republic of Armenia
2008: Seminars and trainings “Project Harmony”
2005-2008: Human rights as a guarantee for needs realization. “Zang” legal socialization project.
2001: “Life skills”, National Institute of Education
1997-1999 “Socialization and integration”, UNICEF
2005-2010: Training of trainers, UNICEF
1995-2000: “Support to children in stressed situations”, UNICEF

Selected publications:
A. Bejanyan - "Rehabilitation of justice and community-based rehabilitation centers in Armenia" Guide for individuals working with teenagers with asocial behavior. Asoghik. Yerevan 2013 (lang. Arm.)

A. Bejanyan "Studies of preconditions of the origin and manifestations of conflict in organizations." Government service. Yerevan 2013.

A. Bejanyan "Corporate culture development in organisations as a condition of conflict reduction." YSU. Read Reader of scientific works, Yerevan 2013
A. Bejanyan "Conflict competence of commanders of military units as a condition of interpersonal conflicts in in the divisions". National Conference "Problems of Military Psychology" Yerevan 2013

A. Bejanyan ‘’Psychosocial support for children in emergency situations” / manual for pedagogues, Crisis Management State Academy, Ministry of Emergency Situations, United Nations Children's Fund of 2013

A. Bejanyan ‘’The prevalence of exogenous depression (depression) differential diagnostics and psychological support approaches, contemporary challenges” /Philosophical and psychological problems, the international conference series on 10-13 October 2014, Yerevan/.

A. Bejanyan ‘’The awareness of conflicts for commanders of military units as a condition of interpersonalconflicts reduction’’, “Military Psychology” National conference (reports and articles) 2015 May 16/

A. Bejanyan ‘’The harmonic interaction of components of personality structure and the psychological security of the person’’. /Pedagogy and Psychology Principles of Inter-university Consortium N1, Yerevan, 2015.

A. Bejanyan ”Fundamentals of psychological counseling” Psychological Center "Apaga”, Yerevan, 2016.

A. Bejanyan ”Developmental notebook for junior preschool children”. ” Psychological Center "Apaga”, Yerevan, 2016.


Languages: Armenian, Russian


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