Armen Hambik Khachatryan


Professor  / Chair of Camerawork, Artistic Photography, Socio-cultural Activities


1984-Graduated from Moscow All-Union Cinema Institute,Author-cinema operator/Sergey Medinsku art studio /:

Work Experience

Since 2016- After  Khachatur Abovyan Armenian State Pedagogical University, Faculty of Culture, Department of Artistic Photography
Since 2000- Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and cinematography, art studio manager, professor:
Since 1979- «Armfilm» and «Hayk»  film studios, operator


Baccalaureate՝  Operational mastery, Cinemalighting, composition
Master’s ՝  Operator perception, Image Compositing, the features of shooting the soap operas 

Scope of creative interests

He has participated in more than 40 documentary and feature films. He is a participant and a laureate of many international film festivals. He has been a jury member at numerous international film festivals, has mastered master classes, has had retrospective screenings for his own films. Being a filmmaker, he has been a director, a cameraman, a screenwriter and a producer, with numerous copyright films.

1990- Only 4 hours /M. Thatcher/
1994- Armenian Republic
1998- Wandering solo
2001- Black moon
2002- Fairy about winged horse2004- Under the fish constellation2006- Hope, faith, love
2007- Grigor Gurzadyan
2009- I Live
2010-  Iron gates
2012 -We are...
2012- My Border
2013- Haghpat, Sanahin, Ardvi
2014- The wool of Dream
2014- Return or We  Are... 2
2016- A new life from scratch
2016- Last wish


" Fairy about winged horse " – "Gold Tavrida" grand prize, International Cinematography festival, Yalta 2002.
" Fairy about winged horse " – "Golden Apricot " grand prize , Golden Apricot first International Cinematography festival, Yerevan 2002
" Hope, faith, love " – Grand prize, Smolensk "New Film XXI century" International Cinematography festival, Russia 2006.
" Iron Gates " – Grand prize, «Filmes Sobre Arte» Lisabon’s International Cinematography festival, Portugal 2013
" Last wish " – Grand p rize, Minsk’s " Eurasia.DOC " International Cinematography festival, Belarus 2017
" Last wish " – Best Feauture Film, Sevastopol’s International Cinematography festival, Russia 2018


Armenian, Russian, English

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