Arusyak Gevorgyan

PhD in Psychology 

PhD in Psychology /Chair of Applied Psychology


2016-The postgraduate course at ASPU, department of Social Psychology
2014-2016 Master's degree in "Pedagogy and Sociology", (Diploma with honour) ASPU
2010–2014 Bachelor's degree in "Pedagogy and Sociology", (Diploma with honour) ASPU

Scientific degree:
PhD in Psychology

Work experience
• From 2020 to the present, a lecturer at the "Psychology" chair of the EUA, teaching professional subjects (Basics of Psychodiagnostics, Cross-cultural psychology, Social Psychology) in English.
• From 2017 to today, the leading specialist of the "Educational Quality Assurance and Scientific Works Department" of the RA Police Educational Complex.
• 2017-2019 Specialist of the "Educational Quality Assurance and Management" Department of the "Educational Processes Management and Reforms" Department of ASPU.
• 2018-2019 Lecturer of the Chair of Social Sciences and Psychology of the RA Police Educational Complex.
• 2013-2014 - "IPSC" Institute for Political and Sociological Consulting, sociologist. /contract work/.
• 2012-2014 - "Media-Model" Consulting and research company, sociologist. /contract work/.
• 2011-2012 - "IMR" ("International Marketing Research"), sociologist. /contract work/.

Bachelor's degree course
•Social Psychology,
•General Psychology,
• Psychology of Labor and Management.

Scope of scientific interests
• Both theoretical and applied issues of the history of sociology, youth, management sociology.
• Social psychology, legal psychology, management psychology.

• 2013-2016 - Council member of the Faculty of Education Psychology and Sociology.
• 2013-2015- Young deputy of the National Assembly. National Security Committee, Chairman for the protection of the Youth Council of the National Assembly.
• 2013-2016 - Chairman of the Student Council of the Faculty of Education Psychology and Sociology.

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11. Gevorgyan A. G., Mkoyan G. S., The role of mass culture in the spread of social and cultural values and norms, Russia in new social-economic and political realities. Problems and prospects of development. Materials of the IV International Interuniversity Scientific and Practical Conference of Masters Students. April 22, 2015 Part 1. – СПб. Изд-во СПбГЕУ, 2015. с. 163-166.

• 2022. The Chicago School of professional psychology. Certificate of completion. Strategies for Supporting the Armenian Post-War Population and their families.
• 2021. EUA. Certificate for participating in the training course on "Research Methods".
• 2021. An international training course (36 hours in duration) titled "Problems of Applied and Clinical Psychology" organized for the lecturers of the Department of Psychology of ASMU.
• 2020. ASMU summer school of health care of medical sciences. "I want to know more" online course.
• 2019. ASPU. Certificate for participation in workshop, lecture, training seminar entitled D. Cooke "Comprehensive Assessment of Psychopathy model" (CAPP).
• 2018. Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (MSUPE), Autumn School.
• 2018. Training for RA Police Officers by Team of "Using of Psychological Computer Testing Version" (48 hours), Yerevan State University, Department of Philosophy and Psychology.
• 2018. The 4th forum for the stakeholders of education quality assurance. "Education and Specialist: the present and the future of professional education".
• 2016. 7-hour-Seminar and Methodological Training on "The basics of SPSS Statistical Package. Data Analysis with SPSS Statistical Package" organized by the Caucasus Research Resource Center.
• 2015. Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, summer exchange program.
• 2013. Trainings on "Syndicated Research". the singularities of applying the method" held by "Media Model" consultancy and analytical/research company.

• 2022. A letter of thanks for conscientious and effective performance of ASPU's professional activities and on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of ASPU's foundation.
• 2022․ EUA Certificate for the active participation at the international conference entitled “Current issues and challenges in education”.
• 2022. Certificate for participation in the ASPU conference "Challenges of Military Psychology in the 21st Century, Science and Life".
• 2022. Participant's certificate of the fourth international scientific and practical conference "Traditions of innovation in professional training and activity of a teacher". This certificate confirms participation in the conference and presentation with a report Arusyak Gevorgovna Gevorgyan, European University.
• 2014, 2015թթ․։ Various letters of acknowledgements from the Yerevan Municipality for active participation in and contribution to the celebrations of “Erebuni – Yerevan” events.
• 2014. A certificate equivalent to the 3rd loans for supporting ASPU summer exchange program 2 years in a row.
• 2016. Ministry of Defense of RA, 13th Educational – Scientific conference at the Military University after Vazgen Sargsyan, certificate.
• 2016. Competition-propaganda on the theme of "The child - a person and a friend", dedicated to the International Children's Day, the 3rd place, ASPU.
• 2015. Fellowship after Boris Ananyev by the decision of the Academic Council of ASPU.
• 2012. Gold medal of the 90th anniversary of ASPU.
• 2012. The best student of the Faculty of Education Psychology and Sociology.
• 2011. Student scholarship from the Armenian Youth Fund for 2010-2011.


• Russian, English

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