Arusyak Gevorgyan


Lecturer/Chair of Psychology

2016 -The postgraduate course at ASPU, department of Social Psychology (Legal psychology)
2014-2016 Master's degree in "Pedagogy and Sociology", (Diploma with honour) ASPU
2010 - 2014Bachelor's degree in "Pedagogy and Sociology", (Diploma with honour) ASPU

Work experience
• 2017-2019 Specialist at the Department of Education Quality Assurance and Management of the Department of Management of Educational Processes and Reforms.
•Lecturer at the Department of Social Science and Psychology of the RA Police Educational Complex, from 2018 to present.
• Since 2017 Leading Specialist of the Department of Quality Assurance at the Educational Complex of Police of the RA.
• Since 2014 until today - "Indigo" Children's development club, teacher-psychologist.
• 2013-2014 - "IPSC" Institute for Political and Sociological Consulting, sociologist. /contract work/.
• 2012-2014 - "Media-Model" Consulting and research company, sociologist. /contract work/.
• 2012- "Emeralda and Barguzin" Ltd., interviewer. /contract work/.
• 2011-2012 - "IMR" ("International Marketing Research"), sociologist. /contract work/.

Bachelor's degree course
• Social Psychology,
• General Psychology,
• Psychology of Labor and Management

• 2013-2016 - Council member of the Faculty of Education Psychology and Sociology
• 2013-2015- Young deputy of the National Assembly. National Security Committee, Chairman for the protection of the Youth Council of the National Assembly.
• 2013-2016 - Chairman of the Student Council of the Faculty of Education Psychology and Sociology


• Title of the Article: “The tendencies towards the development of the Legal Psychology”. Public Administration Academy of the Republic of Armenia; “Public Administration” Scientific Journal. 2018
• Title of the Article: “On the efficiency of the professional activities of employees of Law Enforcement Agencies”. The Role of EP Intellectuals in Integration Processes; International Roundtable 2018
• IV International intercollegiate Conference, named "Russia in the new socio-economic and political situation. Problems and prospects of development": an article on "The role of popular culture in the dissemination of socio-cultural values and norms" was published. St. Petersburg, April 22-23, 2015.


• Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (MSUPE), Autumn School,2018 September
• Training for RA Police Officers by Team of ‘’ Using of Psychological Computer Testing Version”” (48 hours), Yerevan State University, Department of Philosophy and Psychology, 01․10․2018-17․10․2018
• The 4th forum for the stakeholders of education quality assurance: “Education and Specialist: the present and the future of professional education”. April, 2018
• 7-hour-Seminar and Methodological Training on “The basics of SPSS Statistical Package. Data Analysis with SPSS Statistical Package” organized by the Caucasus Research Resource Center – Armenia on April 26th and 30th of 2016.
• Trainings on “Syndicated Research: the singularities of applying the method” held by “Media Model” consultancy and analytical/research company from 20.03.2013 to 30.03.2013.
• Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, summer exchange program. August, 2015.
• Saint Petersburg State University of Economics. April, 2015

• Volunteer at the annual camp business forum of “Sevan Startup Summit”, 2017
• Various letters of acknowledgements from the Yerevan Municipality for active participation in and contribution to the celebrations of “Erebuni –               Yerevan” events. 2014-2015.
• 2016- Ministry of Defense of RA, 13th Educational – Scientific conference at the Military University after Vazgen Sargsyan, certificate.
• 2016 - Competition-propaganda on the theme of "The child - a man and a friend", dedicated to the International Children's Day, the 3rd place, ASPU.
• 2016 - Composition contest on the theme of "Mother, I won't be late", organized by SYS, prize place.
• 2015 - Fellowship after Boris Ananyev by the decision of the Academic Council of ASPU.
• 2014 - A certificate equivalent to the 3rd loans for supporting ASPU summer exchange program 2 years in a row.
• 2012 - Gold medal of the 90th anniversary of ASPU.
• 2012 - The best student of the Faculty of Education Psychology and Sociology.
• 2012 - March 30, Interfaculty intellectual competition, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of ASPU, the 1st place.
• 2012 - «Makrame» international exhibition, held in June, the 1st place.
• 2011 - Student scholarship from the Armenian Youth Fund for 2010-2011.

Languages: Armenian, English, Russian, Greek

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