Ph.D. in Pedagogy, Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Pedagogy, Assistant Professor of the Chair of Speech and Rehabilitation Therapy

1990–1995 Defectology, Armenian State Pedagogical Institute after Kh.Abovyan
• Nursery school defectologist
• Special/auxiliary school speech therapist and instructor

1983–1987 Armenian State Order of Red Banner of Labor, Armenian State Pedagogical Institute afterKh. Abovyan
• specialty of cultural and educational work
• a qualification of cultural educator
• a head instructor of an amateur dance group

Academic Credentials
The Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Pedagogy awarded by the resolution of RA Supreme Certifying Commission Pedagogy-020 Specialized Council
Doctoral thesis on “The Prevention of Dyslexia Among Preschool Children”

Work Experience
2006–present Armenian State Pedagogical University after Kh. Abovyan, lecturer of the Department of Special Education, Speech and Rehabilitation Therapy
2003–2006 Speech therapist at #166 nursery school (Yerevan)
1987–1997 Special educator at #5boarding school (Yerevan)

Bachelor’s degree course(s) The Theory of Speech Therapy, Psycholinguistics, The Speech Ontogenesis/Dis-ontogenesis, Speech Development Methodology, Logo-rhythm, an optional course (of student's choice)
Master’s degree course(s) An optional course (of student's choice), Current Issues in Speech Therapy, The role of the social environment in the process of correction of speech disorders, Dance movement therapy, Master's theses supervision
Scope of Academic Interests
Speech Therapy, Special Psychology, Psycholinguistics, Art Therapy, Preschool Special Education

2015 – Participation in “The development perspectives of inclusive education as part of reforms” international conference carried out in Kh. Abovyan Armenian State Pedagogical University.
2014 – Participation in a round-table discussion on “The perception of the inclusive education ideology,” held within the framework of "The National Education" project by the Armenian branch of the Open Society Foundations.
2014 – Certificate granted for participation in "The treatment methods of patients with severe brain injuries and apolitik syndrome" scientific seminar.
2013 – Certificate granted for participation in “Communication with people in vegetative coma and with severe brain injuries” scientific seminar.
2013 – Certificate granted for participation in Dance movement therapy carried out in “Intra” Psychology Centre.
2009 – Certificate granted for participation in “The study of voice recovery methods in the post-operative period” scientific seminar (Armenia-Germany).
2008 – Certificate granted for participation in an international conference which was held within the project entitled “Towards Education for All” by the Ministry of Education of RA and “Bridge of Hope,” supported by Mission East, a Danish relief and development organization in Armenia.
In charge of the Practical Work at the Department of Special Education since 2013.

1. The Results of Revelation and Research of Dyslexia’s Predisposition; Main Issues in Special Education; Scientific Methodical Journal #1, Yerevan, 2014, p. 58-65
2. The Revelation of Dyslexia’s Predisposition Among Pre-School Children; A Collection of publications of Goris State University international conference; Goris, 2011, p. 568-572
3. The Prevention of Dyslexia Among Pre-School Children; Special Education and Rehabilitation Psychology; The Scientific Journal, Yerevan, 2011 1/1, p. 7-11
4. The Peculiarities of Research on Reading Disorders in Contemporary Speech Therapy; A Collection of materials of the 54th scientific conference of the faculty, postgraduate students, PhD candidates and researchers, Yerevan, 2010, p. 110-112

Languages: Русский, английский

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