Baghdasaryan Hakint


Professor/Chair of Theatre and Film Direction

1992 Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography

Qualification of Actor of Drama Theatre and Cinema

From 01 September 1999 up to now is working at State Pedagogical University after Kh. Abovyan as “Scenic Speech” subject lecturer of the Culturology and Mass Gala Chair.
1997-2002 at TV and Radio State Department as Correspondent of Main Editor’s Office of programs for children and young people.
1995-1999 “Hayfilm” film studio as Assistant of Scenic Speech.
1994-1997- at TV and Radio State Department as Assistant of first-class Director.
1987-1988 at Youth Thetre as Actress.

Academic Courses
Bachelor’s Courses: Scenic Speech
Frame of interests
World Cinema, Theatre, nano-technologies, swimming

Creative Work
1999-2002 –“Prometevs” Telecasting Studio as TV-host of program “Good Mrning Armenia”.
2002-2003 Public Television of Armenia as TV-host of program “First Program”.
2003-2004 Public Television of Armenia as author and host of program “Beyond words”.
2004-2005 Public Television of Armenia as TV-host of program “Fate”.
2005-2006 “Dar 21” telecasting Studio, Director, Script Writer, Host of program «Love Confession”
2007-2009 “Hayrenik TV” LLC as Actress.
2010-2012 “AR Telecasting Studio” LLC as TV-host of program “Search a woman”
Play Roles in Theatrical Film
1986 – “Holiday near Sea” –Lisa. On request of USSR State Committee TV and Radio Broadcasting., director- Hakob Iskandaryan, Martiros Panosyan
1988 – “State boarder” 8th film, “On Distatnt Frontier” – Рузанна, “Belarusfilm” director Boris Stepanov, Vyacheslav Nikiforov, Gennadi Ivanov
1992 – “Hayfilm” Telecasting Studio “Comrade Panjuhu» Nazlu, director Arman Manaryan
1998 – “Foreigner” – Hasmik, USA, director – Derenik Yapunjyan
2005- “Hayfilm Telecasting Studio” – Mariam, as TV-host, director – Edgar Baghdasaryan.
2007 - “Hayfilm Telecasting Studio” “
“Priestess” –Nurse, director – Vigen Chaldranyan
Play Roles in TV representations
1989 Public Television “Parisian Invitation” Nadezhda Licheva
1994 Public Television “Date” Hakint, director Edik Badalyan
2010 Public Television “For Love” Shusho, director Artur Vardanyan
2012 Public Television “Sweet Life” Hasmik, Director Artur Vardanyan
2013 Shant Telecasting Studio “Destroyed Hearts” aunt Hasmik, director Anna Gasparyan
2014 Shant Telecasting Studio “Shades of Past” Nazik, director Garik mashkaryan, Anna Gasparyan
Play Roles in Theatre
1994 “Youth Theatre” “Rain Salesman” Lizzy, director Hrachik Ashughyan etc.
Dubbing and Voice-work
More than 1000 duddings in Theatrical films and cartoons, in “Hayfilm Telecasting Studio”, Yerevan Studio, Public Television “Hayrenik” Telecasting Studio, “AR” Telecasting Studio, “Sharm” holding
More than 1000 cartoon Voice-works, “Superbook” Creative Union. “Superbook”,
“Flying House” etc.
Online professional retraining by Arnoma Production,
03 August 2014 - Antony Meindl Acting School & Classes in LA branch of California
in the field of Scenic Speech and Acting Skills.

“The awakening of spiritual sleep”, “36 guards of History”, “Polgrimage”, “Eghishe Charents was alone, terribly alone”, “I don't know the right from left, I don't know two by two, but I know the human”, Pedagogical University official paper, at journal Price of Art etc.

Certificate of Merit

17 October 2004 from Washington, USA, for Voice-work for theatrical film “Jesus”

 Languages: Russian, English




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