Davit Albert Poghosyan

Candidate of pedagogical science, Associate Professor

poghosyand@yahoo.com, poghosyand@gmail.com

Candidate of pedagogical science,  Associate Professor/Head of Chair of Museology, Library Studies and Bibliographies

Educational background:

2012- 2013, Chair of Art History, Theory and Culturology of Armenian State Pedagogical University after KH. Abovyan. Course of Researcher/Applicant.
2005-2008, Chair of Library Studies and Bibliography of Armenian State Pedagogical University after KH. Abovyan. Academic Post-Graduation Course.
2001- 2005, Faculty of Culture, Department of Museum Work and Monuments’ Protection of Armenian State Pedagogical University after KH. Abovyan. Diploma on Museology, qualification of museum specialist, guide.

Scientific degree:
2015, PhD- Thesis title: ”Museum as an Informative-Communicative System, Its functions and Prospects of Development /on the base of experience of the museums of RA/”. Higher Certification Commission‘s “Pedagogy” 020 council operating at Armenian State Pedagogical University after Kh. Abovyan.

Work Experience:
2010 - present, full-time lecturer/ Associate Professor at the Chair of Museology of Armenian State Pedagogical University after Kh. Abovyan.
2005-2008, 2008-2013, 2013-2017, “Service for the Protection of Historical Environment and Museum-preservations” SNPO, Ministry of Culture RA. Researcher, senior scientific researcher, expert.
2017-2018, “Memorial Complex of Sardarapat battle, National Museum of Armenian Ethnography and History of Liberal Struggle” SNPO, Ministry of Defense RA. Adviser of the director, head of the Department of Museum Collaboration and PR.

Reading courses:
for bachelor's degree:
History of Museums
Basics of Museology
Museum Communication
Musefication of Cultural Heritage
Museum and Tourism
Museum and New Technologies

for master’s degree:
Theory of Museology and Museum Studies
Code of Ethics for Museum Professionals
Museum-Reserves and Community Museums
Strategy of Protection of Heritage Sites and Historical Environment
Models and Technologies of Museum Communication.

Research Interests:
Museum Communication
Musefication and Management of Cultural Heritage
Open-Air Museums, Cultural Landscapes
Museum Marketing and Branding
Museum Development New Trends.

Professional Trainings:
2018 September 24 – December 15, Japan International Corporation Agency “Museums and Community Development” Knowledge Co-creation Program in Osaka, National Museum of Ethnology, Yokohama, Tokyo, Hiroshima.
2018 August 6-12, “Basics of Applying Curriculum GlobALE to the Non-Formal Adult Education Practice” Training for Trainers within the framework of “EU4CULTURE stronger communities and Initiatives” program in Yerevan.
2016 August 1-September 30, “SKD Fellowship” Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden international program for researchers from the British Museum ITP alumni at Grassi Museum of Ethnology in Leipzig.
2015 July 27- September 5, British Museum International Training program, ITP 2015 in London and Glasgow.
2011 December 8-11, “Youth Historical-Cultural Session CIS 2011” in Moscow.
2006 June 4-28, New York University Program in Museum Studies, “Summer Institute for Museum Professionals” in New York, Philadelphia, Washington.


2016 - present, member of Scientific Council of Faculty of Culture, ASPU.
2008 - present, ICOM National Committee of Armenia. Founding Member, Board Member from 2014.
2005 - present, “Association of Museum Professionals and Friends of Museum” NGO.
Founding member of youth section.
2015 –2017, Member of Scientific Council of Service for the Protection of Historical Environment and Museum-Reseves NCSO, Ministry of Culture RA.



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2012 –“Grigor Narekatsi” Medal from Ministry of Culture RA.
2011– Diploma in the nomination of “CIS Debuts’’ for monograph “Museum as an Environment of Cultural Communication”.

Armenian, English, Russian.


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