Demirkhanyan Gagik Gevorg

Dean of Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics

Dean of the faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Docent of the Chair of Theoretical Physics and Physics Learning Methods,
Senior Researcher The laboratory of new materials for quantum electronics and integral optics /compatibility/

1981–1984 PhD student of the Institute for Physical Research of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia
1970 – 1975 Student of the Faculty of Physics, Yerevan State UniversityAcademic Credentials
2007 Doctor of Science of Mathematics and Physics, Specialized Council: 01.04.21 –Laser Physics, "The quantity theory of optical spectra of rare earth ions in laser crystals"
1987 Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Specialized Council: 01.04.01 – Optics, 1987, "Nonradiative transfer of electronic excitation energy in doped dielectric crystals"

Work Experience
2013 Dean of the faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics in ASPU
2011-2013 Dean of the faculty of Physics and Technology in ASPU
2012 Professor of the Chair of Theoretical Physics and Physics Learning Methods
2010 -2012 Doctor of Science of Chair of General Physics in ASPU
1991–2010 Doctor of Chair of Astrophysics and Theoretical Physics in ASPU

Bachelor’s degree course: Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Stastical Physics, Solid State Physics

Master’s degree course:Non linear optics

Scope of Academic Interests
Laser Physics, Theoretical Spectroscopy, Nonlinear Optics

Selected Publications

1.  А.Г. Демирханян, Г.Г. Демирханян, Э.П. Коканян. Кристалл LiNbO3–Yb3+: материал для оптического сенсора температуры. Изв. НАН Армении,  Физика, т.52, №4, с.515–521 (2017)․

2. Г.Г. Демирханян, Р.Б. Костанян, В.М. Мыхитарян. Взаимодействие примесных ионов RE3+ с неоднородным полем излучения. Изв. НАН Армении, Физика, т.52, №4, с.507–514 (2017)․

3. H. G. Demirkhanyan, G. G. Demirkhanyan and R. B. Kostanyan. YAG: Yb3+ crystal as a potential material for optical temperature sensors. Laser Phys. 28 (2018) 025701 ․

4․ R. Kostanyan, P. Muzhikyana, D. Zargaryana, G. Demirkhanyan. Electronic excitation energy transfer processes in Er: YAG under variable pump duration. Optical MaterialsV. 83, 2018, pp. 55-60, (

5. E.P. Kokanyan V.G. Babajanyan, G. G. Demirkhanyan, J.B. Gruber, S. Erdei, Periodically poled structures in doped lithium niobate crystals. J App. Phys 1, 92, 3, 1544–1547, 2002,

6. G. G. Demirkhanyan, Intensities of inter-Stark transitions in YAG-Yb3+ crystals, Laser Physics, 16, 1054-1057, 2006.

7. G. G. Demirkhanyan, V. G. Babajanyan, E. P. Kokanyan, R. B. Kostanyan, J. B. Gruber, D. K. Sardar, Spectroscopic properties of the NaBi(WO4)2:Yb3+ Crystals, Opt. Materials 29, 1107-1110, 2007.

8. G.G. Demirkhanyan, R.B. Kostanyan, Temperature Dependence of Spectral Line Intensities in YAG:Yb3+, Las. Phys.,18,104-111, 2008.

9. G. G. Demirkhanyan, R. B. Kostanyan, Redistribution of electronic excitation energy in impurity crystals, Phys.Rev.B, 77, 094305-094311, 2008.

10. G. G. Demirkhanyan, V. G. Babajanyan, J. B. Gruber, E. P. Kokanyan, R. B.Kostanyan, B. Zandi, The Role of Erbium-Ion Pairs in Green Fluorescence Up-conversion in LiNbO3 :Er3+ Crystals, Laser Phys., v.15, No.11, 2005, 1150–1156

11. G. G. Demirkhanyan, H.G.Demirkhanyan E.P. Kokanyan, R.B. Kostanyan, J.B. Gruber, K.L. Nash, D.K. Sardar, Phonon effects on zero-phonon transitions between Stark levels in NaBi(WO4)2:Yb3+, J. of Appl. Phys. 105, 063106-112, 2009

12. N.Aghamalyan, G.G.Demirkhanyan, R.K. Hovsepyan, R.B. Kostanyan, D.G. Zargaryan, Room-temperature near infrared emission and green up-conversion in PbMoO4:Er3+ crystals. Opt. Mat., 32, 1046-1049, 2010

13. N. R. Aghamalyan, G.G. Demirkhanyan, R. K. Hovsepyan, R.B. Kostanyan, D.G. Zargaryan. Spatial distribution of green UC emission in PbMoO4:Er3+ crystals: Effect of relative movements of PL excitation and detection positions. Optical Materials, v. 35, N9,1714-1718, 2013

14. G.G. Demirkhanyan, E. P. Kokanyan, H. G. Demirkhanyan, Study of spectroscopic properties of LiNbO3:Ho3+ crystal in 1880–2130 nm luminescence band, J.of Contem. Phys. (Arm. Acad, of Sci,) v. 50, N3, 252-262, 2015 (DOI:10.3103/S1068337215030068)

15. F.P. Safaryan. .G.G. Demirkhanyan. Electron-phonon transfer mechanism of electronic excitation energy in doped dielectric crystals. Solid State Communications v. 56, Issue 2, 1985, pp. 187-191,

16. G. G. Demirkhanyan, E. P. Kokanyan, H. G. Demirkhanyan, D. Sardar, M. Aillerie. Crystal LiNbO3-Ho3+: Material for optical cooling. J. of Contem. Phys. (Armenian Academy of Sciences), 2016, v. 51, N 1, pp 28–34.

17. M. Stoffel, H.Rinnert, E. Kokanyan, G. Demirkhanyan, H. Demirkhanyan, M. Aillerie. Green up-converted luminescence in (Er3+-Yb3+) co-doped LiNbO3 crystals. Optical Materials, v.57, 2016, pp. 79–84,


In 2009 the prize of the president of the republic of Armenia in physics

Languages: Armenian, Russian

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