Ernest Ruben Grigorian

Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy), Professor

Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy), Professor / Chair of Philosophy and Logic

Chair of Sociology and Social Work

1990 - Defense of doctoral thesis on the methodology of sociology in Yerevan State University.
1979 - Defense of thesis in philosophy at the Institute of philosophy of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow
1974 - 1978 - postgraduate study of the Institute of USSR Academy of Sciences in philosophy, Moscow.
1965-1970 - Faculty of mathematics, Yerevan state University, Diploma.

Academic Credentials
Doctor of philosophical Sciences, specialization: 09.00.01 "Theoretical philosophy, logic, philosophy very", the theme of doctoral dissertation: "Methodological bases of Western sociology"

Work Experience
2015-present - Professor, Department of philosophy and logic, Armenian state pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan, 0.5.
1995-2015 - Rector of the University-Institute of social Sciences, Moscow
1990-2015 - Professor in the Department of sociology and political science at Moscow State Pedagogical University, Moscow.
1985-1990 - Assistant Professor of Department of applied sociology Yerevan State University, Yerevan
1972-1985 - Researcher at Institutes of the Academy of Sciences, Moscow.
1970-1972 - Military Service.

Bachelor’s degree course - Philosophy of history, PhD course - Philosophy of science.

Scope of Academic Interests
Philosophy of science, social philosophy, sociology

2014 till today - Member of the editorial Board of scientific periodic journal Wisdom.

Publications of 2011-2015
Григорьян Э.Р. Креативность и социальные науки», М., ИСН, 2011, 154 с.
Григорьян Э.Р. Социальные нормы в эволюционном аспекте.- М.: Институт социальных наук, 2013.- 182 с.
Григорьян Э.Р. Армения и мiр. Сборник статей. – М.: Институт социальных наук, 2013.- 174 с.
Григорьян Э.Р. Армяне в России. Сборник статей. – М.: Институт социальных наук, 2014.- 164 с.
Григорьян Э.Р. Социология как социальные шахматы. М.: Институт социальных наук, 2014, 126 с.
Григорьян Э.Р. Субъектный подход в социальных науках. Сборник статей. М., ИСН, 2015.- 140 с.
Эр Григ (Григорьян Э.Р.) Социология для руководителей. Ереван, 2015, 232 с. Григорьян Э.Р. Преодоление западной (шахматной) цивилизации. Контуры новой социологии. М. 2015, 243 с.

Russian, English, French



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