Gayane Khalatyan

PhD. in Pedagogy, Professor

PhD in Pedagogy, Professor, Chair of the Armenian Language and Method of its Teaching

• 1989-1992 “Methodology of Teaching Armenian” specialty postgraduate
• 1973-1983 Faculty of Philology, Armenian-Russian Section, SPUA after Kh. Abovyan

Scientific Degree
Subject of Ph. D. Research:
“Teaching of Isolated Objects in the Secondary School”
Specialized council: method of teaching Armenian 0550402, specialty: 13.00.02 method of teaching Armenian

1990 – present Chair of the Armenian Language and Method of its Teaching, Professor
1989-2010 Secondary School N 114 after Nar-Dos, Teacher of Armenian Language and Literature
1984-1989 Secondary School N 63 after Gh. Aghayan, Teacher of Armenian Language and Literature

Courses delivered
Bachelor’s Department
• Modern Armenian Language (morphology)
• Method of Teaching Armenian
Master’s Department
• Modern Methodology of Teaching Armenian

Scope of Scientific Interest – Modern Armenian Language, Methodology, Stylistics

• 2000 – present Member of the Scientific Board of the Faculty of Philology
• 2012 – present Chairman of the Republican Subject Contest of Schoolchildren
• 2012– present Co-author of the Armenian Language and Literature Final and Unified Examination Task Manual

1. Armenian Language and Literature Test Collection, Yerevan, 2011.
2. Collection of Dictation Originals, Yerevan, 2012.
3. Comprehensive School Dictionary-Directory of Armenian, Yerevan, 2014.
4. Examination of Dialogue Structural Questions According to Stories of H. Tumanyan, Yerevan, 2014.
5. Meaning-structural Examination of Psychological Terms (Republican Scientific Conference), Yerevan, 2013.
6. Dialectic-Colloquial Word Layer Stylistic Demonstrations in the Dialogues of “Clouds of Maruta Mountain” Collection by M. Galshoyan (International Scientific Conference), Yerevan, 2015.

7. Consideration of some stylistic questions in dialogues ith reference to Hovhannes Tumanyan’s stories

8. The prominent Scientist and Pedagogue

9. Means of expressing grammatical forms in low colloquial dialect in the novel “Davon” by M. Galshoyan

10. Stylistic expressions of low colloquial dialect layers of language in the dialogues in the collection of novels “The clouds of mount Marout” by M. Galshoyan

11.European Journal of Education and Applied Psychology-2017, The national educational processes
12. Semantic and structural analysis of psychological terms according / to A. Nalchajyan’s book “Basic principles of psychology”
13. Program of contemporary armenian language. phonetics, Yerevan, Author's edition, 2017
14. Program of contemporary armenian language. lexicologi, Yerevan, Author's edition, 2017
15. Program of contemporary armenian language. morphologi, Yerevan, Author's edition, 2017


2003 “Kh. Abovyan Service Medal” for work activity


Russian, French

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