Gayane Yeghiazaryan L.

Doctor of Pedagogy, docent

Doctor of Pedagogy, docent/Chair of Fine Arts


 1996-2001 I have already applied for postgraduate studies at the Chair of Methods on Painting Teaching in the Pedagogical University.
1987-1992 The Armenian state pedagogical institute after Khachatur Abovyan, Faculty of Art Education.

Academic Credentials 

The degree of Doctor of Pedagogy
Thesis topic - Fashion design course students develop creative imagination. Professional advice- Pedagogy– 020.

Work Experience 

1994-2000 Ministry of Light Industry Garment and knitwear fashion house, designer.
Since 1992 - Armenian state pedagogical university after Khachatur Abovyan, lecturer of modeling clothes composition

Bachelor’s: Modeling clothes composition
Master’s degree course: Decorative and applied arts of design basics

Scope of Academic Interest 

sculpture, batik art, design, art history, pedagogy

From 2001 she is a member of ‘’Akunq’’ Ethno-sociological Studies Center and a founder member of administration of ‘’Kamurj’’ Women's Ethnological Society (NGO).
2013 Member of Union of Artists of the Republic Armenia

Publications` 31 article:
2010- 2015 թ.թ. publications:
1. Some methodological questions of “Bases of clothes composition” course teaching «Mkhitar Gosh», Vanadzor, N 4 2005
2. Aspects of students creative imagination formation in clothing composition classes «Mkhitar Gosh», Vanadzor, N 3 2006
3. Educational methods and basic principles of developing the creative imagination of students during fashion design classes «Mkhitar Gosh», Vanadzor, N 1 2008
4. Improvement of the methodological system of fashion design teaching «Mkhitar Gosh», Vanadzor, N 2 2009
5. Psychological backgrounds of the imagination’s development during the creative activity (by an example of a fashion modeling) “Psychology and Life” Yerevan N 1-2 2011
6. Computerization of the trainings of fashion modeling a way to develop the student’s creative imagination Pedagogical Thought N 3-4 2011
7. Artistic, scientific and professional means of designer’s work Education and science in Artsakh N 1-2 2015
8. Key methodological principles of teaching on artistic design of costume «Mkhitar Gosh», Vanadzor, N 4-6 2013
9. Methodological issues of figurative thinking improvement of fashion design teaching Materials of the conference devoted to H.Tumanyan's 145th anniversary , Vanadzor, SIM PRINTING 2014

2008 The contemporary art exhibition . "Renaissance" , batik .
2010 - Film, theater and television artists of the exhibition . "Masquerade" , batik .
During 2012-2013 she designed the theatrical costumes for two performances (Charles Perrault's ‘’Puss in Boots’’ and S. Muradyan's ''Love quarrel before divorce'') held at Artashat State Theater.
2013. - Film, theater and television artists of the exhibition , 2 sample , macramé
2014 " Women painters " of the exhibition . "Fairy Tale" , batik .
2015 " Silhouette" collection ( 6 samples ) Fashion designers X Festival " Velvet Seasons in Sochi " , Sochi

Languages՝ Russian, English


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