Edvard Pier Kokanyan

Head of chair of Physics and its Teaching Methods, Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor


Head of chair of Physics and its Teaching Methods

Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor/Chair of Physics and its Teaching Methods

Head of Laboratory of new materials for quantum electronics and integral optics

1984-1987: Post-graduate student, Institute for physical researches, National Academy of Sciences, Armenia (IPR NASA).
1972-1977: Yerevan State University, Department of Physics, Solid State Physics

Academic Credentials
2009: Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, “Obtaining of pure and doped crystals of LiNbO3, NaBi(WO4)2 and YAl3(BO3)4 of different composition and investigation of their physical properties”, specialty 01.04.21 – laser physics
1987: Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, “Investigation of the influence of initial composition of the melt, electrical field and impurities on the composition, homogeneity and physical properties of lithium niobate crystals”, specialty 01.04.21 – crystallography and crystal-physics

Work Experience

2016-till now  Head of the chair of Physics and its Teaching Methods
2012-2016: Head of the chair of theoretical physics and physiscs learning methods at Armenian state pedagogical university after Kh.Abovyan (ASPU).
2011-till now Head of the laboratory of new materials for quantum electronics and integral optics at ASPU
2011-till now Head of the laboratory of non linear crystals, IPR NASA
1989-2011Head of research group, Senior Researcher, IPR NASA
1984-1989: Researcher, IPR NASA
1977-1984: Junior research fellow, IPR NASA

Bachelor’s degree course-Solid state physics

Master’s degree course-Basics of Crystallography, electro-optical phenomena, crystal physics, the basic properties of polar crystals, the symmetry and the basic laws of physics, the morphology of the crystals, the main stages of development of natural Sciences

Scope of Academic Interests
Creation and thorough insvetigation of physical properties of complex oxide compounds including photonic, laser, non linear optical, periodically poled, photorefractive ones etc.

Member of the international union of crystallography, member of the international commission of optics.

Selected publications.

1. G.I.Malovichko, V.G.Grachev, E.P.Kokanyan, O.F.Schirmer K.Betzler, B.Gather, F.Jermann, S.Klauer, U.Schlarb, M.Wohlecke. Characterization of stoichiometric LiNbO3 grown from melts containing K2O. - Applied Physics A. Solids and Surfaces, Vol.56, pp. 103-108 (1993).
2. G.I.Malovichko, O.Ceclier, J.Estienne, V.G.Grachev, E.P.Kokanyan, C.Boulesteix. Lattice constants of K- and Mg-doped LiNbO3 crystals. Comparison with nonstoichiometric crystals. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, September 1995, Vol.56, Issue 9, pp.1285-1289 (1995).
3. F.Lhomme, P.Bourson, M.D.Fontana, G.I.Malovichko, M.Aillerie, E.P.Kokanyan. Luminescence of Cr3+ in lithium niobate: influence of the chromium concentration and crystal composition. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 10, pp.1137-1146 (1998).
4. G.I.Malovichko, V.G.Grachev, E.P.Kokanyan, O.F.Schirmer. Axial and low-symmetry centers of trivalent impurities in lithium niobate: Chromium in congruent and stoichiometric crystals. Physical Review B, Vol.59, N 14, pp.9113-9125 (1999).
5. G.I.Malovichko, V.G.Grachev, E.P.Kokanyan, O.F.Schirmer. EPR, NMR and ENDOR study of intrinsic and extrinsic defects in disordered and regularly ordered lithium niobate crystals. Ferroelectrics, 239, part 4, pp. 357-366, (2000).
6. V.G.Grachev, G.I.Malovichko, E.P.Kokanyan. Optimization of lithium niobate for advanced applications by variation of extrinsic and intrinsic defect subsystems. Ferroelectrics, Vol. 258, pp131-140, (2001).
7. R.Martynez- Vaquez, M.A.Caballero, M.Gonzalez-Manas, E.P.Kokanyan,C.M.Ruiz, E.Dieguez. Morphologic characterization of DyxY1-xAl3(BO3)4 single crystals grown from the flux and vapour phase. Journal of Crystal Growth, April 2002 Vol. 237 –239, part 1, pp.668 –671 (2002).
8. G.I.Malovichko, V.G.Grachev, E.P.Kokanyan, A.Scharmann, O.Schirmer. ENDOR study of Cr3+ centers substituting for lithium in lithium niobate. Physical Review B, Vol.65, pp. 224116—1- 224116—11 (2002).
9. E.P.Kokanyan, V.G.Babajanyan, G.G.Demirkhanyan, J.B.Gruber, S.Erdei. Periodically Poled Structures in Doped Lithium Niobate Crystals. Journal of Applied Physics, 92, Vol.2, Issue 3, pp. 1544-1547 (2002).
10. J.B.Gruber, D.K.Sardar, C.C.Russell III, and R.M.Yow, B.Zandi, E.P.Kokanyan. Spectra and energy levels of Er3+ (4f11) in NaBi(WO4)2. Journal of Applied Physics, Vol.94, Issue 11, pp.7128-7135 (2003).
11. D.K.Sardar, C.C.Russell III, and R.M.Yow, J.B.Gruber, B.Zandi, E.P.Kokanyan. Spectroscopic analysis of the Er3+ (4f11) absorption intensities in NaBi(WO4)2. Journal of Applied Physics, Vol.95, Issue 3, pp.1180-1184 (2004).
12. E.P.Kokanyan, L.Razzari, I.Cristiani, V.Degiorgio and J.B.Gruber. Reduced photorefraction in Hafnium-doped single-domain and periodically-poled lithium niobate crystals. Applied Physics Letters, Vol.84, Issue 11, pp.1880-1882 (2004).
13. J.B.Gruber, D.K.Sardar, R.M.Yow, B.Zandi, E.P.Kokanyan. Modeling the crystal-field splitting of the energy levels of Er3+ in charge-compensated sites in lithium niobate. Physical Review B, Vol.69, pp.195103—1- 195103—10 (2004).
14. L.D.Merkle, M.Dubinskii, B.Zandi, J.B.Gruber, E.P.Kokanyan, V. Babajanyan, G.Demirkhanyan, R.Kostanyan. Spectroscopy of Potential Laser Material Yb3+(4f13) in NaBi(WO4)2. Optical Materials, November 2004, Vol.27, Issue 2, pp. 343–349 (2004).
15. M.Maczka , E.P.Kokanyan, J.Hanuza. Vibrational study and lattice dynamics of disordered NaBi(WO4)2. Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, Vol.36, pp.33-38, (2005).
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17. G.Malovichko, V.Grachev, S.Okulov, E.Kokanyan, F.Henecker, A.Hofstaetter, O.Schirmer. EPR of Nd3+ in congruent and nearly stoichiometric lithium niobate. Physica Status Solidi (b), February 2006, Vol.243, Issue 2, pp.409-415 (2006).
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23. G.Malovichko, V.Bratus, M.Munro, E.Kokanyan, S.Okulov,V.Grachev. Multifrequency spectroscopy of laser active centers Nd3+ and Yb3+ in nearly stoichiometric LiNbO3. Physica Status Solidi (c), March 2007, Vol. 4, Issue 3, pp.1346-1351 (2007).
24. M.Abarkan, M.Aillerie, J.P.Salvestrini, M.D.Fontana, E.P.Kokanyan. Electro-optic and dielectric properties of Hafnium-doped congruent lithium niobate crystals. Appl. Phys. B, 92, 603 (2008).
25. E.Kokanyan, P.Minzioni, I.Cristiani, V.Degiogio. .Photorefractive Effect in the Single-Domain Doped Lithium Niobate Crystal: Dependence on the Light Intensity, Ferroelectrics, 373, 32 (2008).
26. G.Malovichko, V.Bratus, V.Grachev, E. Kokanyan. Electron paramagnetic resonance and electron-nuclear double resonance of nonequivalent Yb3+ centers in stoichiometric lithium niobate. phys. stat. sol. (b), V. 246, Issue 1, pp. 215-225 (2009)
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29. M.Abarkan, M.Aillerie, N.Kokanyan, C.Teyssandier, E.Kokanyan. Electro-optic and dielectric properties of Zirconium-doped congruent lithium–niobate crystals.Optical Materials Express, Vol. 4 Issue 1, pp.179-189 (2014).
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31. E. Barnes, N. O’Connell, N.Balli, M.Pokhrel, A.Movsesyan, E.Kokanyan, D. Sardar. Suppression of optical damage at 532 nm in Holmium doped congruent lithium niobate. Optics Express, v.22, Issue S7, 26222-26231 (2014)
32. V. Grachev, M. Munro, E. Kokanyan and G. Malovichko, Determination of g-tensors of low-symmetry Nd3+ centers in LiNbO3 by rectification of angular dependence of electron paramagnetic resonance spectra. J. Appl. Phys. 118, 044103 (2015)

2009: The prize of the president of Armenian republic for the best circle of articles in the field of physics.

Armenian, English, Russian

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