PhD Pedagogical Sciences, Docent

PhD Pedagogical Sciences, Docent/ Chair of Special Pedagogy and Psychology

2003 March Doctoral dissertation defense, thesis topic: “Speech development of imbecilic children through play activities”. Quantitative and Qualitative approaches
1996-2001 PhD student in KhachaturAbovyan Armenian State Pedagogical Institute
1991-1996 Faculty of Pre-School, Primary and Special Education, Specialty: Special pedagogy additional specialization in Speech Therapy, KhachaturAbovyan Armenian State Pedagogical Institute

Work experience
2018 - till nowResearcher in Research center on Inclusive Community and disability Issues, Khachatur Abovyan Armenian State Pedagogical University.
2018 October Training of staff working in Pedagogic-psychological support in Lori province
2017 March Trainings for special educators and psychologists, bridge of Hope NGO, Ijevan
2016-2017 Researcher and trainer “Strengthening pre-service/in-service teacher training programmes and practices for inclusive education in Syuniq region”, UNICEF country office and the Faculty of Special Education of Khachatur Abovyan Armenian State Pedagogical University
2016 November Trainer “Use of pedagogical approaches while working with Attention deficite syndrom children”. Ministry of Education and Science of RA, National Institute of Education.
2016 October Reserch group member in Megri “ Identifyingdifficulties while working with children with special educational needs”, focus group discussions with teachers and multidisciplinary team members
2015 September-NovemberConsultant in “Patmos-Ararat” rehabilitation center
2015 October Trainer “Initiative for Child Health and Education – as a scope of Inclusive education”
2013 October Trainer-LecturerNational Institute of Labor and Social Research SNCO of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of RA, Department of Staff Training and Vocational Training Division
2012-2013 Special educator and Speech therapist COAF (Children of Armenia Fund, Yerevan office), “Support program for children and families”.
2006 till now Associated Professor in the Chair of Special pedagogy and psychology, KhachaturAbovyanArmenian State Pedagogical University
2001 – 2006 Acting Assistant docent, Department of Pedagogy “HrachyaAcharyan” University
1999-2002Speech therapist N185 secondary school
1997-2000 Senior Methodist, speech therapist of the republic center of speech therapy servicefunctioning in KhachaturAbovyan Armenian State Pedagogical Institute
1996-1997 Speech therapist, senior educator N2 Specialized Children's Home of Kharberd

2017 June Round table discussion “Data collection and analyzing within the frame of Educational research”, University of Minnesota
2017 January “Implimentation of Index for Inclusion in preschool education”, “Save the children” NGO
2016 Dectember “Early childhood care and development of inclusive system in Armenia”, “Save the children” NGO
2015 October “Modern issues and challenges of Inclusive education” international conference, Yerevan
2013 September Professional training on ''Education for everyone – 3'', ''International experience inclusive education'', Finland, University of OULU
2009 October “Education of voice recovery methods in post-surgery phase” Organized by German specialists of “Rehabilitation institute of voice functional disorders as a result of cancer”, for qualifications of speech therapists
2008-2009 Researcher and training program developer regarding inclusive education implementation process, in collaboration with “Bridge of Hope” NGO and Ministry of Education and Science of RA.

Professional membership
2015 May-September Editorial Board member “Inclusive education. Contemporary issues and challenges” international conference, manual of published articles
2011-2013 Editorial Board member “Special pedagogy and rehabilitation psychology”, scientific journal
2. И инновации: сборник статей XIVМеждународной научно-Практической Конференции / под общ. Ред. Г.ю. гуляева –Пенза: мцнс «Наука и просвещение». –2018. –270 С. //ст. 191-194.

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5. Features of organizing pedagogical practice of special educators in the frame of inclusive education, Social technologies and modern society, Collection of scientific papers in honor of the tenth anniversary of the professional scientific and educational activities of the Department of Sociology. Saint Petersburg 2015.-p. 79-86.
6. Psycho-pedagogical dictionary/author's edition/, 2014, 264 p.
7. Guide to professional orientation services for people with disabilities. “Improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities through promotion of occupation” program (2012-15), (LIFE), USAID, SAVE THE CHILDREN/editor L.H. Saratikyan, Yerevan, 2014, 84 p.
8. Prevention of stuttering and early corrective intervention ways, Armenian Journal of Mental Health 5(1), 2014, p.33-37.
9. The ways of developing speech and communication skills of stammering people, Banber, Yerevan State University of languages, named after V. Brusov, 2014, p.341-348.
10. Ways and means of optimizing the pedagogical practices for master students in higher education. /Challenges of special education/ Scientific journal, 1, Yerevan, 2014, p. 165-170.
11. “Theory and practice of inclusive education” Bachelor educational program for specialty pedagogy. Yerevan, /author's edition/, 2012, 48 p.
12. “The psychology of children with psychological developmental disorders”, subject program Yerevan, “Nahapet”, 2011, 56 p.
13. The role of neuropsychological, corrective exercises in the rehabilitation work with children with speech disorders. Special education and rehabilitation psychology, Scientific journal 1(2), Yerevan, 2011, p. 50-57
14. The analysis of the contemporary problem of improving the teaching process in the university. /ASPU, Special education and rehabilitation psychology, Scientific journal 1, general editor – V. Karapetyan/,2011, p. 51- 56
15. Teaching the psycho-pedagogical analysis assessment ways for preschoolers with developmental problems during teaching process in higher education. “Mkhitar Gosh”, N 4-6, 2011, p. 40-49
16. The forms of speech disorders resulting from emergency situations /Crisis Management and Technology/. Scientific journal, Yerevan, State Academy of Crisis Management Department, 2011, p. 119-125.
17. Family education issues of children with special needs /Materials for international conference - dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the establishment of ASU. Stepanakert, 2010, p. 168-169.
Author of 30 scientific articles.

Armenian - native
Russian- fluent
English - satisfactory

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