Yelena Saribek Mkhitaryan

Candidate of Philological Science, Professor

Professor/Chair of Romano-Germanic Languages and their Teaching Methods

1956-196 1 Faculty of Foreign Languages (English), Yerevan State University
1945-1956 Russian secondary school # 17, Tbilisi

Academic Credentials
PhD, Professor of General Linguistics

Work experience
2013 –2020 Head of the Chair of Romance-Germanic Languages, Kh. Abovian Armenian State Pedagogical University
2003-2013 Full professor of the Chair of English Philology, YSU
1988-2003 Associate professor of the English Philology Department, Yerevan State University
1987-1992 Head of the Chair of English philology, Yerevan State University
1967-1987 Senior instructor of the Chair of English Philology, YSU
1961-1967 Instructor of Chair of Romance-Germanic Languages, Yerevan State University

MA courses
Theoretical English Grammar, Pragmalinguistics, Academic English for students of Pedagogy, Scientific supervision of PhD papers, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree Graduation papers
Scope of Academic interests
Theoretical English Grammar, Pragmalinguistics, Lexicology

1991 (May) Participation in the USIA International Visitors’ program “Teaching English as a Foreign Language”

1977 (June-Aug.) Intensive English Language Course at Buffalo, New York University

1973 (Sep.-Dec.) Refresher course of English at Moscow State University

2016 Presentation Means of Expressing Approximating Quantities in English and Armenian , the 8th World Conference on Educational Sciences, Madrid, Spain, February 4-6.
2015 Textbook Academic English for Students of Pedagogy, Yerevan, Zangak pub.
2015 Article On differences in the Use of Hedging in English and Armenian Academic Discourse , Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences (SCOPUS) , volume 197.
2014 Article Constructions with an Ellipted Object (based on English) Philologicheskiye Nauki, № 1 (Jan.), pp.68-73, Moscow.
2014 Article «Constructions with Reflexive and Reciprocal Verbs in English and Armenian», Armenian Folia Anglistika International Journal of English Studies, 1(12), pp. 63-69.
2013 Article «A Study of Explicit and Implicit Means of Connection in Monologic Supraphrasal Reported Speech», Yerevan (International Journal of English (Armenian Folia Anglistika) Ν 11, pp. 7-16):

2013 Textbook “Theoretical English Grammar”, third edition. Yerevan University Press. Co-author A.Chubaryan.
2012 Article “On objectless transitive verbs in English. – Foreign Languages In Higher School, # 13. Co-author M.Vardanyan.
2011 Article “On the category of inducement (with special reference to English and Armenian ), Yerevan, # 12. Co-author D.Yepiskoposian.
2010. Article “Alternative questions in English (functional-pragmatic analysis)”. -International Journal of English Studies, AASE, Yerevan. Co-author S.Sarkisian.
2009 Article “On some specific features of free reported speech in English”.- Foreign Languages and Literature (Theory and Practice), Yerevan.
2008 Textbook “Theoretical English Grammar”. Yerevan University Press. Co-author A.Chubaryan.
2008 Article “On some syntactic structures in English”. - International Journal of English Studies, AASE, Yerevan.
2006 Article” Analytic causative constructions in English” - International Journal of English Studies, AASE, Yerevan, co-author S.Sarkissian.
2005 Article “On the concept of emphatic rheme”.- International Journalof English Studies, AASE, Yerevan

2004 Textbook “ A Practical English Grammar”. Yerevan University Press.Co-authors N.Hambartsumian et al.
2004 Manual “ English Syntax”. Yerevan University Press. Co-author Z. Kostanian
2004 Textbook “Basic English for University Students”, second edition.
2003 Article “Communicative role of parcellation in an utterance”. –Problems of contemporary Linguistics and Methods of Foreign Language Teaching. Yerevan.
2003 Article “Punctuation in the text of a psychological novel”. –Foreign Languages in Higher School, vol 4. Co-author K.Kochunts.
2002 Article “Functioning of modal adverbs in short answers” – Foreign Languages in Higher School, vol. 4. Co-author N. Martirossian.
2001 Article “Means of modeling prepositional oppositions. “ –Russian Language in Armenia, vol. 3-4.
2000 Monograph “Structural-semantic oppositions in the system ofspatial prepositions (with special reference to the English, Russian and Armenian languages”. Yerevan University Press.
1998 Textbook “Basic English (for university students)”. Yerevan University Press.
1998 Article “On the status of modal words in the system of English parts of speech. – Foreign Languages in Higher School, vol. 2.
1990 Article “On the problem of correlation between prepositions and inflections”. - Yerevan University Bulletin, vol. 3.
1990 Article “On the nature of apposition. – Foreign Languages and in Higher School, vol.1.
1988 Textbook “Exercises in English Syntax (for students of the English Department”. Yerevan University Press.
1987 Article “On the neutralization of oppositions expressed by space – Prepositions”. - Foreign Languages and Literature, vol. 7.
1986 Textbook “English Reader for Students of the Humanities.Yerevan University Press.
1985 Article “Types of semantic oppositions in the system of spaceprepositions. – Armenian Language and Literature:, vol.5-6.
1985 Article “On the semantic meanings of space prepositions. – Yerevan University Bulletin, vol # 3.
1984 Textbook “English for Students of the Humanities”, YerevanUniversity Press. Co-author H. Tokmajian.
1983 Article “On methods of comparative study of languages”. –Foreign Languages and Literature, vol. # 2.
1982 Textbook “Aural/oral Practice( for students of the humanities).Yerevan University Press.
1981 Article “Deictic words in direct and reported speech”. -Yerevan University Bulletin, vol # 1.
1979 Article “The use of situational exercises in the English classroom”.- Soviet Teacher, vol .1.
1978 Article “On synonymous relations of prepositions expressing Space”.- Yerevan University Bulletin, vol. # 1.
1972 Textbook for University Students (non- English faculties). Co-author H. Tokmajian.


3 Gold Medals awarded by The Ministry of Education and Science and Yerevan State University, a number of Certificates of Appreciation and Honor

Languages: Russian, Armenian, English (fluent), Georgian, German (passive)

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