Mosesyan Karlen

Candidate of Phys-Math. Sciences, Associate Professor

Candidate of Phys-Math. Sciences, Associate Professor/Chair of Informatics and its Teaching Methods

1971 - 1973 - Computing Centre of the Academy of Sciences of Armenia , postgraduate student
1962 - 1968 - Yerevan State University, Department of Mechanics and Mathematics, student.


Candidate of Phys-Math. Sciences (PH.D.), "Basis graphs of some orderings", 01.01.09- Mathematical Cybernetics, 29.09.1976, Minsk.
Academic rank: Associate Professor,

Work Experience 
1987-up todays - Armenian State Pedagogical University, Chair of Informatics and its teaching methods
1982 - 1987 - Director of the Computing Centre of the Ministry of Local Industry of Arm.SSR.
1968 - 1982 - Computing Centre of the Academy of Sciences of Arm. SSR, Research Associate, postgraduate student, team leader, deputy head of the sector.

Bachelor’s degree courses - Discrete mathematics (graph theory, combinatorics, boolean algebra, discrete optimization and algorithms),
Master’s degree courses - discrete mathematics didactics, application of discrete mathematics in solving of school problems.
Organization of scientific conferences:
1971-1976 - member of the organizing committee of annual advanced seminar-workshop on graph theory.
J. G. Nikoghosyan , Candidate of Phys-Math Sciences, 1983, Minsk
S. M. Gyulumyan, Candidate of Phys-Math Sciences, 1984, Leningrad.
The head of seminar acting at Department of Mathematics and Informatics: "Application of graph theory in school problems."

A partial list of publications 
1. Different methods to solve equivalent (in Armenian), Mathematics in School, № 5 (86), 2012, p. 45-64.

2. On the number of faces of certain dimensions in a convex polyhedron (in Armenian), Mathematics in Higher School, 2012, Volume 8, №2, p. 22-29.

3. Lectures on graph theory (in Armenian), Textbook, Yerevan, 2012. Author's edition, 176 pages.

4. The method of constructing linguistic tests using boolean algebra (in Armenian), ASPU's 90th anniversary research conference, Yerevan, <<Mankavarzh>>, 2013, p. 54-57.
5. Discover the secrets of graphs, (Auxiliary manual) - Author's edition, 2013, 116 pages.

6. Simple proofs of two Dirac-type theorems involving connectivity, Mathematical Problems of Computer Science 40, p. 31-33, 2013.

7. Applications of graphs in problems solving (in Armenian), Mathematical education, Republican conference. 24-25.10.2013, p.127-132.

8. Solution of multi-version problems by means of graphs (in Armenian), Mathematics in School, № 1 (94), 2014, p. 40-46.

9. Six games to develop the logic thought of school-kids (in Armenian), Mathematics in School, № 2 (100), 2015, p. 60-64.

More information.
1974-1976. Small Academy of schoolchildren in Yerevan (includes 7 training faculties), President.
1979. Prepared and published the book "Graph Theory" (first in the Soviet Union), consisting of his works and his students.
1982-1987. Conducted the development and implementation of industrial automation WebBuilder Department of the Ministry of Local Industry ASSR.

Languages: Russian, Georgian.

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