Naira Raffik Hakobyan

Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor

Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor/Chair of Applied Psychology

2000-2004 Doctoral, Yerevan State Pedagogical University named after Kh. Abovyan
1988-1990 PhD student, Institute of Philosophy and Law of NAS RA
1983-1988 Student, Yerevan State University

Academic Degree
Doctor of Psychological Sciences

Work Experience
2013- to present Dean, International Scientific-Educational Center of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia
2011-2013 Master Studies and Education Cooperation Department Head of Yerevan State Pedagogical University named after Kh. Abovyan
2007-2011 International Cooperation and Standardization Department Head of Yerevan State Pedagogical University named after Kh. Abovyan
2005-2008 Deputy Chairman of 029 Professional Board of Pedagogy
2005-2007 Director of “PR Technologies and Socio-Psychological Center”
2002-2005Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of RA State Management Academy
2005-2010 Professor of the Chair of Psychology of Yerevan State University
1995-2005 Associate Professor of the Chair of Psychology, Yerevan State University
1990-1995 Senior Researcher of the University Education Prospective Development Scientific Group of Yerevan State University
1988-1990 Researcher, Research Institute of Pedagogical Sciences

Academic Courses
Master Studies Socio-Psychological Technologies, Stress Management

Scope of Academic Interests
Social Psychology
Psychology of Management

«Quality Assurance Guarantees for Professional Education», 2013, RA National Academy of Sciences, Yerevan
«Modern Teaching Technologies and Methods», 2014, RA National Academy of Sciences, Yerevan
«Education Management Issues and Development Trends»,2014, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Yerevan
«Distance Education», International Scientific-Education Center of NAS RA, 2015, Yerevan,
«Education Issues and Visions in the XXI Century», Prague University of Economics, 2015, Prague
«Public Educational Practices and Spiritual Values», St. Petersburg State University Branch in Cherepovets, 2015, Cherepovets

American Psychological Association
International Sociological Association
Psychotherapists International League
«Inter-University Consortium» Foundation Director
Editor-in Chief of the scientific journal “Pedagogy and Psychology Issues” of the Inter-University Consortium
“Haypettsarayogh Women’s Association” social organization Head

1. «Marginalization and Psychological Adaptation» scholarly monograph, Yerevan, 2009
2. «Marginality Display Features in the Transforming Society, scholarly monograph, Yerevan, 2010
3. Migration Social-psychological Service: The Factors Improving Social Inclusion, Adaptation, Naturalisation and Integration. 1st International Conference On Cultural Psychiatry in the French-Speaking World 2011, Paris, France.
4. «Management Process: Personal and Psychological Characteristic Features of the Head», Pedagogy and Psychology Issues, No 1, Yerevan, 2012
5. «Pedagogical Communication», study handbook, Yerevan, 2012
6. Activities of a psychologist to provide optimal interaction between civil service workers in difficult conflict situations, «The Seventh Annual Scientific Conference», Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University, 2013
7. Psycho-Pedagogical Dictionary, Yerevan, 2014
8. «Problems of cultural marginal identity in transformational societies» /Philosophical, psychological and pedagogical aspect/, Materials of the IV international scientific conference. Venice, Italy, 2015
9. «Socialization as a Process of Individuals' Values Forming System», International Scientific-Educational Center of NAS RA, A Collection of Scholarly Articles, Yerevan, 2014
10. «Identity and Environment», scholarly article, 2014
11. «Collection of Psychological Tests and Developing Exercises», study handbook, Yerevan, 2015.


Languages: German, Russian, English

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