Nelli S. Melkonyan


Lecturer/ Chair of Sociology and Social Work

2003-2005: Yerevan State University Faculty of Sociology,Department of Social Work and Social Technologies,
Master degree.
1999-2003: Yerevan State University Faculty of Sociology, Department of Social Work and Social Technologies,
Bachelor degree.
1988-1999: Agarak Secondary School named after Yeghishe Charents

Work Experience
Since January 12, 2015 at present Armenian State Pedagogical University after Kh. Abovyan Researcher in the Chess Educational Research Center.
Since September 01, 2010 at present Armenian State Pedagogical University after Kh. Abovyan lecturer of Faculty of Education Psychology and Sociology
2006-2008: Pyunic NGO Public Relations Officer
2005-2007: Yerevan State University lecturer in Chair of Social Work and Social Technologies /concurrently/
2005-2006: “Skarp” Health Center NGO specialist in social sphere
2003-2005: Pyunic Ngo social worker
2001-2003: Armenian Mental Health Foundation social worker/volunteer

Bachelor's degree course
Psychological Basis of Social Work, Medical Basis of Social Work, Methods of Social Work, Social Insurance, the Pension Insurance, Alternative Social Services.

Scope of Academic Interests
Social Medicine, Psychology of Social Work, Social Work Theory and Practice, Social Policy

2009, 10-14 September: Vanadzor, Armenia “National Training Course on Human Rights Education” , TOT, Armenian Constitutional Right-Protective Centre, European Youth Centre & “All different- All Equal” National Campaign Committee of Armenia;
2008, Nov.14-15: Yerevan, Armenia “Analysing qualitative date”; Civic development and partnership foundation /CDPF/
2007, 10-13 July: Yerevan, Armenia “Strategic Planning”, Civic development and partnership foundation /CDPF/
2007, 01.05-01.06: Yerevan, Armenia retraining of teachers, YSU;
2007, 01 – 05 May: Yerevan, Armenia “The Child Protection” TOT; “Every Child” NGO & Fund for Armenian Relief /FAR/;
2006, 13-17 February: Sevan, Armenia “Conflict Management” TOT; ICHD & British Council
2005, 11-15 July: Yerevan, Armenia “cooperation and effectiveness”, USAID, AED
2005, 15.04-15.05: Yerevan, Armenia “Communities Development. Participant Monitoring”; YSU & WB.

“Harmonic Society” Armenian Association of Social Workers

1. “Chess as Social Value”, “Chess in School” International Conference, /coauthor with Sirarpi Movsisyan, Kristine Tanajyan/, Yerevan, 2015,
2. “The Role of Voluntary in Specialization of Social Work in the content of the Civil Society”, “Challenges of Modernity, Philosophical and Psychological Issues” International Conference// Conference Materials,Yerevan, 2015,
3. “Self- development and Self-affirmation in the Context of Social Work”: Bulletin of Social, Sciences 3(639); Yerevan: 2013,
4. “Issues of People with disabilities in the labor market”: Conference Dedicated to 20th anniversary of the International Day of People with disabilities; Yerevan: 2013,
5. “Overcoming difficulties of children with disabilities in the Armenian family”: “Value orientations of youth and their interests” Conference // Conference Materials,Yerevan, 2012,
6. “Social Work: development problems in Armenia”; “Features of the Transition Society” Conference, Yerevan, 2011,
7. “Supervision as a training instrument of social workers”; “Social Work and Social Reform” Conference// Conference Materials, Yerevan, 2007.


Gold-medal, awarded for academic excellence

Languages Russian (fluent), English ` (good), german ` (conversational)



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