Robert Zalibek Djidjian

Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy), Professor

Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy), Professor / Chair of Philosophy and Logic

Chair of Sociology and Social work 

1960 – 1963 - post graduate student at faculty of physics of Tbilisi State University,
1956 – 1960 - graduate student at faculty of physics of Tbilisi State University.

Academic Credentials:
Doctor of science in philosophy, specialty 09.00.01 theoretical philosophy, the theme - «Methodological analysis of the process of research»,
PhD in logic (specialty 09.626), the theme - «Formalization of the theory of categoric syllogism by the rule of substitution»

Work Experience:
Since 2011 till now- professor at Armenian State Pedagogical University after Kh. Abovyan
2007 – 2011 - professor at theological Seminary of the Jerusalem Armenian Patriarchy
1995 – 2007 - professor at Tel-Aviv centre of accelerated Learning
1988 – 1993 - Head of the chair of philosophy at Yerevan Medical Institute
1972 – 1988 - Lecturer, professor of the chair of philosophy at Yerevan State University
1963 – 1972 - Engineer at Tbilisi nuclear physics Laboratory

Bachelor’s degree courses:
Philosophy, Technology of scientific work
Master’s degree courses
Philosophy of social work, Natural language, understanding, and artificial intellect, Technology of scientific work, Philosophy of sociology, Theoretical questions of evolution of social norms, Scientific revolutions in strict sciences, Modern conceptions of natural philosophy, Prediction in social work, Logic of scientific investigation, General theory of logic, Optimal sociology, Social ecology

Scope of Academic Interests:
Logic of scientific investigation, axiomatic philosophy, artificial intellect, macro-sociology.

Sociology of national security. Lectures. Yerevan, Limush, 2015. (in Armenian). Co-author Yu. Gasparyan
Optimal sociology. Lectures. Yerevan, Limush, 2012. (in Armenian). Co-author Yu. Gasparyan
Getting ready for great discoveries, Yerevan, 2004.
The secret of geniality, Yerevan, 2002.
Methodological analysis of the process of discoveries and inventions. Yerevan, 1984 (in Russian).
Extended syllogistics. Yerevan, 1967 (in Russian).
Selected articles:
The Paradox of Gödel’s Numbering and the Philosophy of Modern Mathematics. WISDOM, 2 (9), 2017.
Animal Learned Genetic Cognition and the Limits of Anthropomorphic Approach. WISDOM, 1 (8), 2017.
Paradoxes of Human Cognition. WISDOM, 2, 2016.
Transformational Logic and Social Transformation. WISDOM, 1, 2016.
Understanding as the Central Problem of Creating AI. WISDOM, 1(4), 2015.
Stop the Drive of Emigration Towards New Genocide. WISDOM, 2(5), 2015.
The way of overcoming the dangers of Emigration and assimilation...//The Issues of National Security in the Global World. Russian-Armenian University, Yerevan 2015.
Absence of gravitational waves and the basis of relativistic cosmology // Proceedings of the 13th conference of Armenian Astronomical Society, Yerevan, 2015
Causes of world economical and social crisis. Vestnik INJECON, vol. 4 (55), 2012. (in Russian). Co-author Yu. Gasparyan
Building the Logic of Scientific Discoveries. Problems of pedagogy and psychology. Yerevan, № 3, 2011:

Russian, English, German, Georgian, Hebrew.

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