Samvel Mikaelyan Balabek

Аssociate professor

Аssociate professor/Chair of Theatre and Film Direction
1979 Yerevan State Conservatory named after Komitas (vocal department, opera and chamber singer).
1968 - the theater faculty of the Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatre Institute,

Work Experience
2005-2006 - Director for the NGO "Armenian folk instruments orchestra" of RA Ministry of Culture.
1993-2000 - The head of the ensemble ashugh songs "Sayat-Nova '', entertainer, reader,
1998–2008 - State chamber musical theatre director of photography.
1990- 1992 - Head of the Department of Public Education of District 26-Stewards.
1988 - ASPU after Khachatur Abovyan, Lecturer at the Faculty of “Culture”
1987-1991 - Director of children's and youth programs.
1985-1987 - General Edition of music programs, the main director.
1982–1985 – Radio and Television Armenia
1972-1982 years - Teacher of Performing Arts in Musical Pedagogical college .
1971-1972 - singer in the Chapel Choral Society of Armenia, in the state song and dance ensemble.
1969-1971 -actor in the State Theatre.
1974-1988 - director of the folk theater in Vedi district, in the Ararat region.
1970-1974. - The director of the national theater in Ashtarak.
1968- 1970. - The director of the theater << Mask>> of the Yerevan State University.

Bachelor's degree course

Scope of Academic Interests
Literature, visual art

Creative work. Productions.
1982 Saroyan «Hello Out There»
1983 Vahe Kacha “The Wand”.
1997 “Bone” State chamber musical theatre
2000 Balian, opera “Fate”
2002 Karl Orff "Bernauer's Daughter”
2003 S. Mikayelyan “Christmas tale”
2006 Tigran Chukhajyan opera “Karineне”
2007 B. Base “Who killed the King”
Numerous TV programs.
Author and director of <<He will come >> - S. Mikaelian
Director of <<King Mampre >> S. Mikaelian, TV director - O. Melik-Vrtanesyan,
Literary and theatrical program << Books for you>> .
Numerous television music programs:

Member of the Union of theatrical figures,
Creative cultural association of Sayat-Nova.

2015. Medal “Komitas”

Armenian, Russian, english


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