Sergo Sargis Yeritsyan


Professor/Chair of Television and Radio Journalism

1975-78 YSU , The Department of Philology ,
1978-81 Lomonosov Moscow State University, The Department of Journalism,
In 1981 graduated from LMSU as a journalist
1984-87 passed PhD course in LMSU
Academic credentials
In 1987 attained PhD junior grade with the title: “Armenian Television in the system of the mass media”
In 2004 attained PhD senior grade with the title: “Television: functions, tendency of development, outlooks”
From 2004 till now Professor in the Department of TV-radio journalism

Work experience
From 2010 till now is the Chief of National Language Inspection
2006-2008 was the Advisor to the President of the Republic of Armenia
2003-2006 was the Minister of the Education and Science
1995-2003 was a deputy in the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia
1981-1999 was working in the field of television and radio (RA): Editor in chief, the head of the department , the Chief of the Public Opinion Centre
1981-2003 was the editor and the reporter of various programs. The most famous one was “Kartsiq”.
From 1981 till now is a lector in various universities: LMSU, All-Union State University of Cinematography, Armenian-Russian Slavonic University, YSU, ARMSPU, etc.

Educational courses
Bachelor ‘s degree course
Theory and practice of journalism, master class of journalism, methods and genres of journalism.
Master’s degree course
The problems of modern television, Economic-political journalism.

Scope of Academic interest
Music, Literature, Cinema, Economics, Politics.

Association of Journalists
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