Siranush Gevorg Karpetyan

Acting Dean of the Special and Inclusive Education Faculty, Ph.D. Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, professor

Acting Dean of the Special and Inclusive Education Faculty 

Ph.D. Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, professor/Chair of Logopedics and Rehabilitation Therapy

1978-1982 Moscow State Pedagogical University named after Lenin, faculty of defectology, specialty of speech therapist in preschools, schools and medical institutions.

Scientific degree
2002 Defense of thesis “Child’s motor alalia disorders of understanding and perception of the text, ways of correction”
Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences , Board resolution 00.03

Work experience

From 2017 till now Dean of the Special and Inclusive Education Faculty

From 2020 till now Erevan State Pedagogical University by Kh. Abovyan Special Pedagogy, professor, Department of Speech Therapy and Rehabilitation Therapy
20042020 - Erevan State Pedagogical University by Kh. Abovyan Special Pedagogy , Docent, Department of Speech Therapy and Rehabilitation Therapy
Since 2003 till now , general speech therapist Republic of Armenia
From 2002 Chair assistance in Erevan State Pedagogical University by Kh. Abovyan , Docent in the Department of Speech Therapy
From 2006 till 2012 Special Pedagogy board member
2010 Member of the Higher Professional working Group, Speciality education Pedagogue and Psychology (Speech Therapy)
2009 “ Education to all- 2 ” within the project order of the Ministry of Education “ Education Needs Assessment”, new educational project author .
1999 Lecturer in Erevan State Pedagogical University by Kh. Abovyan, faculty of Special Pedagogy
1995-2002 Armeian State Pedagogical University,National Center for speech therapy services - speech therapist
1990-1996 Republican Military Hospital - speech therapist
From 1996 till now consultant in Republican Military Hospital, neurological and neurosurgical departments
1982-2000 School N 60 after Vahan Terian - speech therapist
From 1982 till now Yerevan State Medical University hospital “Muracan”- speech therapist
2008-2009 “ Education to all- 2”project , Participation in scientific conference program with international experts
2007 In occasion of the 85th anniversary Armeian State Pedagogical University for contribution of preparation pedagogical staff
2004Training in "Stress" Center "hypnotherapy" and "basic hypnosis techniques"
2003 Erevan State Pedagogical University for training of qualified pedagogue specialists / Certificate /
1982-1994 Young professionals international conferences in cities Moscow, St.Peterburg and Dushanbe

Reading Lessons
Bachelor /Alalia, speech disorders without , psychology, examination and diagnosis of speech disorders
Master Degree /Genetic diseases,due to features of correction of speech disorders, early diagnosis of speech disorders; speech therapy in educational and medical institutions/

Scientific area of interest
Psychology, pedagogy, psycholinguistics

2015 International scientific-practical conference, “Inclusive Education ,modern issues and challenges, Yerevan
2015 6th international scientific-practical conference "Issues of education and development trends of the XXI century", Stavropol
2014 "Unite our efforts for newborns, early childhood and adolescent physical and mental care. "International scientific-practical conference .Yerevan
2014 II International scientific-practical conference "Modern problems of Speech Therapy", Kiev
2011 "Parkinson's and other disorders " USA international scientific conference, Yerevan
2010 "Problems of Postgraduate and Continuing Education" International scientific conference in Armenia
2009 During the postoperative period voice rehabilitation methods training, as a result of cancer, Yerevan
2008 International scientific conference "Problems of Postgraduate and Continuing Education XXI century" , Samara
2004 "Basic hypnosis techniques", complete course. Yerevan
2004 "Hypnotherapy" complete course , Yerevan


2008 "Correcting speech disorders and speech development with a help of speech therapy games for 5-7 years old children.

2003 Text understanding and perception educational manual for children with
motor alalia.
2001 "Special pedagogical Dictionary" coauthor
2012 "Encyclopedia of Special Education," coauthor
2014 “Vocabulary enrichment for children with speech general disabilities” Educational Manual
2015 "Characteristics of Perception texts and ways to overcome for children with motor alalila “, Monography
Author of over 40 scientific articles.


Since 2000 member of the International Organization “ Support “
From 2012 till now “Special Education” Faculty , scientific board member
2014 “ Problems of Special Education” Board Member of methodical journa

Languages: Russian /fluently/, German / partially/

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