Susanna Khourshoud Baghdasaryan

PHD Docent

PHD Docent/Chair of Romano-Germanic Languages and their Teaching Methods

1977-1982 English language and literature, Romance and Germanic Philology department, Yerevan State University, diploma: Qualified as a philologist, translator and teacher.

Academic Credentials
Researcher in the chair of Teaching Methodology of foreign languages (Kh. Abovyan Armenian State Pedagogical University).

Work experience
2002 up to now Armenian State Pedagogical University, Chair of Romance-Germanic Languages, Instructor.
2006-2009 Teaching Armenian to students and post-graduates from Houston and Oxford.
1983-2001 Journalists’ Association of Armenia, counselor-translator.

Undergraduate studies
Practical English course; Practical Grammar
Formal/Official English

Scope of Academic interests
Linguistic typology, Translation studies, Methodology, Situational grammar, Formal and Business English.

1. 2007, June; «Becoming efficient classroom manage» Oxford Teacher’s Academy
2. 2007, September; presentation and training of the textbooks «Move Ahead» and «Straightforward».
3. 2011, February; «New opportunities in ELT with Cambridge University Press».
4. 2011, April; «New ELT courses and Teaching Methodology in Armenia».
5. 2012, June; Business English (BEC).
6. 2014, June; «Cutting edges; Acknowledging the autonomy, creativity and criticality our students bring with them». UK, Canterbury Christ Church University.
7. 2015, February; Professional development workshop (Teacher trainer-Jim Scrivener).
8. 2015, October; Teacher development workshop series, (Teacher trainer-Andreas Grundvig).
9. 2015, December; Training on «Strengthening DRR in the Pedagogical Curriculum».

1. A.Babayan, S. Baghdasaryan «Debates and interviews» methodological handbook 2011(Yerevan, YSU Press), 262 pages.
2. On language determinism and relativity, Armenian Folia Anglistika 2011,International journal of English studies 2(9) 2011 – Yerevan.
3. On some peculiarities of translating and teaching situational grammar patterns in English, Journal of conference articles, 2014, (Yerevan, YSU Press).
4. Teaching of English in a situational context, Journal of conference articles devoted to 90th anniversary of Kh. Abovyan ArmSPU. 2014, Yerevan, p. 168-171
5. Teaching situational grammar items effectively, Armenian Folia Anglistika,the reviewed international academic journal of English studies1(13) 2015 – Yerevan.

Russian –freely, English- freely, Armenian-native, German-a little

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