Suzanna Egyazaryan


Lecturer of the Department of Sociology and Social Work


2013 - Applicant of the Institute of Philosophy, Sociology of Law of NAS RA, Sociology - "Social problems of Armenian students".
2015- English courses AUA - TOEFL IBT in AUA.
2012- TOEFL IBT in the AUA.
2011- TOEFL PBT in AUA.
2011-International Institute of Development "EcoPro Educational Portal My University Faculty" Education Reform.
1.Course «Technology of interactive learning».
2. Course "Active methods of training!".
2011- English language courses for teachers Cambridge English .
2009-2011- International Scientific and Educational Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia: Master's Degree, "Pedagogy and Sociology", Diploma of Degree, "Active Methods of Teaching in the Process of Learning".
2009- HAU Bachelor's degree: "Journalism".
1984-1991-Musical education: piano department.

Preliminary educational disciplines

General sociology.
History of sociology.
Historical sociology.
Information technologies in the social sphere.
Institutional social work.
Social work in vulnerable groups.


1. 2018- "A nation, a state, a homeland. idea of statehood. "
The third international conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the independence of the First Republic of Armenia., May 4, 2018: Faculty of History and Law of the Armenian State Pedagogical University.
Yeghiazaryan Suzanne, "Transformation of the features of socio-political socialization of Armenian youth".
2. 2018- "International Cooperation of Young Scientists of the Countries of the Eurasian Economic Union"
FGBUN of VolNs RAS, Vologda, ul. Komsomolskaya, 23a, conference hall on December 15, 2017; 14.00-16.45 << Problems of employment of student's youth in the context of social and labor relations >> Egiazaryan Susanna Zhyulvernovna.
3. 2018- Annual International Scientific and Practical Internet Conference "Global Challenges and Regional Development in the Mirror of Sociological Measurements".
4. 2018-International Conference, dedicated to the anniversary of the Karabakh movement "Patriotism in Modern Armenian Youth", Gohar Mkoyan, Suzanne Yeghiazaryan.

The list of scientific works:

1. Economic and social aspects of student employment. Theoretical background and applied possibilities of sociology. // Materials of the Armenian-Russian International Scientific Conference (April 26-28, 2016, Yerevan) /
2. Subcultural peculiarities of Armenian students and peculiarities of organization of leisure. Scientific thought // quarterly scientific and methodical journal No. 4 (22) • 2016.st52
3. Problems of modern youth in Russia and Armenia. Children and youth - the future of Russia [Text]: materials IV Intern. Scientific-practical conference, Vologda, October 5-7, 2016: in 2 parts. - Vologda: ISERT of RAS, 2017.-C. II. - 370 sec.
4 . Subcultural features of Armenian students and features of leisure organization. The State of the Future: ctual problems of socio-economic and political-legal development. III International scientific and practical conference 14 April 2016. Under the Obsh. Ed. prof. E.S.Gareyeva.-Ufa: UGNTTU publishing house 2016- 329 with.
5. Obstacles to the organization of the educational process in terms of current technological problems. "Kantech" scientific articles 3 (68) 2016. Yerevan 0019, 24/4 Ave Marshal Baghramyan.
6. Gevorg Pogosyan, Suzanne Yeghiazaryan. Social problems of young Armenian families: issues of political science. questions of civilization. Huntington and modern political science. Materials of the fourth scientific conference of the Republic of Armenia: -Limush, 2015.-200 p.
7. Armenian students as a generation of independence. A quarter of a century of modern Armenian statehood: Conference proceedings materials: Yerevan, Nauka Publishers, 2015, 185 p.
8. Problems of employment of modern Armenian students. Journal of Social Sciences 1 (646) January-March 2016, 208p.
9. Problems of professional orientation of students in modern market relations. Problems of pedagogy and psychology. Scientific journal of the Interuniversity Consortium "Zangak-97" Armenia, 0051, Yerevan.
10. The concept of a consumer society. Consumer culture and crisis of socialization of the individual. Crisis management and technologies. Collection of scientific and methodical articles. RA, State Academy of Crisis Management, 2017.- 460 p.
11. Professional orientation as the basis for professional self-determination of students. Philosophy in the modern world. Materials of the conference dedicated to the International Day of UNESCO Philosophy. Book VI, Yerevan, 2016.
Yeghiazaryan Suzanna, "Transformation of the features of socio-political socialization of Armenian youth".


• 2017- to this day-teacher of the Armenian State Pedagogical University, Department of Sociology and Social Work.
• 2009- to this day-PE "Yeghiazaryan Suzanne".
• 1996-2010 - Private teacher of English and Armenian at home with students of different ages.

Knowledge of languages:
Armenian (native), Russian (fluent), English (good)

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