Tsolak Hrachya Galstyan



Lecturer at the chair of Choreographic Pedagogy of the Armenian State Pedagogical University 


2009 Studied the “Open Circle” method at the “Open Circle” Theatre in Lithuania From 2001-2007 Studied Graphic Design in Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts
2006 Studied Dance Philosophy Courses led by Modris Tensisons Riga / Latvia
2006 Interactive Theatre Courses led by Careen Chapman (UK) / Armenia

Work Experience/ as an art manager:
2003 till present: Open-air and special events Manager and Curator of Polish Dance Platform at HIGH FEST International Performing Arts Festival / Yerevan, Armenia
2017 Director of "Yerevan Book Festival" / Yerevan, Armenia
2015 Festival Art Director of the “Asank Anank” Syrian Armenian youth integration Festival / Yerevan, Armenia

Work Experience/ as a choreographer and a director:

From 2003 till present: Art director and choreographer of more than 20 performances of “MIHR” theatre and art. Director of more than 70 shows:

Contemporary Dance Performances:

2018 The Song of a Refugee
2017 We
2015 Lavash
2015 Names
2014 The Fly
2014 No More Lies
2013 Sound of Loneliness
2012 Coversation of Thoughts
2012 Soldiers
2011 Plays about Death: The Mortally Ill, The Murderer and The Suicidel
2010 Dreams in Dreams
2010 Black Castle
2009 Komitas’ Ten Commandments
2008 Sasna Tsrer: Sanasar and Baghdasar
2007 The Colors
2006 Am I Crazy?
2005 Roots
2004 Creation
2003 Which is our Guilt, God

Dramatic and Experimental Performances:
2017 Director of the story telling performance “Stories Behind” us / Yerevan, Armenia
2017 Director of the “Yerevan Unplugged” Audio performance / Yerevan, Armenia
2016 Directed “12 angry Pigs” child play / Yerevan, Armenia
2014 Directed Pulitzer Prize Winner “Water by the Spoonful” performance / Yerevan, Armenia

From 2003 till present: Lead his studio where you can study contemporary dance, dance theatre, stage movement
2018 Was a Speaker during Working Sessions on the theme “Who’s Disabled?” in IETM Satellite Cairo 2018/ Cairo, Egypt
2017 Lead the “Movement as emotion” workshops in “Skazka” Dance Theatre, Ivanova / Russia
2016 Lead the “Movement as emotion” workshops in “Chaika” Theatre Studio, St Petersburg / Russia
2016 Lead the “Dance as emotion” workshops with Gabrielle Neuhaus Physical theatre in acting studio named after Aleksandr Severuk, Olsztyn / Poland
2015 Lead the “Movement as emotion” workshops in Albuquerque / USA
2014 Lead the “Movement as emotion” workshops in Isfahan, Tehran / Iran From 2011 to 2012 Worked as a Theatre Expert in the “Armenian – Turkish reconciliation project” in Mush / Turkey and Gyumri / Armenia
2011 Lead the “Movement as emotion” workshops in Los Angeles, Calabasas, Ventura / USA From 2007 to 2014 Worked as an art therapy expert in the disaster region in Artsakh
From 2006 to 2008 Worked at the “Mkhitar Sebastatsy” college as a specialist of the contemporary dance / Yerevan, Armenia

Master's degree course-Improvisation

Scope of Academic Interests : Study of International Contemporary Dance

2009, 2014,2015, 2018 Participated in various IETM (International Network of Contemporary Arts) plenary meeting’s work groups and seminars aimed to contribute to the collaboration of the European theatres
2017 Participated in the master class by Jonas Lüscher within the framework of '' Next Stage Europe 3 ''/ Yerevan, Armenia
2017 The European Union-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme Study Tour and Partnership Project in Czech Republic
2016 The European Union-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme Study Tour and Partnership Project in Poland
2015 Participated in Modern Dance workshop organized by the Tbilisi Contemporary Dance and Arts Festival, led by Denise Lempart
2012 Participated in Inclusive dance workshop organized by British Council, led by Candoco Theatre (UK)
2009 “Set Design Southern Caucasus and Central Asia” Seminars led by Noel Witts (London University of Arts, UK), Pette Brooks (Leeds University of Arts, UK), Jana Prekova (Prague Quadrennial of performance Design and Space, Czech Republic), David Burman (InterStudio, KukArt Festival, Russia)
2008 Theatre Management Programme by the Cambridge Yerevan Sister City Association / USA
2007 “New writing Southern Caucasus and Central Asia” Seminars led by Mike Griffith (Traverse Theate, UK) and Pavel Rudnev (Meyerhold Centre, Russia)

Member of IETM (International network for contemporary performing arts)

2018 13th International Theatrical Festival of Marivan Main Prize, Best International Performance, Iran
2017 21st International Dance Theatres Festival of Lublin, Special Prize, Poland
2017 Letter of Thanks of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia
2016 11th International Theatrical Festival of Marivan,Grand Prix, Iran
2016 10th International Theatrical Festival of Olsztyn Special Prize, Poland
2015 ‘Revolution’ International Theatrical Festival of Albuquerque, Main Prize, USA
2014 26th Choreography Competition Festival of Vitebsk, Special Prize, Belarus
2012 ‘Perm Street’ International Theatrical Festival of Perm, Main Prize, Russia
2012 Medal named after L. Yengibaryan
2011 'RITU' International Theatrical Festival of Liège, Main Prize, Belgium
2011 'Koufar Plastilina' International Week of Plastic Art of Minsk, Award for Highest Creative Quality, Belarus
2011 ‘California’ International Theatrical Festival of Los Angeles, Special Prize, USA
2010 'FADJR' International Theatrical Festival of Tehran, Special Prize, Persia
2009 5th ‘Best Fest’ International Festival of Arkhangelsk, Special Prize, Russia
2009 ‘Zolotoi Konyok’ 6th International Theatrical Festival of Tyumen, Grand Prix, Russia
2008 4th International Youth Theatrical Festival of Moscow, Main Prize and Special Prize, Russia
2008 Medal of Tsaghkadzor 2007 International Cultural Fair of Tbilisi, Special Prize, Georgia
2006 ‘Jarmila Jerabkova Awards’ of Prague, the Title of Best Young Choreographer of Europe, Czech Republic
2006 ‘Pilot’ Festival of Movement Theaters of Riga, Special Prize, Latvia

Languages: Armenian, Russian, English,

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