Vardanyan Lilit

Candidate of psychological sciences, assistant

Candidate of Psychological Sciences, assistant professor, ASPU /Chair of Developmental and Applied Psychology

2008-2014 _ Bechelor’s and Master’s degree at the faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, Pedagogy and Psychology department.:
1997-2002 _Armenian State P.U. after Kh. Abovyan, Pedagogy And Of Psychology of the faculty Pedagogy And Psychology department , bachelor's degree and master's degree.
1995-97 Yerevan A. Bakunts pedagogical collage, teacher's qualification, diploma of excellence.
1985-95 Yerevan Gr . Narekatsi School No. 137 .

Scientific degree
Topic of candidate's dissertation: "Dynamics of relationship between interpersonal relations and learning motivation in middle school". 19.00.03 Social psychology:
Work experience
From 2017 to now, Assistant Professor of the Department of Psychology of ASPU, then from the 2022-2023 academic year, the newly formed Department of Developmental and Applied Psychology.
2008-2017 Lecturer of the Department of Applied Psychology of ASPU.
In 2022-23, she worked as a lecturer at the Department of Psychology of the International Scientific and Educational Center of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences.
30 . 09 : 2020-25 . 12 . In 2020 cooperated with the Ministry of Defense and the Erebuni Medical Center on a voluntary basis, with a psychological support program for the wounded.
He cooperated with the "Apaga" psychological service, participating as a psychologist in the program of psychological support for persons injured or disabled during the military operations in the second Artsakh war, and their family members, organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs .
In 2018-2022, he participated in forensic psychological expertise /0124021, 5515021, 57111321/ as part of the ASPU Psychology Chair.
From 2016 to today, responsible for the training program of the 3rd and 4th years of the psychology major of the Faculty of Psychology and Sociology of Education of the ASPU.
In 2016 _ Candidate's dissertation defense, topic: The dynamics of correlation between interpersonal relations and learning motivation in middle school. 19.00.03 " Social psychology ( interpersonal relations , family , group activity ) " specialty.
2009-2011 _ ASPU Psychological service center, psychologist - consultant, trainer .
2004-2005 A. _ Babajanyan music Collage
in the school of psychology teacher _
2003-2004 _ "Almanac" educational complex , child care - psychologist .

Courses read
Baccalaureate, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Communication Psychology, Family psychology, Psychology of Gifted Children.
Master's Degree: Elective courses / family psychotherapy, professional activity psychology/.
Scope of scientific interests
Applied psychology, psychotherapy, social psychology.

On October 22 and 29 th participated two days online course topic “Psychological support in emergency situations ".
Run the course is Italian psychologist , EMDR psychotherapist, healthcare and development organization specialist Serena To Zuki.
Duration: 2.5 hours.
On October 14, she participated in the free online course "Stabilization of Acute Stress Syndrome" (ASSYST ©) invited by ASHD Armenian Association of Psychotherapists.
The course was conducted by a psychologist, psychotherapist, president of the Czech Republic of the ASDHV:
h.g. Zuzana Tsepelikova
Duration: 5 hours, Language: Russian.
In August 2022 and 2023, participated in the compulsory training program for teachers organized by the Pedagogical University, conducted teacher training in the field of psychology. Duration 40 hours.
2022 , participated in the retraining program for teachers of the National University of Ukraine, organized by the Hovakimyan Group, and conducted training in the subject of psychology, lasting 40 hours.
In August 2023, he participated in the program of retraining of the directors of the National Academy of Sciences organized by the Hovakimyan Group, he conducted the training of the directors of the National Academy of Sciences in the subject of psychology, lasting 10 hours.
2021 _ April 5-17 participation Kh . To the international training course "Problems of Applied and Clinical Psychology" organized for the lecturers of the Department of Psychology of the Armenian State Pedagogical University named after Abovyan / 36 hours long /.
2020 _ September 30- 2021 April 30 Participation in psychological support to wounded servicemen during the war and in the post-war period on a voluntary basis, organized by the Armenian Psychiatric Association.
2019 _ July 5-6 participation in video practical seminars on "Different Aspects of Children and Adolescent Development" / 14 hours long/. Organizer: Psychoanalytic Association of Armenia.
2018 November 24 - December 1, video practical course, topic: "Story therapeutic work with children's fears", trainer: Lilit Vardanyan, Anahit Arzumanyan Psychological Center.
July 4, 2018 "Clinical supervision . "ways, ethics and competence" course,
trainer: American-Armenian psychologist, professor of Criminology Department of Fresno University, Chief Psychologist of State Hospitals of the State of California, Allen Azizyan, "INTRA" Mental Health Center.
In 2018 June 24, "Ethical questions of a psychologist", seminar leader Marine Petrosyan.
2018 _ June 22-July 18, (30 hours) Children's psychotherapy, trainer: Maine Petrosyan, Anahit Arzumanyan Psychological Center.
2018 _ June 2-12 (16 hours), "Essence, classification of neuroses and ways to prevent and overcome" the course, trainer - Armen Bejanyan, "Future Psychological Service".
In 2018 April 16-19, " Primary parent-child relationships." Childhood trauma » seminar leader Iren Nigolyan - Arabkir Medical Complex, Association of Psychoanalysts of Armenia.
2017 November 15-December 23 /20 hours/, " Fairy Tale Therapy" skills training training » trainer Lilit Vardanyan, Psilife psychological support center
2017 October 23, "Actual issues of diagnosis and treatment of affective and anxiety-phobic disorders" international conference, organizer psychiatrist Aram Hovsepyan - Center for the Development of Medicine and Natural Sciences
2017 July 1 - August 15, /45 hours/ - "Fundamentals of Individual Psychological Counseling" trainer: Marine Petrosyan, Psylife Psychological Support Center
25, 2017 . 04 / 4 hours/ "Emotional intelligence, suicide prevention, interactive model of forgiveness" Open lecture, moderated by Dr. Ani Kalajian, USA, New York, Psychological Injury Prevention Association.

Scientific Publications
1 . Vardanyan L. T. _ "Interpersonal of relations and: learning motivations of interaction problems interactive learning under the conditions" - on the 90th anniversary of ASMU dedicated conference , 2013 _ 1 bag pages 194-196.
2 . Gevorgyan S. R., Vardanyan L. T. _ , "The development of the teacher's socio-psychological competence as a factor determining the progress of interpersonal relations of students in middle school", Scientific Journal of Pedagogy and Psychology Issues Interuniversity Consortium, Yerevan, 2015 No. 3, Pages 82-87.
3 . Vardanyan L. T. _ Poghosyan O. "Fairy tale as a means of psychopedagogical influence in working with children with special needs"; Modern problems of psychology, a collection of scientific works E. - 2016, pp. 97-101
4 . Vardanyan LT . The study of the relationship between interpersonal relations and educational motivation through individual cases and analysis, a collection of scientific works of modern problems of psychology E. - 2016, pp. 92-97
5 . Vardanyan L. _ T. _ The motives of lying in early adolescence, Kh . Abovyan name Armenian State Educational university scientific Bulletin , E-2017, pp. 108-112
6 . Vardanyan L. T, Sargsyan V. Z : Methodological complex program for the development of students' relationships and learning motivation in middle school; National Institute of Education Scientific and Methodical Journal, No. 4 E. -2017, page 4-10
7 . Vardanyan L. T. _ The use of a psychological fairy tale in psychoregulatory work with children's fears; Psychological problems, characteristics, principles of classification and diagnosis, proceedings of the international conference, E.- 2019, 484 pages
8. Vardanyan L. T. _ , Sargsyan V. Z : Research and psychological analysis of the psychotraumatic effects of war ; Kh. Abovyan Armenian State Pedagogical University, "Scientific Bulletin", No. 2 (40), Y.-2021, p. 59-66.
9. Vardanyan L. T. _ The role of projective methods in the practice of psychological examination; Forensic psychology theory and practice, Educational manual, E. - 2022 , pp. 82-90
10. Vardanyan L. T. _ The use of fairy tales in psychological work; E. _ Author's note : 2022, 148 pages
11. Vardanyan L. T. _ Shaboyan M. H. _ Logoneurosis as a consequence of post-war stressful experiences; Challenges of military psychology in the 21st century; science and life; E. _ -2022, pp. 117-126
12 . Vardanyan L. T. , Khachatryan L. H. _ Analysis of the psychological causes of secondary school students' addiction to computer games and drop in educational motivation; THE ASSEMBLY OF THE MATERIALS OF THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE "THE FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEMS AND PERSPECTIVES OF DEVELOPMENT OF HIGHER PEDUCATIONAL EDUCATION", Dedicated to Kh . On the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Armenian State Pedagogical University named after Abovyan, E. - 2023, pp. 1188-1199.

Languages, Armenian (native), Russian (I speak), English (I can read and communicate).

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