Vladimir Karapetyan Sevan

Doctor of Psychology, Professor 


Doctor of Psychology, Professor /Chair of Preschool Pedagogy and Methodology

Scientific interests

Scientific methods Theory of psychology, personality psychology, age and pedagogical psychology, psychotherapy (gestalt theory)

Peculiarities of thinking styles.

New orientations in personality typology.

Education and qualification
1964-1969 Armenian State Pedagogical Institute after Kh. Abovyan
1969-1970 Rostov-on-Don State University, department of Biology
1978-1981 Moscow State University after M. Lomonosov, department of psychology, postgraduate, specialization in “Pedagogical, child’s and age psychology”
March 20 Thesis theme “Modeling as the teaching process component” specialization in “Pedagogical, child’s and age psychology”. Moscow State University after M.Lomonosov.
1983 Participated in courses of active methods of teaching in Kiev Civil Engineering Institute and specialized in “The Leader of Business Games”
1987 Participated in international courses in Riga and specialized as therapist.

1987 Honored the title of Docent in psychology and higher school pedagogy.

1999 Defended Ph. D thesis in Georgian Academy of Sciences, Research Institute of Psychology after D. Uznadze.
2003 Appointed the chief of Problematic Laboratory, ASPU
2009 Honored the title of Professor

2010 Appointed the Head of the Chair “Age and Pedagogical Psychology”
Work Experience and Military Service
1970-1971 Served in the USSR Army
1971-73 A teacher in different schools of RA
1974-1978 Pedagogical Institute after Kh. Abovyan
1982-1998 Gyumri State Pedagogical University, Head of Psychology Chair
1983 Member of the USSR Psychologists Union and the Delegate of the 6th Party Congress

1989 Appointed the Chief Psychologist in the Psychological Center “Lighthouse of Hope”
1998 -2004 Served in RA Military Forces as an Officer (Ministry of Defense), Higher Courses of National Security
2001 Pedagogy 020 and Psychology 060 Professional Board Member

2002 Awarded the Title of Lieutenant Colonel
2006 The Chief Editor of the Scientific Methodological Journal “Family and School”
2010 Academic Council Member of ASPU Psychology and Social Pedagogy Faculty
2010 Academic Council Member of ASPU
2011 The Chief Editor of the Scientifiv Journal “Special Pedagogy and Rehabilitation Psychology”

Participation in Research and Public Activities

2008 Organized an International Conference “Psychological Problems of Educational Reforms”
2001-2010 Participated in Compiling Works of Software Packages of International Conferences
2009 Elected as Editorial Board and Expert Group Member in Educational International Journal (Problems of Education in 21-st centyry)
2010 Organized Conference in Qualification of Teaching Psychology in Goris State University
2006-2009 Participated in the Conference (Scientific Session in Gyumri Pedagogical Institute after M. Nalbandyan)
2007թ. International Scientific Conference “Pedagogical Education. View to the Future”
Scientific Conference “Globalizing of the World and Humanitarian Education and Science Issues”
Scientific Conference in Artsakh State University dedicated to the 1600th anniversary of the Armenian Alphabet Invention
2008թ. Scientific Conference dedicated to the 85th anniversary of APSU
International Scientific Conference “Psychological Problems of Educational Reforms”
Scientific Conference dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Kh. Abovyan
RA MES National Educational Institute, Scientific Conference
“Post-graduate and Continuing Educational Issues”. International Scientific Conference
2011 “Humanitarian Sciences in the 21st Century” The First International Conference.
1996 Cooperation with the Armenian National Educational Institute

1. A Textbook in Neurological Programming, Yerevan 2004, p. 64
2. Topical Problems of Age Psychology. Special Pedagogy and Rehabilitation Psychology. Scientific Journal. 1(1.) 2011 pp. 80-89
3. Psychological Service in the System of Education. Zangak-97, Yerevan 2010, p. 458
4. Peculiarities of Perception, Understanding and Learning of the Educational Material. “Nairi”,2000, p. 86

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