Vagharshak Voskanyan

Candidate of Sciences, docent

(Cand Sc.) PhD in Mathematics, Associate Professor/Department of Mathematics and its Teaching Methods

1982-1985: Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, post-graduate student.
1975-1980: Yerevan State University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, student.
1977-1979: Yerevan State University, Faculty of Social Studies, Department of Translation (the English language), student.
1978-1980: Yerevan Stat University, Faculty of Social Studies, Department of Psychology, student.

Degrees: PHD in Mathematics ( candidate), Profession, A. 01.04 - "Geometry and Topology",
Theme of dissertation: "Curvilinear (n + 1) – webs on n-dimensional manifolds."

Titles: Associate Professor of Mathematics

Work experience
1993 – present: The National Institute of Education, Head of Teachers' Training and Certification Department.
1999-2001: K. Abovyan Pedagogical University, Department of Algebra and Geometry, Acting Associate Professor / part time /.
1999-2001: Yerevan "Imastaser" College, mathematics teacher / part-time /.
1994-1998: Yerevan "Vardan’s Knights" No. 1 College, mathematics teacher / part-time /.
1986-1993: Armenian State Engineering University, Department of Mathematics, Assistant Professor
1982-1985: Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, post graduate.
1980-1982: "Erebuni" design engineering bureau, automatic control system department, programmer.

Academic courses
Bachelor’s Programme: "Geometry," "Algebra and Geometry", "Analytical Geometry", "Differential Geometry and Topology".
Master's Programme: "Webs and their models in school geometry course", "Non-Euclidean geometry", "Elementary geometry in relation to higher geometry".

Professional Improvement Courses Taught
2006: Ministry of Education and Science, "Teachers' professional improvement" teachers’ training course taught within the scope of a program developing new curricula, assessment criteria and new methods of teaching mathematics.
2008: 24.03-14.04, Chicago, USA: "Community Relations: Inclusive Education" program on the strategies of developing abilities in the process of inclusive education ".
2008: "Mission East" organization "Inclusive education" program for training of trainers.
2010-2011: - Ministry of Education and Science, management and leadership training course for secondary school principles.

Membership: Armenian Mathematical Union.

The scope of scientific interests
Differential Geometry, geometric structures on manifolds, theory of Webs, Quasigroups and Lups induced by curvilinear Webs, Webs on commutative and associative Algebras, teaching theories, education, psychology, pedagogy, linguistics, music, sports.

2011-2016 selected articles
1. "Professional and practical activity as the basis of formation of theoretical thinking in teaching geometry." Abstracts Int. Conf. "Geometry in Odessa - 2011". Odessa, 2011.
2. "The correct perception of objective assessment in secondary school as a prerequisite, enabling training of students.", International Scientific Conference "Education, science and economics in universities. Integration into the international educational space. " Yerevan, 2011.
3. 2013. Unified State Exam Tasks Collection (Shtemaran). "H and H Print", Yerevan, 2012, Part 1-3.
4. The Professional development of math teachers who need certification: a training guide. "Tigran Mets" Publishing House, Yerevan 2013.
5. “ Evristic method of knowledge delivery as an important factor in the formation and development of research abilities”. Articles of International conference dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the establishment of Armenian Pedagogical University. Yerevan, 2014.
6. 2015 Unified State Exam tasks collection (Shtemaran), "Rabuni", Yerevan, 2014, Part 1-3.
7. 2016 State Exam Tasks Collection (Shtemaran), "Rabuni", Yerevan, 2015, Part 1-2.
8. 2017 State Exam Tasks Collection (Shtemaran), "Rabuni", Yerevan, 2016, Part 1-2.
9. “Elementary Geometrical Constructions as an Implimentation of Exploratory Skills and Teoretical Thinking of Schoolchildren”. Articles of International conference “ Mathematical Education”, Armenian Pedagogical University. Yerevan, 2016.

Languages: Russian, English

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