Yurik Seryoja Safaryan

Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, Professor


Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences; Professor/ Chair of Mathematics and its Teaching Methods

1980-1984: PhD student, Moscow State University after M. V. Lomonosov, Moscow, Russia
1970-1975: Undergraduate student at the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, Yerevan State University Yerevan, Armenia.

Academic Credentials
Doctor of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics
The theme of dissertation. "The solution of some extrem problems in economic and physics by methods of linear and nonlinear wave dinamics''

Work Experience
2016 up to date Professor at the Chair of Mathematics and its Teaching Methods, Armenian State Pedagogical University after KhachatourAbovian, Yerevan, Armenia.
2016 up to date - Deputy director at the National Institute օf Education,Yerevan, Armenia.
2016- 2018 -Professor, YSU
2006-20016- Rector, Goris State University,
1989-2006- Director, NPUA- Goris Branch,
1975-1988 - Assistant , Chair of Mathematics, NPUA- Goris Branch,

Bachelor's degree courses
Math. Analysis andTheory of Functions
Higher Mathematics For Non-specialized Faculties
Master's degree courses
Operation Account And Their Applications
Elementary Mathematics

Scope of Academic Interests
Study of asymptotic and immaculate solutions to linear and nonlinear problems of magnetic fluctuation dynamics
Study of economic phenomena and crises and their forecasting by linear and nonlinear wave theory methods.

Preparation and implementation of teacher training curriculum and subject curricula

I have published more than 10 scientific and professional articles and manuals, including:
1. Yu. Safaryan, D. Karapetyan “Investigation of dynamic processes in economics by the methods of the theory of waves” For universities: Yerevan 2016
2. Yu. Safaryan “Wave Propagation in Magnetoelastic Media” Monograph.
Yerevan 2017

Gold Medal from MES, RA /2001, 2006/
Honorable citizen of Goris /2007/

Armenian (native), Russian (Excellent), French (intermediate).

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