Zaruhi Vardan Harutyunyan


Lecturer/Chair of Speech and rehabilitaion therapy


2011 – present Armenian State Pedagogical University Faculty of Special Education PhD student

2010-2013 European Master of Science in Occupational Therapy 

Amsterdam University of applied sciences: Accredited by the Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO)

Degree: Master of occupational therapy science

2004 – 2007 Armenian State Pedagogic University after Kh. Abovyan
Within the frame of Tempus project FAPADAG, Faculty of Elementary and Special Education Department of Ergo therapy

Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy

2001 – 2003 Yerevan State University Faculty of Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology, department of social work Master degree in Social Work

1997 – 2001 Yerevan State University Faculty of Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology, department of social work Bachelor degree in Social Work

1986 – 1997 N 82 Secondary school

Work Experience

2013 - 2015 TEMPUS program: “Access of Individuals with Special Needs to Public” Trainer of ASPU lectures

2011 May – October Armenian State Pedagogic University after Kh. Abovyan Professional education quality assurance, institutional self-assessment group member

2010 – 2012 Armenian State Pedagogic University after Kh. Abovyan workgroup member of developing ASPU Career Center /certificate of acknowledgment for supporting group work/

2007- present “Armenian ergo-therapists association” NGO President of NGO

2008 – present “Specialized Children Home of Kharberd” Occupational Therapist

2007- present Armenian Ergo-therapists’ Association NGO President

2006 – present Armenian State Pedagogical University /after Kh. Abovyan/ Faculty of Speech and rehabilitation therapy

2001 – 2009 “Mission Armenia” NGO Social Worker, Supervisor of Social Work, Project Manager



 Professional skills and analysis in occupational therapy
 Occupational Therapy theoretical models and frame of references
 Occupational performance process model
 Biomechanical frame of reference
 Occupational Therapy in neurology
 Occupational therapy frame of references
 Philosophical Foundations of Occupational Therapy
 Comparative analysis of Models
 Occupational Therapy with elderly
 Occupational Therapy in Autism
 Project proposal in occupational therapy
 Practical use and analysis of frame of references
 Occupational Therapy in inclusive education /elective course/

Scope of academic interest
Prospects for the development of inclusive education in Armenia, the issues of development and of the Occupational therapy profession


2015 November 28-29 Reform of medical-social expertise in RA, last developments, seminar, Armenia
2015 November Study visit to Belgium “Artevelde Hogeschool” Inclusive education and Occupational Therapy

2015 October 1-2 “Issues of Inclusive Education” conference
Speech topic: “Provision of accessible educational environment through Occupational Therapy intervention” speech, Yerevan, Armenia

2015 September 28-30 “Challenges of Inclusion” ASPIRE TEMPUS project final conference, Batumi, Georgia

2015 May 25-30 DBI 16th International Conference for people with deaf and blind, Romania Bucharest

2014 November “Mali Dom” day care center for children with visual and combined disabilities, Croatia, Zagreb, fieldwork

2014 October ArBeS day care center “ICF in pedagogical field” seminar /certificate/

2014 may 5-7 “2nd International Occupational Therapy Conference in South Caucasus” Armenia, Yerevan Organizer of the conference, speech topic: “Occupational Therapy in Inclusive Educational Settings”

2011-2013 “Communication and interaction with children with visual and multiple disabilities” Perkins International, Specialized Children’s Home of Kharberd

2011 May “Hand Clinic” seminar within the frame of Vargas Mission of American Society for Hand Surgery, ARABKIR Medical Centre, (Certificate), Yerevan, Armenia

2010 July “1st International Occupational Therapy Conference in South Caucasus” (Certificate) Javhishvili Tbilisi State University Medical Faculty, Tbilisi, Georgia

2010 November “Training for careers of Nor Kharberd” Organized by students of Inholland University of applied sciences, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2008 14th Annual meeting “European year of Intercultural Dialog” (Certificate) European Network Occupational Therapy Higher Education (ENOTHE)
Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin, Germany

2008 “Gender, age and sex based violence among refugees and internally displaces populations”, UNHCR, Tbilisi

2007 “Participatory assessment methods used for identifying the needs and problems of refugees living in temporary shelters”, UNHCR, Armenia

2006 “Community development services for people with learning disabilities” Peace corpus Armenia

2005 “Leadership and Management” 6-day training course Organized by “Mission Armenia” NGO

2005 “Proposal Writing” course organized by “Training & Development” Co. Ltd

2003 Training of trainers “Social Worker 2003” Educational program funded by AED

2001 “Gender problems of refugee women” “Mission Armenia” NGO


1. “Social rehabilitation of disabled children” Collection devoted to of 200th anniversary of
Khachatur Abovyan, 2009, November, 19-21, Yerevan, “Pedagogy” 2010, p. 153 - 155
2. “Occupational therapy as a mean of enhancing the quality life of older people” – “Pedagogy” Scientific journal # 1, 2012, p. 48-53
3. Multidisciplinary team work as a prerequisite for effective organization of inclusive education - “Pedagogy” Scientific journal # 7, 2013, p. 21-25
4. Inclusive education system in Armenia and the role of occupational therapy - Modern problems of psycho-pedagogical support in childhood Part 1 (Novosibirst, 17 -18 April, 2014), p. 104-106
5. Occupational therapy intervention in inclusive education system - Educational handbook, Author's Edition 2015, 48 pages.
6. Occupational therapy in school; provision of professional support in learning environment - “Pedagogy” Scientific journal # 3, 2015, p. 25-31
7. Approving accessible educational environment through occupational therapy intervention - “Inclusive education, modern issues and challenges” international conference, scientific journal of articles, 2015, p. 48-51


Languages: Armenian - native; Russian, English

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