The Armenian State Pedagogical University was founded on November 7, 1922 and in 1948 it was named after great Armenian Enlightener and Educator Khachatur Abovian.
The full name of the higher educational institution
"Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan" Foundation Charter
Abbreviation of the university name
17 Tigran Mets Ave., Yerevan, 3750010 RA
(+3741) 59 70 49
Press and Public Relations Department
59 70 00
(+374 10)59 70 08

Srbuhi Gevorgyan, Doctor of Psychology, Professor

The University provides:
full-time tuition, tuition by correspondence
Length of course
4 years (Bachelor’s degree) 2 years (Master’s degree)
Tuition fee (in Armenian dram-AMD)
From 260.000 to 585.000 (depending on the faculty)
Faculty of Philology
Faculty of History and Jurisprudence
Faculty of Primary Education
Faculty of Special Education
Faculty of Education Psychology and Sociology
Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics
Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Geography
Faculty оf Foreign Languages
Faculty of Art Education
Faculty of Culture
University Chairs:
Chair of Theory and History of Pedagogy
Chair of Sports and Chess
Chair of First Aid, Emergency and Civil Protection
Chair of Economics and Management
Chair of Philosophy and Logic named after Academician Georg Brutian
Chair of Ecology and Sustainable Development
Chair of Professional Education and Applied Pedagogy
1. Armenian Language and Literature
2. Mathematics
3. Physics
4. Informatics
5. Natural Sciences
6. Technology and Entrepreneurship
7. Chemistry
8. Biology
9. Environmental Studies
10. Landscape Planning
11. Geography
12. History
13. Law
14. Social Studies
15. Culturology
16. Musical Education
17. Fine Arts
18. Clothing Design
19. Decorative Applied Art
20. Art Theory, History and Management
21. Social Work
22. Psychology
23. Military Psychology
24. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy
25. Human Psychology and Psychological Consultancy
26. Psychology in Practice
27. Legal Psychology
28. Social and Political Psychology
29. Family Psychology
30. Social Pedagogy
31. Sociology
32. Journalism
33. Direction
34. Instrumental Performance
35. Choreography
36. Library and Information Sources
37. Museum Studies and Protection of Historical-Cultural Monuments
38. Artistic Painting
39. Camerawork
40. Managements /according to the sphere/
41. Production
42. Psychological Pedagogy
43. Elementary pedagogy and methodises
44. Elementary Pedagogy and Methodology (accompanied by Russian Language course)
45. Preschool Pedagogy and Methodology
46. Chess
47. Methods of Teaching the Blind
48. Surdopedagogy (methods of teaching the Deaf)
49. Oligophrenopedagogy
50. Logopaedics
51. Ergo therapy
52. Special Psychology
53. Art Therapy
54. Special Pedagogy
55. English Language and Literature
56. German Language and Literature
57. French Language and Literature
58. Spanish Language and Literature
59. Russian Language and Literature
60. Education Management
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