The Armenian State Pedagogical University Academic Board headed by the Rector is an acting body which arranges issues concerned with the University teaching –methodological and scientific research activities, the planning and managerial principles.

The Academic Board decisions are obligatory for all the university subdivisions, official bodies, employees, and students. The Academic Board authorities’ period is five years. The Scientific Council sessions are held at least once a month. The Academic Board confirms its regulations. The Scientific Council activities are organized for an annual working plan, which is discussed and approved by the Scientific Council.

The Academic Board discusses the list of educational specializations in the university, confirms academic programs according to the courses, which are later introduced to the Ministry; in addition, it discusses the main and perspective directions of the university’s academic activities, listens to scientific programmes about the results of scientific observatory and educational activities in the university, also confirms the university teaching lecture – professorial staff, arranges vacancy candidate selecting competitions, grants academic titles of Assistant Professor and Professor, as well as university honourary titles, awards, namely scholarships; grants the University Medals, diplomas, draw candidatures for Republic and international Prizes and Titles, approves election regulations, discusses the university international cooperation programmes and projects for international treaties signed by the university, approves the university structural subdivisions exemplary regulations, etc.

Permanent Committees are created at the Scientific Council and by its decision on an interchanges principle and on 3-5 year’s period; the list of the committee is as follows:

Committee for Scientific and teaching-methodological issues, Natural-mathematical professions competitor committee,Humanitarian Specializations competitor Committee

Cultural Specifications competitor Committee.

The Academic Board, within the borders of its jurisdiction, can create temporary committees for dealing with separate issues.