The University Archives was established on April 4, 1964 as an independent structural unit and is managed by the head of Archives.

Since 1960, it has been the repository of personal documents, papers and records of University graduates, MA students, postgraduate students, degree-seeking applicants and employees. Since 1935, it has been storing the orders of students and employees.

The Archives also preserves lists of employees’ salaries, alumni newsletters and bulletins, students' test scores.

All documents are listed or cataloged, archived and preserved.

Graduates later receive from the Archives their Attestats, Transcript of Records and Diploma Supplements. It also gives references about work history and PhD minimums.

The unit responds to the inquiries from the Department of Human Resources, Passport and Visa Department of the Armenian Police, Social Services, as well as International education programs.

The Archives also cooperates with the University Museum, providing the latter materials about establishment of different Faculties and Departments, as well as the history of the educational institution.

It also prepares and organizes the procedure of transmitting documents of permanent nature to the National Archives.