The Base College /High-School/ of the Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan was established in 1994.

As the first high-school under the university providing differentiated learning in the country, it has always been ensuring the educational level required to replenish the institution with knowledgeable applicants having high academic progress.

From 1994-95, the College started functioning with about 100 students in 3 streams–humanitarian (Armenian language, English and History of Armenia), Physical-Mathematical (Physics and Mathematics), Natural Sciences (Chemistry and Biology).

Today, the following streams are available at the College: humanitarian (psychology), humanitarian (journalism), humanitarian (English), cultural (drawing, design), cultural (direction), natural –sciences and mathematics (economics).

The availability of the College at the University is an important step in the process of continuous improvement of new qualitative issues in education system. As a result of integration the continuation of educational processes is ensured, the proposed tasks in training pedagogues are solved.

Within the scope of current reforms in educational system, the college has undertaken the process of organizing the learning process in compliance to the high-school criteria and programme requirements, which is based on the determination of the University’s management to make the ASPU Base College the leading one among all high-schools in the RA. 

In the course of these years, the College has been constantly ensuring qualified staff, solving the issue of deficiency in admissions to natural sciences and mathematical faculties. The college has been a significant base for organization of and conducting pedagogical internships of the University. Besides, research and experimental activities are being implemented by the lecturers, PhD students, Applicants and MA students of the Chairs here.

From the very first day of its establishment, skillful and experienced teachers, leading specialists from various Chairs of the Pedagogical University, authors of school text-books and manuals and outstanding pedagogues have been teaching in the College. Similarly, the academic staff of the College is equipped with young specialists including its former graduates.               

Often, the teachers of the college are delivering various reports in different conferences. In addition, the college has teaching, parents’ and students’ councils, subject-methodological unions that are permanently cooperating with the corresponding Chairs of the University.

As a result of their dedicated work and learners’ determination the college had around 2000 graduates throughout the recent 21 years of its operation; the majority of those graduates were admitted to universities, namely 1600 of them were admitted to the Pedagogical University. 28 out of the graduates of the College have become Candidates of Science in diverse areas and 8 of them have been employed in different Chairs of the ASPU.

The College students have access to the Universities modern laboratories, the library, gyms and meeting halls, while various events regularly arranged together with the ASPU students giving the opportunity of closer communication between the students and the pupils.

Today, the College has around 300 pupils on its 10-12 grades; they are coming both from within Yerevan and other regions of the Republic of Armenia.

The college has a tradition of organizing meetings with famous persons from different fields and properly celebrating the RA holidays and marking the commemoration events.

What is more, the learners of the College are continuously involved and show active participation in a diversity of events and activities.

In particular, visits are frequently organized by the initiative of the Pupils Council to the elderly houses, orphanages, and military units, within the scope of which, in addition to the cultural programme performed, material support is also provided to the abovementioned institutions.

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