The Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan organizes scientific research events, academic conferences, symposiums, and seminars, and in addition to various research activities.
Taking into consideration the international experiences, the University has developed an effective format of organizing university, intercollegiate and international conferences.
In the recent years, the RA MES National Committee of Education has been greatly supporting that process providing financial support for the applications submitted to the University.
The subjects for the scientific research events are based on the actual issues which currently exist in the spheres of education, general upbringing and exact sciences.
International conferences are widely discussed; this is proved by the involvement of outstanding scientists and presentation of their scientific reports.
This process is aimed at the internationalization of the University, as a result of which bilateral agreements are signed to confirm the scientific activities.
The materials of the conferences are published in digests.

From 2012-2015, the following international conferences were organized at the University:
• “Theoretic and practical issues of transformational society” (philosophical and psychological perspectives) - 2012
• “Language, education and family in the repatriation process” - 2013
• “Continuous internship and introduction of organization mechanisms in higher pedagogical education system” -2013
• “Education modernization in the context of contemporary pedagogical paradigm” 2013
• “Chess at Schools”- 2014
• “International multicultural dialogue issues in mono-ethnic and multiethnic educational environment (on the example of Armenia and Russia)” - 2014
• the second Caucasian three-day conference headed “Development of the specialization of ergotherapy in Armenia and Georgia; 10 years later” -2014
• “Education for sustainable development” 10th anniversary of the UN, the final - 2014.
• “Multilingualism in institutional context” German as the second foreign language - 2015
• “Modern Issues and Challenges of Inclusive Education”- 2015
• “Issues of Measuring and Assessing Education Quality”-2015թ:

From 2016 the following international conferences were organized at the University: