Division of Logistics Management and Coordination in Procurement monitors materials and services necessary for the University departments and units, develops a procurement supervision plan and effectively implements the procurement processes within a specified time frame.

In collaboration with the Centre for Information Technology, it obtains the necessary technical and technological devices and equipment for the University subdivisions, renews, upgrades and replaces the worn-out equipment.

Most favourable conditions for ensuring a learning environment, conducting research, using latest technologies in the learning process are identified and created in the process.

When supplies are delivered to the ASPU central warehouse, outdated, expendable and poor quality items which do not meet the technical requirements of the contract are not accepted: they are either returned or replaced within a reasonable time frame.

Distribution of property to the University subdivisions is realized in accordance with the requirements of the given unit, considering its workload, deadlines and volumes.

Movement of goods in the warehouse is monitored regularly, inventory write-offs, removal and disposal of surplus items are carried out in accordance with the established order.

The division also participates in putting barcodes on items which are used in various subdivisions.