The objective of the Cooperation Center “University-Employer” is
  •  to strengthen and expand cooperation between the University and employers and assist in the process of updating vocational education programmes
  • to provide consulting services for professional development of University students and graduates 
 The Center carries out its activities in the following two directions
  • collaboration with employers 
  • counseling aimed at ensuring career advancement of students and graduates
Collaboration with employers aims to
1. establish and maintain feedback with employers, study and analyze employers’ suggestions and observations regarding the preparedness of University students and graduates through the following functions;
  • expand the scope of collaboration with University’s potential employers through continuous practice
  • conduct surveys among employers to know their opinion about the level of preparedness of University students and graduates
  • arrange workshops and roundtable discussions with the participation of all interested parties (employers, students, graduates and specialists of relevant Chairs) 
  • compile information databases about employers, students and alumni, analyze and manage the results
2. provide analysis of data obtained as a result of cooperation with employers with the aim of supporting the review of vocational education programmes
2.1. cooperate with other units of the University within the framework of “Ararat” (Armenian Coordination Agency “University-Employer) national project
  • form target groups (including Faculty professors, students and other responsible staff
  • implement joint activities with other units of the University aimed at updating educational programmes
2.2. ensure collaboration  between Faculties in order to 
  • support the formation of field (teaching) qualifications framework
  • improve the review of educational programme results 
  • provide advice and counseling to University students and graduates regarding their further career advancement
3. assist in the revelation of capabilities of future specialists and graduates and enhance their further competitiveness in the labour market
  • provide University students with advisory service on the path of their career development 
  • teach graduates technical skills in their job search
  • create a portable database providing data about University students and graduates
  • assist in drafting CVs and cover letters
  • prepare and train students and graduates for interviews with employers
4. establish mutually beneficial cooperation with state, non-governmental, as well as international organizations within the framework of Center activities
  • cooperate with foreign organizations that pursue employment-oriented policies
  • collect and spread information on vacancies, scholarships, grants, student loans and other similar announcements 
  • participate in job fairs, workshops and educational exhibitions
  • guide students to participate in volunteer activities
  • organize training for students and alumni.