Forms of Education
  • Full-time
  • Distant-Learning
Bachelor's Degree
  • Culturology
  • Painting
  • Musical Education
  • Decorative Applied Art
  • Theory, History and Management of Art
  • Clothes Design
Master's Degree
  • Culturology
  • Painting
  • Musical Education
  • Decorative Applied Art
  • Theory, History and Management of Art     


The Department Chair of Song and Music was formed in 1959 and the Department Chair of Elementary Drawing Methods was opened in 1960.

The Faculty of Aesthetic Education with its two departments –Music and Fine Arts - was established in the future as a result of merger of these two departments.

Over the years, as a result of structural changes, the Faculty was separated from its departments and then merged again, receiving different names in the process.

In different years, the Faculty was headed by K. Mirzakhanyan, Y. Zargaryan, V. Khachikyan, L. Berberyan, Y. Manukyan, G. Khudoyan, Y. Yuzbashyan, A. Shekunts, L. Nersisyan and S. Terzyan. In 2012, it was renamed Faculty of Art Education.

The Faculty of Art Education is considered to be a multi-functional educational and academic unit that provides educational, scientific and creative processes. Postgraduate education is carried out by specialized departmentsChairs.

Graduates of the Faculty work at schools, universities, cultural and research institutions of the country. Many of them are well-known art experts. The Faculty has its artistic groups and ensembles – choirs and a violin ensemble.

Five Doctors, 23 Professors, 23 Candidates of Science, 17 Associate Professors, two People's Artists, five Honoured Art Workers, one Honoured Teacher, one Honoured Pedagogue and one Honoured Science Worker work at the Faculty of Art Education.

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Chair of Fine Arts

The Chair of Fine Arts was formed in 2012 as a result of merger of two chairs - Chair of Painting and Chair of Drawing.

The aforesaid chairs were set up on the basis of the Chair of Painting, which was opened in 1961. By 1966, the Chair had been headed by Honored Art Worker, Associate Professor Karo Minasyan.

In different years, the Chair was headed by M. Panosyan (1966-1967), E. Isabekyan, People's Artist of Armenia, Professor Hovhannes Zardaryan (1967-1968).

In 1968, the Chairs of Painting and Drawing were separated.

In 1968-1988, the Chair of Painting was headed by People's Artist of Armenia, Professor Hovhannes Zardaryan, and later by People's Artist of Armenia, Professor Suren Safaryan.

In 1988- 2012, the Chair was headed by Professor of the RF Academy of Management, Doctor Lems Nersisyan.

In 1968, the Chair of Drawing was headed by corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Fine Arts, People’s Artist of Armenia, Professor Ghukas Chubaryan.

Later, the position was assumed by Honored Artist Zakhar Khachatryan, Associate Professor Hovhannes Muardyan, Professor Stepan Grigoryan and candidate of Mathematical Science, Associate Professor Artashes Keshishyan.

In 2012, the Chair of Computer Graphics of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics united with the Chair of Drawing. In the same year, the Chairs of Painting and Drawing were merged into the Chair of Fine Arts. Lems Nersisyan was appointed Acting Head of the Chair.

Sargis Terzyan was appointed Acting head of the Chair from 2013 to 2014.

People’s Artist of Armenia, Professor Paraon Mirozyan has been heading the Chair since 2014.

The Chair of Fine Arts is one of the most important chairs of the Faculty. Here students acquire profound knowledge, painting tips and techniques in painting, drawing, sculpture, design and illustration of books, computer graphics, as well as pedagogical and methodological skills in the field of Fine Arts.

The Chair aims to give its students appropriate education, prepare high-level teaching artists (artist educators).

Experienced professors and lecturers, including folk artists and distinguished art experts work at the Chair.


Tel: 55 60 30 (internal: 134)

Karen Aghamyan G.

Head and lecturer of the chair of Fine Arts, Honored Art Worker, President of the Artists Union of Armenia, Professor

Artashes Poghos Keshishyan

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor

Anush Yeghiazaryan Karapet

Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor

Gayane Yeghiazaryan L.

Doctor of Pedagogy, docent

Marina Raven Vanyan



Tigran  Eduard  Davtyan


Hripsime Maronyan


Taron Armenak Aleksanyan


Naira Mkhitaryan


Melqon Avetisyan


Kamo Vasha Khachatryan


Anna David Davtyan


Lems Souren Nersisyan

Doctor of Petagogical Sciences, professor

Faenberg Hrach Sargsyan


Arthur Yerjanik Martirosyan

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), professor

Sevada Mushegh Sargsyan

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Associate Professor

Janna Levush Khachatryan

Candidate of pedagogical science, assistant professor

Samvel Manuk Karapetyan

Doctor of Philosophy, аssociate professor

Misak Vardges Melqonyan

Deputy Head of Chair, Associate Professor

Gevorg S. Grigoryan


Vahram Spartak Hakobyan


Aghvan Zalibek Mkhitaryan

Assistant Professor 

Haykuhi Mukoyan М.

Doctor of Pedagogy, Associate Professor

Vahagn H. Jivanyan


Srapion Henrik Danielyan


Vanand Hovhannes Shiraz Karapetyan


Lilit Anatoli Grigoryan


David V. Hovhannisyan


Eduard Sedrakyan


Liana Hrachik Ayvazyan

Dean’s deputy on educational work at faculty of Art Education, Assistant

Sagradova Sona


Eduard Muradyan


Aram Nikolyan


Chair of Music Education

As a result of structural changes taking place in the Faculty for many years, the Chair of Theory of Music and its Teaching Methods, Chair of Musical Instruments, Chair of Conducting and Voice Training were separated and then merged, receiving new names in the process.

In 2015, the Chair of Music Education was formed as a result of merger of these three chairs.

In different years, the three chairs were headed by different musicologists and performers, including Tsitsilia Brutyan, Emma Tsaturyan, Eduard Elbakyan, Khoren Meykhanejian, Manuk Manukyan, Henrik Simonyan, Elena Vardanyan, Seda Mangasaryan, Karlen Topchyan, Loreta Aghasaryan, Arkadi Shekunts, Yuri Yuzbashyan, Sargis Elbakyan, Vyacheslav Yedigaryan, Artashes Baburyan, Anna Harutyunyan, Margarita Baghdasaryan and many others.

Throughout its history, the Chair had different choirs which were led by Associate Professor V. Chakmishyan, Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Armenia, Professor E. Tsaturyan, Honored Art Worker of the RA, Professor E. Elbakyan, Professors Kh. Meykhanejian, M. Mesropyan and Associate Professor A. Baburyan.

The mixed choir of the Chair led by Honored Artist of the RA, Professor E. Elbakyan won a gold medal at the Republic-wide competition of the choirs, and the female chamber choir “Ave Maria” led by Associate Professor A. Baburyan became laureate of “Amadeus-98” Republic-wide competition. “Ave Maria” is actively engaged in the musical life of the republic and has performed concerts in Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor, Goris, Artashat, Ashtarak, Ararat and other cities of the country.

The Chair also has an ensemble of violinists led by Associate Professor Yuri Avetisyan, which is actively involved in the musical life of the University.

The Chair carries out scientific-methodical, scientific-research, scientific-educational activities, organizes postgraduate education and publishes monographs, methodical manuals and scientific articles. Lecturers and students participate in different conferences and present scientific reports.

Lecturers and students of the Chair also participate in the cultural life of the University.

Nine Professors,eleven Associate Professors, one Doctor and seven Candidates work at the Chair.


Tel.: 55 60 30(internal: 164)

Elbakyan Sargis
Acting Head of the Chair of Music Education, Candidate of Pedagogical Science, Associate Professor
Anna Petrosovna Harutyunyan

Acting Head of Chair, Associate Professor

Yuri Vagarshak Yuzbashyan

Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor

Arkadi Shekunts

RA Honoured Art Worker, Professor



Vyacheslav Arshavir Yedigaryan

RA Honoured Art Figure,Associate Professor

Gohar Bezhanovna Meliksetyan

Candidate pedagogical sceinces, Associate Professor

Artashes Robert Baburyan

Associate Professor

Nune Poghosyan


Shake Tatevosyan


Anahit Sasha Gasparyan

Associate Professor

Yuri Avetisyan


Rimma Hakobova Sergey

Associate Professor

Suren Suren Shahsuvaryan

Associate professor

Lilik Gourgen Khachatryan

Associate Professor

Margarita Eduardovna Baghdasaryan

Associate Professor

 Anahit Maratovna Gevorgyan

Candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent

Anna Zhorik Adamyan

Candidate of Arts, Assistant Professor

Susanna Edvardi Petrosyan


Shushanik Rudolf Matevosyan


Flora Avetisyan


Naira Artur Markaryan


Maria Arami Simonyan


Elena Telman Dadoyan


Araksya Artavazd Khachatryan


Naira Hrant Madoyan


Marianna R. Avetisyan


Meri Hamlet Karapetyan


Anna Ashot Simonyan

Candidate pedagogical sceinces, Lecturer

Zaruhi Sayadyan


Christine S. Khachikyan


Armine Ashotovna Hakobyan

Candidate pedagogical sceinces, Lecturer

Armen Mkrtchyan


Arusyak Hamazasp Kostanyan


Chair of Art History, Theory and Cultural Studies

The Chair was formed in 1968. In different times, the Chair was called “Chair of Methods of Teaching Drawing and Graphics” /1968-1988/, “Chair of Teaching Painting and Decorative and Applied Arts” /1988-2007/ and Chair of History and Theory of Art and Culturology /from 2007 to date/.

The Chair was headed by renowned specialists in the country, including Honoured Art Worker, Professor Vahram Khachikyan /1968-1984/, Associate Professor Harutyun Hovhannisyan /1984-1988/, Honoured Worker of Science, Professor Hravard Hakobyan /1988-2000, 2007-2008/ and Professor Sargis Terzyan /2000-2007/.

The Chair offers courses in the following specializations: History and Theory of Arts, Arts Management and Culturology. It also offers full-time and distance-learning programmes at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. The Department of History and Theory of Arts, Arts Management prepares art critics and specialists in Arts Management (alternatively Arts Administration).

During the study period, students get acquainted with the history of fine arts, architecture, music in Armenia and in the world, programmes in Arts Management and Humanities.

Graduates can work at galleries, museums, educational institutions and cultural centers as art critics and specialists in Arts Management.

The Department of Culturology prepares culture experts or culturologists. During the study period, students get acquainted with the history of culture, architecture, music, theatre and cinema in Armenia and in the world, as well as programmes in Humanities. Students participate in museum practices, organize cultural events.Graduates can work in cultural institutions.


Tel.: 55 60 30(internal: 133)