Forms of Education
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  • Distant-Learning
Bachelor's Degree
  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Social Pedagogy
  • Sociology
Master's Degree
  • Military Psychology
  • Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy
  • Personality Psychology and Counseling
  • Social and Political Psychology
  • Practical psychology
  • Legal Psychology
  • Family Psychology
  • Pedagogy and Psychology
  • Military Pedagogy and Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Social Pedagogy
  • Social work

The Faculty of Psychology and Logic was opened at Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan in 1948-1949, which was reorganized into the Faculty of Pedagogy in 1956, with its School and Preschool Departments. Later, in 1957, Psychology Research Laboratory was established in the Faculty.

The Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy was established in 1996 to prepare professionals to work in educational institutions, Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Justice.

Accordingly, they were granted the qualifications of psychologist/pedagogue, legal psychologist and military psychologist.

The Faculty was renamed Faculty of Education Psychology and Sociology in 2011. The Faculty greatly contributes to the formation, development and expansion of the science and practice of Psychology in the Republic of Armenia.

In recent years, the Faculty has strengthened its leading role in the region as a training centre that prepares scientific and pedagogical staff in the fileds of Psychology, Pedagogy and Sociology.

The Faculty successfully combines research with innovative teaching and learning processes and expands the scope of international cooperation in compliance with relevant research areas of its Chairs.

The Faculty also works consistently to stimulate the interest and curiosity of undergraduate and graduate students in scientific research, to improve the quality of research, revitalize the activity of the Scientific Society.

One academician, 13 Doctors of Science and 39 Candidates work in the Faculty.


Chair of Developmental and Pedagogical Psychology

The Chair of Developmental and Pedagogical Psychology opened in 2022․


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Հեռ.`Tel.:59 70 46

Chair of Sociology and Social Work

The Chair of Sociology and Social Work was created in 2009 on the basis of scientific research conducted by the Laboratory for Social Research.

The Chair has made a remarkable contribution to the formation, development and promotion of Sociology (Social Science) in Armenia. Great was the role of Yuri Gasparyan and Academician Gevorg Poghosyan in the formation of Social Science in the country.

A number of republican and international conferences have been organized with the support of the Chair. Every year members of the Chair participate in international congresses, collaborate with foreign scientists and implement joint research projects.

Many textbooks and manuals were published by the Chair in the field of Sociology. Also, valuable scholarly monographs have been published with the efforts of staff members.

Leading specialists in the sphere, including Doctors of Social Science/Professors, Candidates of Science, work in the Chair. The Chair employs one PhD Candidate, three degree-seeking candidates, four Doctors of Science/Professors, one Candidate/Associate Professor, three candidates, one Assistant Professor, one candidate, eleven lecturers and one specialist/coordinator.


Tel.: 59 70 56


Chair of Psychology named after Academician Mkrtich Mazmanyan

The Chair of Psychology was established in 1951 by the true member of the USSR Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor Mkrtich Mazmanyan. He headed the Chair till 1977. This is the oldest specialized Chair in the RA that had active connection to the Chairs of Psychology of various universities and scientific institutions of the USSR. The Chair served as ground for the other Chairs of Psychology to evolve at the Pedagogical. We should also mention that at that time problem-based psychology laboratory was operating at the University, and the Chair exercised a very close cooperation therewith.

After the decease of the Academician Mkrtich Mazmanyan, the Chair was run by Candidate of Pedagogy, Associate Professor Azgush Hakobyan, and from 1983-1992 and 1997 -2003 it was headed by Doctor of Psychology, Professor Karlen Voskanyan. Similarly, very productive work has been conducted by former Heads of the Chair Doctor of Psychology, Professor Sergey Arzumanyan, Candidate of Psychology, Associate Professor Susanna Pilosyan, Doctor of Psychology, Professor Mels Mkrtumyan and Doctor of Psychology, Associate Professor Vazgen Margaryan.

Currently, the Acting Head of the Chair is Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Associate Member of the RF International Academy of Psychological Sciences Mr. Kamo Vardanyan. Thanks to the work of the Lecturers of the Chair, effective academic processes are conducted here out in line with the requirements of the modern psychology science. Likewise, they are regularly publishing academic manuals, guidelines, articles both in scientific journals of the RA, and abroad, as well as they are making steps to get published in international peer-reviewed journals.

In addition, the Chair is also providing training of specialists in the PhD and Applicant academic formats. The Lecturers of the Chair participate in various training sessions, as well as they provide training programmes, psychological consultation, diverse rehabilitation activities in various institutions.

The Chair has the following Research areas:

  • Pedagogical and Age Psychology
  • General Psychology
  • History of Psychology
  • Family Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Psychophysiology, etc.

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Հեռ.` 59 70 42

Chair of Applied Psychology

The Chair of Psychology and Pedagogy and the Chair of Psychology opened in 1996. In 2006, on the basis of these two chairs, the following chairs were established - Chair of Developmental and Applied Psychology and Chair of Theory and History of Psychology.

Until 2009, the Chair of Developmental and Applied Psychology was headed by Sergey Arzumanyan. In 1982, Sergey Arzumanyan was appointed Head of the Problem Laboratory for Psychology which conducted research on child, age and educational psychology. In 1991, Sergey Arzumanyan was appointed President of the Armenian Psychological Association. In 1992-1997, Arzumanyan headed the Chair of Child and General Psychology, in 1998-2000 – the Chair of Preschool Pedagogy and Child Psychology, in 2000-2006 – the Chairs of General Psychology and Applied Psychology, and in 2006-2009 – the Chair of Developmental and Applied Psychology. Professor Arzumanyan developed the psychological theory of "Criminal Behaviour” where he focuses on patterns of formation, development, and change of criminal behaviour. He created a school of legal psychology and developed a number of related fields - forensic psychology, criminal psychology, sociopathology, forensic psychological assessment.

In 2009-2011, the Chair was headed by Srbuhi Gevorgyan, who was also Dean of the Faculty of Education Psychology and Sociology.

In 2011-2021, the Chair was headed by Samvel Khudoyan who significantly contributed to the development of the Chair. During his tenure, the Chair was renamed Chair of Applied Psychology. Apart from teaching, most of the Chair representatives are engaged in psychological activity; they receive and work with visitors with various problems, and organize practical training. The Chair also provided psychological support to soldiers during wars, as well as psychological assistance to victims' families.

Under Khudoyan’s leadership, the Chair carried out research on age-related crises, psychological impact of inspiration and hypnotherapy.

ASPU Rector Srbuhi Gevorgyan currently teaches at the Chair of Applied Psychology.

Lists of new specializations have been developed in the Chair of Applied Psychology over the years. Bachelor’s degree programs have been updated. Together with other chairs the Chair of Applied Psychology offers the following Master's degree programs:

  • Military Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy
  • Legal Psychology
  • Psychology of Management

The specialists of the Chair have developed curricula for narrow specializations, subject descriptions and subject lists for the aforesaid specializations.

Since December 2021, the Chair has been headed by Mariana Avetisyan. The Chair carries out research in the following directions:

  • Legal psychology, forensic psychological evaluation
  • Clinical psychology, clinical child psychology /psychology of special needs
  • Military psychology
  • Social psychology, psychology of management

Tel: 59 70 41