Forms of Education
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  • Distant-Learning

Bachelor's Degree
  • English Language and Literature
  • German Language and Literature
  • French Language and Literature
  • Spanish Language and Literature
  • Russian Language and Literature
Master's Degree
  • English Language and Literature
  • German Language and Literature
  • French Language and Literature
  • Spanish Language and Literature
  • Russian Language and Literature         

It is the youngest Faculty of the Pedagogical University with new and interesting approaches.  The Faculty was founded in 2000 and was named the Faculty of Russian Philology and Romano-Germanic Languages” which had only 50 students in its two Departments.  

  • In 2003-2004 academic year, the Faculty was renamed to the Faculty of Romano-Germanic Languages and Russian Philology”.   
  • Since 2004-2005 academic year, parallel to preparing specialists of English language, the Faculty has been preparing specialists of German and two years later, also of French languages.
  • In 2005-2006 academic year distant-learning system is also introduced in the Faculty.
  • Since 2007 the Faculty has been bearing the name of the Faculty of Foreign Languages.
  • In 2007-2008 academic year, in compliance to the RA HEI’s adopted requirements, the Faculty passed to the credit system education within the scope of which relevant BA and MA courses are currently provided in the specializations of English Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, and French Language and Literature.
  • Since 2007-2008 academic years, a two-year course on translation skills has been provided as an additional specialization upon conclusion of which translator’s license is granted to students together with the Certificate of Pedagogue.
  • In 2011-2012 academic years, the Faculty of Foreign Languages also received the right of preparing teachers of Spanish.

In 2012-2013 academic year, the Faculty has been joined by the department specializing in Russian Language and Literature.

Our students

Currently, the Faculty has about 845 students. Throughout various years 12 students have developed their educational and professional activities both in the best educational institutions of the Republic of Armenia and in the United States of America, Great Britain, Russian Federation, China, Greece, Germany, France, Argentine and other countries. Moreover, around 20 students of the ASPU Faculty of Foreign Languages have already received international scholarships, participated in numerous international grant projects and students’ events and conferences. Many of the best students have already found their professional and academic future at the Pedagogical. 

Our Lecturers

The Faculty has involved in its teaching process the country’s leading specialists of teaching methods of foreign languages, as well as more progressive and young professionals in the sphere of philology. All lecturers teaching on the Faculty passed a mandatory training abroad, have academic titles and certificates stating the professional level of knowledge of foreign languages.

Our Approach

Most of all, the Faculty ensures education with the application of innovative technologies. Our students are supposed to already master the internet, to pass their knowledge to modern software and online platforms. All classes related to the profession are submitted only in foreign languages encouraging students’ communication, self-expression and professional development.

Within the scope of the ASPU framework missions, the Faculty of Foreign Languages ensures training of teachers with modern methodologies satisfying the schools requirements. The six Chairs available at the Faculty support the fulfillment of this mission.

 All Chairs without exceptions execute professional teaching of foreign languages and teaching with special aims.

The Chair of Foreign Languages Teaching Methodology has a particular role in the Faculty. In addition to its main functions, the Chair implements professional coordination and consultancy of research in the sphere pedagogy and particularly teaching methods of foreign languages.

And what are the privileges of graduates of the Faculty of Foreign Languages?

  • Being employed in various educational institutions as result of competition; preference is surely given to specialists of foreign languages with pedagogical education.
  • The Certificate of Pedagogue is a mandatory requirement to assume administrative positions related to foreign languages in the sphere of education (School Headmaster, Deputy Director, Staff of Education Departments or Divisions).
  • Hundreds of Armenian schools exist in the Armenian Diaspora where a vast number of experienced teachers come from the RA. Unfortunately, children of today’s generation of the Diaspora cannot communicate in Armenian. For that reason, the necessity of pedagogues having graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages is daily growing. Thus, in the conditions of daily increasing integration of different countries and nations, the students of the Pedagogical University, Faculty of Foreign Languages have greater opportunities not only in their homeland, also in the Diaspora.
  • The third BA year students have the opportunity of acquiring additional specialization of translator on voluntary basis. Within the scope of additional education, the duration of the course on Translation is two years the successful completion of which guarantees an additional certificate.
  • The Faculty of Foreign Languages of the Pedagogical University also has distant –learning courses which give an opportunity to combine education with employment if needed. In the academic year of 2013/2014 e-learning was also launched on the Faculty due to which students living abroad got the opportunity to carry out their studies with a convenient schedule

                                                                                                       Dear Student,

When you choose your profession, remember…

…that the pupils, for whom you will be the best teacher, are waiting for you

…that you shall be respected for your knowledge

…that you will be forming public opinion and bearing most of the responsibility

…that the success of a lot of projects depends on you

…that you will be representing Armenia abroad


Chair of Foreign Literature

In the mid-1930s, the Chairs of Armenian Literature, Foreign Literature and Russian Literature were separated from the joint Chair of Literatures of the Faculty of Philology. In the course of time, the Chair of History of Foreign Literature was united with the Chair of Russian Literature.

The two Chairs were again separated in 1970. In 2013, the Chair of History of Foreign Literature was renamed Chair of Foreign Literature. Every year, the Chair holds poetry soirées, stages plays, organizes discussions of the works of Russian writers and film screenings. It also holds jubilee sessions on the occasion of writers’ birthdays.

The Chair of Foreign Literature also has its yearbook which has been published since 2008. The Chair also collaborates with international organizations (Russian Federal Agency Rossotrudnichestvo).


Tel.: 55 60 30 (internal: 129)

Chair of Russian Language

The Chair of Russian Language (previously called Chair of Russian Language and its Teaching Methods) was established in 1922 by M. A. Karaqeshishyan. The Chair was headed by famous scientists S. S. Grigoryan, Y. H. Galstyan and B. M. Yesajanyan.

The Chair is staffed with scientists with considerable potential for conducting research who regularly participate in scientific conferences and present reports of scientific value.

The Chair carries out research in various areas, including theoretical, methodological and lexicographical research, compilation of textbooks, etc. The Chair is also engaged in studying important issues that relate to the history of Russian Language, Modern Russian Language, Stylistics, Lexicography, Dialectology, Intercultural Communication, Sociolinguistics, Gender Linguistics, Theory of Translation, Comparative Typology of Languages, etc.

In 2003-2014, the Department of Russian Language was headed by Professor G. G. Shaghgamyan, Candidate of Pedagogical Science, 2014-2015- Doctor of Pedagogical Science, Associate Professor Tigran Babayan. Since September 2015, Doctor of Pedagogy Inna Sargsyan has been holding the position of the Head of Department.

Website address


Tel.: 55 60 30 (internal: 147,148)

Chair of Romano-Germanic Languages and their Teaching Methods

The Chair of Romance-Germanic Languages is one of the youngest Chairs of Armenian State Pedagogical University.

The Chair was formed in 2000-2001 academic year and was meant to provide foreign language teaching in the Faculty of Russian Philology and Romance and Germanic Languages.

In 2001-2002 academic year, the functions of the Chair were specified in the domain of English and its Teaching Methods and the Chair soon started to run the corresponding curricula in the Department of English Language of the Faculty of Foreign Languages with a four-year course in practical English (Bachelor’s degree programme) and in nearly a dozen subjects.

With the aim of bringing the Chair in line with the new educational standards and as a result of structural changes in the Faculty of Foreign Languages, in April 2012, it was renamed Chair of Germanic Languages which included the block of practical and theoretical courses in English and German.

The English Department at the Faculty of Foreign Languages provides a range of English specialties, as well as courses of compulsory theoretical subjects. With the same capacity, the Department organizes courses in German Language, as well as university-wide courses of German as a foreign language.

Since 2008-2009 academic year, the Chair has been offering a new programme (English Language) which enables students to earn a Master's Degree in Pedagogy completing the main (compulsory and optional) courses of the programme

In 2007-2008 academic year, a new academic discipline - Translation Studies - was introduced in the Chair as an elective or additional subject, which includes a full set of practical translation courses and aims at developing oral and written translation skills.

Besides conducting research in Linguistics, General English and British Studies, the Chair also does complex scientific and methodological research, focusing on the main strategic provisions and requirements of modern methods in teaching foreign languages.

Twenty-eight lecturers and one specialist work in the Chair today.

In 2017, the Chair joined the Chair of Romance Languages.Since 2000, the Chair has been headed by skilled and knowledgeable professionals, competent specialists of their sphere.


Tel.: 55 60 30 (internal: 132)

Tigran B. Mikayelyan

Associate professor

Acting Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate professor

Head of Chair of Foreign Language Teaching Methodology, Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor 

Igor Karapet Karapetyan


Yelena Saribek Mkhitaryan

Candidate of Philological Science, Professor


Candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor

Alina Vahrich Yeghiazaryan

PhD, Associate Professor


PhD in Pedagogical science, Associate Professor

Tsovinar Edvard Shahiryan

PhD, associate professor

Ani Martuni Sahakyan

Deputy Dean for Science and International Cooperation, Associate professor

Karapetyan Donara Karapet

Candidate of philological sciences, Associate professor, Acting Professor

Karine Vardges Atoyan

PhD, associate professor

Gayane Vladimir Savoyan

PhD, associate professor

Gohar Melikyan

PhD Associate professor, Lecturer

Ruzanna Gagik Asatryan

Ph.D. in Foreign Literature, Assistant professor

Tamara Matevosyan Pertsh

Candidate of pedagogical sciences, Lecturer

Ruzan Khachatryan Rudolf


Sirarpi Hovik Karapetyan

PhD in Philology, Lecturer

Amalya Petrosyan


Liliya Khachik Ghazaryan


Gayane Hovhannisyan


Satenik R. Sargsyan


Susanna Khourshoud Baghdasaryan

PHD Docent

Nushik Stepan Hayrapetyan


Liana Levon Torosyan


Susanna Dikul Davtyan


Zaruhi Eduardi Aghajanyan


Marietta Ernesti Muradyan


Chair of Teaching Foreign Languages

The Chair was formally named Chair of Foreign Languages. Academicians Hrachya Acharyan and Ararat Gharibyan (French Language), Professors Levon Takhtajyan and Hakob Harutyunyan (German Language) were the first lecturers of the Chair.

In 2012, the Chair of Foreign Languages was renamed to the Chair of English Language Teaching; since 2017 it has been named the Chair of Teaching Foreign Languages. Twenty lecturers, including three Candidates of Science/Associate Professors, two Candidates of Science/Lecturers work in the Chair.

The Chair is guided [in its activities] by the requirements for foreign language teaching set for secondary and higher education according to which students should acquire [during the learning process] practical knowledge of foreign languages, be able to read and understand the professional literature published in foreign languages in order to obtain the required information from the books. The Chair has always been interested in the latest achievements and methods of teaching foreign languages and has maintained close ties with prominent linguists.

Also, great work has been done in view of technical resources: the main courses have been recorded in three languages and created film strips. The Chair has also conducted large-scale work in methodological and scientific-research directions.

Most of the Chair lecturers were engaged in the solution of an urgent problem - compilation of professional manuals (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and other subjects) in foreign languages.

Chair of Teaching Foreign Languages activity participates in the reform process underway at the University, development of research and educational programmes and their implementation.


Tel.: 55 60 30 (internal: 140)

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