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The Faculty is one of the main subdivisions of the University and has been operating since the establishment of the University. As a result of various structural changes, the Faculty and its Departments were named in different ways – the Faculty of History, Historiography, Historical Linguistics, History and Geography, History, Law and Geography, History and Law. It was been called Faculty of History and Social Science since 2020.  History and Social Science

Fifty-nine specialists work in the Faculty today, including one academician and one corresponding member of the RA National Academy of Sciences, ten Doctors of Science, Professors, 45 Candidates of Science, Associate Professors, two lecturers, Associate Professors. The support staff of the Faculty is composed of six employees.

The Faculty has a three-level model of higher education under free-time and distance learning systems. It offers Bachelor's degree programmes in History and Law /Pedagogy/ and prepares future history and law educators.  Bachelor’s programmes with a major in Social Science will be available in the Faculty starting 2015-2016 academic year.

Full-time Master’s programmes offer the following specializations: History of Armenia, World History, Law and Civil Education, Legal Education in Penitentiary Institutions and Special Schools. The Faculty also offers distance learning Master's courses in Law /Pedagogy/ which take 2,5 years to complete.

Postgraduate education courses are offered by the corresponding Chairs. Currently, 1031 students are studying at the Faculty.

Also, eight PhD students and one degree-seeking candidate are taking up a three-level education course in the Chairs of the Faculty. The Chair of History of Armenia and the Chair of World History and its Teaching Methods have been granted the right by the HQC to approve research topics, conduct qualifying examinations and discuss theses.

The Faculty publishes a yearbook entitled “History and Social Science” which presents the scientific publications and papers of the Faculty lecturers as well as representatives of other educational institutions both in Armenia and outside the country.

The Faculty also seeks to deepen its cooperation outside Armenia. It often invites representatives of foreign educational and scientific institutions to deliver lecturers for the University students.  

Students are engaged in different extracurricular activities and organize patriotic events. The Faculty also has its Student Council, Student Scientific Society and a club of amateur mountaineers called “One Hundred Peaks.”

The Faculty is highly competitive; it has a good reputation among the universities and research institutions of the country. Many of the leading lecturers of the Faculty are members of the “Historians Association of Armenia” NGO established by the support of historians of Armenia. The goal of the NGO is to raise the level of history education and research in Armenia and the Diaspora. 

The graduates of the Faculty work in schools, higher educational institutions, cultural, scientific research institutes, law enforcement system, state agencies, and elsewhere. Many of them hold top posts.


Chair of Social Sciences

The Chair of Law was formed in 1991-1992. Frunzik Kharatyan a well-known lawyer and a politician, was appointed Head of the Chair. The Chair was dissolved in 1993 and then re-opened in 2002-2003.

In April 2007, it was renamed Chair of Law and its Teaching Methods. Some of the academic disciplines taught by the Chair, particularly those related to the history of law, soon began to be taught by the Chair of Political Science which was later renamed Chair of History of Law and Political Science.

The Chair of Social Sciences was formed in 2019 after the dissolution of the Chair of Law and its Teaching Methods and the Chair of Political Science and History of Law. Presently, 13 lecturers teach 54 disciplines of law and political science, including 24 in Bachelor’s degree and 30 in Master’s degree courses.

Three Doctor Professors, five Candidates of Law, one Candidate of Political Science, one Candidate of Pedagogy, and one Candidate of Philosophy work in the Chair. All of them are Associate Professors.

Under the leadership of lectures, students regularly participate in different science competitions organized at the University and in different higher educational institutions of the country and always get honorary prizes.


Тел.: 59 70 13

Chair of the World History and its Teaching Methods

The Chair was established in 1936 under the name of Chair of General History.

Thirteen specialists work in the Chair, including three Doctors of Science and ten Candidates of Science in History. Eight of the lecturers working in the Chair are Associate Professors. Seven postgraduate students and one degree-seeking candidate are taking up a third-degree education course in the Chair. Scientific research activities in the Chair are carried out in the following areas:

  • Foreign sources about the ancient history of the Armenian Highlands /III-I Millennium B.C./
  • Cilician Armenia in the context of relations between the West and the East
  • Issues of Russian-Armenian relations in new and modern periods
  • Issues of the History of Turkey
  • Issues of History Teaching Methods

The Chair of World History and its Teaching Methods cooperates with the Chair of World History of Yerevan State University and the Institute of Oriental Studies of the RA National Academy of Sciences.

All specialists of the Chair are actively engaged in scientific research activities. They also participate in different inter-university, national and international conferences, publish valuable papers and scientific articles.


Tel.: 59 70 16

Chair of the History of Armenia

The Chair was founded in 1936, with Professor Hakob Zoryan being appointed its first head.

Today the Chair has 21 lecturers who deliver courses in 31 academic disciplines – 17 under Bachelor’s degree programmes ad 14 under Master’s degree programmes. History of Armenia is taught in all Faculties of the University as an academic discipline.

The Chair cooperates with the Institutes of History, Archaeology and Ethnography, Oriental Studies of the RA National Academy of Sciences, as well as with the Faculty of History of Yerevan State University.

Lecturers always participate in various national and international conferences.


Tel.: 59 70 12

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