Forms of Education
  • Full-time
  • Distant-Learning
Bachelor's Degree
  • Pedagogy and Methodology (elementary education)
  • Pedagogy and Methodology (preschool education)
Master's Degree
  • Pedagogy and Methodology (elementary education)
  • Pedagogy and Methodology (preschool education)


The Pedagogical Institute was established on the basis of the Faculty of Pedagogy of the Yerevan State University on 7 November 1922. The Faculty of Primary Education became the founding faculty of the Armenian State Pedagogical University.

At the beginning the newly established institute had only the Faculty of Pedagogy with Preschool, School and Extracurricular specializations.

Today, the Faculty of Primary Education is the country’s only centre preparing specialists and elementary teachers for preschool institutions.

The Faculty of Primary Education is a multifunctional, educational and scientific, research establishment the graduates of which are not only honoured teachers, but are also involved in organization of education, and act as public and political figures.

The Faculty has BA and MA degree programmes in full-time and distant –learning systems, and provides PhD programmes.

Nowadays, based on the number of students, the Faculty is one of the largest subdivisions of the University. Around 1000 students study at the BA and MA courses. More than 50 specialists are employed in various subdivisions of the Faculty including the RA NAS Associate Professors, Doctors of Sciences, Professors, Candidates of Sciences as well as assistants and lecturers.

The Faculty has both professionals with a huge experience and high qualification, and young specialists engaged in scientific and pedagogical activities.

The teaching staff of the Faculty of Primary Education is closely cooperating not only with the RA secondary schools and preschool centres, and various units in education sector, but also with the educational centres in the Diaspora.

Many representatives of the Faculty’s teaching staff deliver lectures in Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, CIS countries, etc.

Likewise, the Faculty is cooperating with a number of foreign prestigious universities.

Numerous lecturers of the Faculty are members of author’s groups, international educational programmes, participate in republican and international conferences.


Chair of Preschool Pedagogy and Methodology

The Chair of Preschool Pedagogy and Methodologies was established in 1944 on the initiative of Araksya Hunanyan.

In 1961, the position of the Head of the Chair of Pre-school Pedagogy was assumed by the Doctor of Psychology, Professor Emma Alexandryan, who carried out vigorous activities to replenish the Chair with new specialists, to raise the teaching quality, and to develop research activities at the Chair.

Since its establishment outstanding scientists have been employed at the Chair; scientists, whose activities continue to be taken over by leading lecturers in the field.

To improve the teaching quality, regular seminar-discussions are being organized at the Chair dedicated to the application of interactive methods; while for the introduction and control of effectiveness of the new assessment system evaluation component, the measureable tools of the 100 points and the assessment columns were adjusted.Moreover, the recurrently organized open criticism classes and their discussions contribute to the effective implementation of the new teaching requirements.

In addition, the Chair discusses and accordingly sends dissertations, syllabuses for discussions to the YSU, State Pedagogical Universities of Vanadzor and Artsakh and the State Pedagogical University of Gyumri.

Since 2014, the Chair has been cooperating with the State Pedagogical University after Maxim Tank in Belarus. Besides, the Chair of Preschool Pedagogy and Methodology is in close cooperation with the University’s Faculty of Special Education and a number of other ASPU Chairs in reference to the scientific and theoretical, methodological, practical issues.

Within the scope of various educational programmes all lecturers of the Chair are frequently participating in the activities both as trainees, and as trainers at the University’s, the republican and international conferences. The university textbook headed “Preschool Pedagogy”, educational and methodological manuals, complex programmes of preschool education published by them, different articles printed in various professional magazines are useful for students, staff of preschool educational institutions and parents of preschool children.

Similarly, all lecturers of the Chair are actively conducting extracurricular public activities.

The research areas of the Chair comprise the following:

  • Introduction of preschool educational system reforms
  • Improvement of the contemporary concept of preschool education
  • Development of modern technologies of preschool education and development, particularly formation of elementary mathematical concepts of speech development, physical development, ecological education, fine arts and musical education.


Tel: 59 70 64

Chair of Armenian Language and its Teaching Methods after Ashot Ter-Grigoryan

The Chair of Armenian Language and its Teaching Methods after Ashot Ter-Grigoryan, which formerly operated within the Chair of Pedagogy and Elementary Teaching Methods, was founded in 1971 on the initiative of Ashot Ter-Grigoryan, Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor, holder of Order of Smile (UNESCO). The Chair carried out methodological support of specialized subjects taught at the Faculty, such as Armenian Language, Elementary Education Methods of Armenian Language, Introduction to Linguistics, Speech Development and Classical Armenian (Grabar).

Realizing the importance of preparing native language teachers for primary schools, the Chair ran by Professor Ter-Grigoryan organized and managed the difficult and responsible task of creating new textbooks, courses, programs, arranging pedagogical internships, and establishing educational and methodological literature.

The professorial staff of the Chair conducted lectures at schools of the Republic of Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Abkhazia. Up till now, the Chair has been dealing with the arrangement of education-related issues in educational institutions in the RA and Diaspora.

Over the years, prominent people have worked in the Chair, including famous scientists Sergey Abrahamyan, Aharon Grigoryan, Nvard Parnasyan, Hmayak Ohanyan, Ruben Baghramyan, Artem Sargsyan, Angela Kyurkchyan and other devotees.

The Chair has been bearing the name of Professor Ashot Ter-Grigoryan since 1998. At present, the Chair operates within the Faculties of Pre-School and Special Education. Professors with extensive work experience, as well as young lecturers work at the Chair; many of them are actively involved in national and international symposia and roundtable discussions.


Tel: 59 70 62

Chair of Mathematics and Elementary Education

The Chair was established in 1970. The Chair offers mathematical-methodological programmes for future teacher of elementary schools. The leading specialists of the Chair participate in the creation and development of mathematics standards, programmes and textbooks, and conduct research on mathematics and its teaching.

A number of the lecturers participate in the work of the Research Laboratory of Mathematical Education, which is headed by Professor Boris Nahapetyan, Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics, Head of the Chair of Mathematics and Elementary Education Methodology and corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia.

The Chair cooperates with the Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University and a number of secondary schools in the country.

Tel.: 59 70 63

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