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  • Methods of Teaching the Blind
  • Methods of Teaching the Deaf
  • Oligophrenopedagogy
  • Logopaedics
  • Special Psychology
  • Ergotherapy
  • Special Pre-School Pedagogy


  • Methods of Teaching the Blind
  • Methods of Teaching the Deaf
  • Oligophrenopedagogy
  • Logopaedics
  • Special Pedagogy
  • Art-therapy
  • Special Pre-School Pedagogy 

The Faculty of Special and Inclusive Education was founded on the initiative of the University’s Rector Rouben Mirzakhanyan in 2011. It is the only higher educational center in the Republic of Armenia that trains special pedagogues, logopaedists, art-therapists, ergotherapists, and special psychologists.

The mission of the Faculty of Special Education is

  • preparation of quality specialists with special education needs
  • ensuring accessible environment and support for students and employees with disabilities   

The vision of the Faculty of Special and Inclusive Education is development of students’ practical activities, skills, research abilities, expanding cooperation with local and international organizations.

Our graduates are working in inclusive and special schools, kindergartens, hospitals, neurological departments of hospitals, NGOs, centres providing psychological services, medical-psychological-pedagogical assessment centres.

The Faculty of Special and Inclusive Education provides education in line with the European standards in accordance with the relevant curriculum and programmes, applying innovative methods and technologies.

The majority of the Faculties lecturers also develop practical activities in the country’s educational and medical institutions, actively participate in international conferences, workshops, trainings, and publish articles in internationally quoted periodicals and Armenian scientific collections.

Moreover, workshops, webinars, seminars, open discussion classes, master classes, on-line lectures and other events are regularly organized here.  

The students’ life is active, dynamic and cheerful at the Faculty of Special Education that organizes intellectual, sports and entertainment activities, flash-mobs, volunteering activities in the relevant institutions, summer schools, students exchange international programme, and international students Olympiads.

The Faculty provides a tertiary education on Bachelor’s , Master’s Degrees and PhD. Education is arranged both full-time and on distant- learning basis.

The Faculty has two admissions examination- Armenian language and Biology.

To conclude, the Faculty also fulfils educational, methodological and research activities. Once a year it publishes the research-methodological collection of “Special Education Issues”/ /, which is included into the RA SCC’s list of acceptable scientific publications.

Three webinars were developed in 2016-2018 as a result of cooperation between Armenian State Pedagogical University (ASPU) after Khachatur Abovyan and the University of Minnesota (US). In 2016, UNICEF brought together ASPU and US to review current curricula on inclusive pedagogy and improve coursework and learning materials for future teachers.

The webinars contain rich materials on practical aspects of inclusive education in Armenia. The webinars are important not only for working teachers but also for future teachers and aim to help each and every person. The webinars focus on disability inclusion methodologies, special education needs assessment, and individualized lesson plans for pre-services teachers.

The webinars are English with Armenian subtitles. For the Armenian text, click “Setting” (the second button in the bottom-right corner of the slide), then click the "Subtitles" section and select the Armenian language.


Chair of Special Pedagogy and Psychology

The Chair of Special Pedagogy and Psychology was founded in 2011. 

The head of the chair is Doctor and Professor Robert  Nikolai  Azaryan.

The Chair has 25 lecturers - 1 Doctor, Professor, 13 Candidates of Science, Associate Professors and 11 lecturers.

The professors of the Chair are also engaged in scientific-methodological activities and have written numerous articles and teaching-methodological manuals.

Many of them have practical work experience in different medical and educational institutions.

The Chair prepares oligophreno-pedagogues,surdo-pedagogues,  typhlo-pedagogues, correctional pedagogues and special psychologists for special, inclusive and secondary schools, preschool institutions, medical and correctional institutions.


Tel.: 59 70 61

Chair of Speech Therapy and Rehabilitation Therapy

Department of Speech and Rehabilitation Therapy was established in 2011.

The head of the Chair  Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Janna Paylozyan.;

The Department has 14 employees, including 6 Candidates of Sciences and 11 Professors.

The lecturers of the Department are also involved in scientific-methodological activities, participate in international conferences.

In addition, they are authors of numerous articles, training-methodological manuals.

At the same time, most of them realise practical activities in medical and educational establishments of the Republic.

Moreover, the department also shows participation in training the necessary speech therapist and ergotherapists for special, inclusive, as well as secondary schools, and medical institutions.

And besides, the Department also provides a two-year training course for logopedists.


Tel.: 59 70 43

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