The Foundation Department of the University has been operating as an structural academic subdivision since April 2007. The aim of the Department is to ensure applicants training prior to applying for University degree programmes. Courses comprise the admissions examination subjects for all specialisations available at the University.

►  Foundation courses are open both for the RA citizens (paid courses) and for foreign students (paid and free of charge courses). At the end of the course foreign citizens take final examinations and in case of positive results they are admitted to the University.  

►  Upon finishing the courses, the RA citizens take admission examinations on general basis. 

► Applicants, having participated in foundation courses are admitted to the University’s distant learning programmes without the competition, based on the score of the final state examination of their foundation courses and in accordance to their specialistaions; the RA Ministry of ES has approved 20% of places for specialisations.

►  The learners may use the University library, auditoriums, laboratories, other educational and methodological services.

►  Foreign citizens submit admissions documents to the RA Ministry of ES, Department of Diaspora as prescribed by the order. 

►  Applications from the RA citizens are accepted at the University’s Foundation Department from the day of announcement.